[Kdrama] ‘Oh My Venus’ ep 3&4 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

In just 2 episodes, Oh My Venus turned out to be my second favorite drama at the moment. Yes, the writer actually did it properly this time and contrary to my opinion from the first two episodes, I’m starting to like the approach of Kim Eun Ji towards the story and most importantly on the view female have regarding diets.

I was sure the writer will mess this up, I’ve seen it before but I was rushed with my opinion and didn’t wait to see more of the story, however I still think the first two episodes were bad and boring.

On the other hand, episode 3 and 4 are likeable. Even the second lead couple is turning to be rather appealing. Of course Woo Shik isn’t some nice guy, that’s for sure but I do enjoy his scenes with Soo Jin although in the future he will wake up all of a sudden and say that he still likes Joo Eun.

In a way I do understand Soo Jin. She is still not confident enough in herself thus her relationship with Woo Shik will just push him back to Joo Eun. Soo Jin may be a pain, or that’s how probably others may see her but I’m finding her to be vulnerable. She is a woman who didn’t have confidence in her own body, she lived in others’ shadow while being even bullied for the way she looks. All those things are hard to throw away and Soo Jin, although now considered beautiful by ‘society’s standards’ – finds herself that a pretty body isn’t always everything. But the scars from the past will follow her for a long time. That’s actually shown in her way of eating by being scared to actually eat because she may get fat. That’s unhealthy both mentally and for the body. I’m really curious to see what the writer has prepared for Soo Jin and how she will develop.

As for Joo Eun -she’s for certain growing on me. I like her desire not only to show others but to herself she is worth more than what everyone thinks. I like her wish to always improve and her positive personality in every situation. More like Eun Joo makes a favorable situation out of a bad one.

It’s important not only for the story but for the female viewers that the producer and the writer are thinking for a healthy way in regards of diets. It’s important for woman to understand that refusing to eat out of fear to get fat or excessive exercising will only worsen their condition and will do great damage to their bodies. I mean ‘Oh My Venus’ tackles topics such as hyperthyroidism or the importance of going to a checkup – from my point of view it’s excellent that finally a drama speaks about these stuff that people ignore or don’t know about.

If I am to be honest, the story remains average but I do give it extra points for the topic and the way it is handled. Everything did improve a lot from the first two episodes so I’m expecting more from the following ones.


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