[Kdrama] ‘Oh My Venus’ ep 5&6 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

They are even talking about women safety. For sure the writer is working hard to deliver things in a good and polished manner rather than making a superficial story about a girl losing weight and everyone falling for her.

Talking about laws and how in fact it affects the victim is also a big plus for the writer. I mean this drama is going slowly towards becoming one of this year’s favorites if the writer continues to do a good job. Moreover she included domestic violence although at a smaller scale (for now I suppose) I like that everything blends well into the story and it isn’t only about cute and fluffy stuff. Of course the story isn’t overly dramatic even if it has domestic violence or women’s safety included in the plot and the characters are still on the charming and cute side. I was sure this drama will be only about the main girl losing weight but things just got real. I mean even the second female character is pleasant to watch although she may be a pain from time to time.

It’s quite a nice surprise seeing the main female character, Joo Eun, showing her strong personality with each new episode. She never lets herself be stepped on by others be it her ex-boyfriend or anyone else. Joo Eun believes in herself but at the same time she doesn’t put others down, in fact she sees the good side of those around. As I already said, Soo Jin can be a pain, while her actions are understandable (or at least I do understand her), Joo Eun doesn’t get blinded by hate and knows her former friend to be someone good at her job.

Unfortunately Soo Jin got blinded by her inferiority complex because her former self was always ignored so she is quite rude to show that she is a strong person when in fact the girl is hurting. But I do like that she is also confident when it is related to work like for example when she meet the rich girl who beat someone at a department store, Soo Jin showed to be a strong person just that she needs a bit of a push when it is something not related to work.

As for me, I would love to see these two girls becoming friends again. I want to see Joo Eun helping Soo Jin gain confidence in herself. It’s sad that out of fear of losing Woo Shik, Soo Jin lets everything under the rug. She never complains to him or ask for explanations. While trying to look like an adult, there will be things pilling up inside her and at some point everything will explode. I wish to see her be angry in front of Woo Shik, to show herself as whom she is. I want to see her laugh, smile or cry in front of him because when that will happen she will be confident enough to show her emotions without fearing of being left behind.

In regards to the main characters, Joo Eun and Young Ho, I love the chemistry between the two. Everything progresses normally without looking forceful. Another thing I love about this show is that the interaction between the two is progressing in an “adult-like manner”. I have no idea how to call it but I like that there is sexual tension between the two. Yep, I said it! Ha! Both are adults and rather than seeing a female character being overly shy when touched by a man I like the ‘development’ of Joo Eun and Young Ho.

All good but there is one thing I don’t like about the drama and its story. It is obvious that they need random stuff to fill in the episodes. Apart from some scenes, the drama as a whole can be a waste of time but on the other hand it is funny and the characters are lovely besides the flow has a nice pace. Good enough for everyone to enjoy.



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