[Kdrama] ‘Remember’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

‘Remember’ was not a drama that made me have expectation. Even since I watched the previews, I knew it will turn melodramatic and the story will be full of crying, revenge and random fights with the rich and evil characters. At this point I’m not too fond of any of the characters however the lawyer, Park Dong Ho, will probably become my favorite character – I said probably because we never know what happens in Korean dramas especially when it comes to character development.

The first episode wasn’t as entertaining as I was hoping to be. The story was established nicely and could be easily understood by all viewers but the episode as a whole didn’t had anything engaging to make me wish for more. Other than the actors, the story didn’t attract me but that’s only because it wasn’t delivered in a sharpen way or at least I wanted to see something more straightforward yet the writer just delayed some parts maybe to fill the episode.

From the premise I am expecting to see a good approach on topics such as Alzheimer’s and anger management but for now I don’t want to have my expectation up in the sky since it will hurt bad when the writer won’t meet them. That’s why for now I want to stay on a lower level regarding the writing and the story. In a way, we kind of see the elements presented in Remember in other dramas as well, maybe that’s why I’m not excited for this drama so I just want to wait a bit more and then talk about the story.

The second episode was much better but the focus of the show was definitely the lawyer, Nam Kyu Man and Jin Woo’s father. Although Jin Woo and In Ah are supposedly the main characters, in the first two episodes they didn’t had much of an impact on the story. Wonder if that’s regrettable…. personally I hope the focus will continue to be on Dong Ho and Kyu Man since I don’t know how much Jin Woo can help the story as a character. The same goes for In Ah, I don’t see much she can do for the development of the plot.

Maybe I’m judging Remember a bit too fast but the writing style doesn’t make me to flow with excitement. But I’m looking forward to see how Kyu Man’s anger management will be handled in the future episodes.

What was confusing for me was that after reading the plot from different sites, I thought Jin Woo will have Alzheimer’s but it’s actually his father who has it. Things would’ve been really complicated and hard to manage if Jin Woo were to have Alzheimer’s…

Regarding the acting, it’s a bit too early too clearly state my opinion since it’s normally hard for actors to establish a strong relationship with the characters they portray from the very beginning. However I am a bit disappointed in Yoo Seung Ho. For some reasons he seems rushed and goes overboard in some scenes. Sometimes too much is too much and in his case he should tone down the overly dramatic expressions.

Despise my overall opinion on the first two episodes, I enjoyed in a way or another them so I will continue to watch this drama closely to see how the writing will progress.



  1. I like the acting already, even if i have yet to feel Dong-ho and In-ha’s. But i too try not to be overly optimistic about the show as it still has a long road ahead and it’s possible for the writing to let up or go overly dramatic any time. I think the story will be more interesting once we’re back to the present, since we’ve seen the plot in the first two episodes in a lot of other dramas with similar premise and genre and we already know what happens to Jin-woo’s dad in the present.

    As for the Alzheimer’s, from what i read thus far, Jin-woo will have it too, probably in the later episodes to up the melo? I just hope it won’t be too much of a cry-fest when the time comes.

    1. The same as you, I try not to be too excited about this drama because we never know what the writers will do in the following episodes.

      Personally I hope Jin Woo won’t have Alzheimer’s in the later episodes that will be a bit too much.

      Thanks for the comment ^^

  2. Omg i literally just finished watching the first 2 episodes just now. The pilot story is so complicated and intricate. But I feel like the judges should’ve given the father somekind of considerations regarding his disability. It doesn’t feel quite right to put the blame on sick person :/ Hopefully this series would get more and more interesting as it goes. 🙂

    1. I don’t remember if the lawyer mentioned something about the father being sick. Yes it’s not right but that’s how the rich do it in kdramas …..and probably in real life as well

      Thanks for the comment ~

      1. Sure! Actually I found out about the sickness from the synopsis written on the internet. I hope it turns out great though. Hehe. Have a great day!

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