[Kdrama] ‘Cheer Up!’ ep 1-12 [END] ~ review/impression/opinion~

All of a sudden everyone is friends with everyone. From hating Soo Ah they all turn around and forgive everything she has done. It was weird how Soo Ah, from one of the most evil characters – a high school student that even tried to kill a fellow classmate becomes a martyr and wants to be punished for what she did.

While I do understand that Soo Ah needed a helping hand however what I don’t get was the drastic change in all the classmates and of course in Soo Ah. How all of a sudden she stopped being scared of her mother and even tells her that she wants to follow her own steps. Also it’s not like we saw Soo Ah boding with the other students but in the end her punishment was to clean the rehearsal room by herself and to buy many snacks for the team mates.

Dong Jae saves Soo Ah from committing suicide and all of a sudden he is cured of his past trauma. A trauma he had for years! What kind of magic is that? Even though it was nice seeing Soo Ah being comfortable or sleeping at peace for the first time, it is still weird to see the change in everyone as being so forgiving.

Leaving aside Soo Ah, the writer gives us an unnecessary relationship between Yeon Do’s mother and Yeol’s father while making the young couple act bratty/selfish about their parents’ relationship. I mean, wow, they are so mature when it comes to Soo Ah’s case but when it’s about their parents, Yeon Do and Yeol forget everything about maturity.

In the beginning, they all hated the fact that they had to compete in a cheerleading competition to help Soo Ah build specs. Now, at the end of the drama, the whole team loves cheerleading/their team even though that was barely shown throughout the drama.

I do understand that they become friends that’s why they want to protect the club but as I said in Soo Ah’s case, there were barely scenes with them bonding. I wanted to see more of that yet the focus was on Soo Ah’s mean ways of getting whatever she wanted.

The show was nice to watch, the acting was ok, of course there were some exceptions in terms of acting, considering the young cast however the story had some drastic changes and turnouts that were kind of displeasing to watch, at least for me. It’s sad that the writer had a handful of talented kids and she could’ve worked more to make a better script. Actors like Soo Bin and Ji Soo need to explore more in terms of conveying feelings to the viewers but the writer didn’t want to use their talent. It’s a shame from my point of view as Ha Joon’s story was used as a ultimate measure to fill in the last two episodes.

Ha Joon’s father beats his son to the point of almost killing him but the man finally starts to understand his son when he shows the scars of the times he tries to commit suicide. Rather than focusing so much on the teacher’s story, in the beginning, it would’ve been better if the writer used the students more and showed the development of each one of them from the beginning to the end of the drama.

Leaving aside all that, what I liked about the drama is that there were various problems added to the story and even though it wasn’t much about cheerleading the ‘specs’ problem was interesting to follow.

In the end ‘Sassy Go Go’ was cute but not cute enough. But please ignore everything I said in this post because the drama was fun, I strangely liked the flow and although some things weren’t exactly my cup of tea. Still, ‘Cheer up’ was mediocre at best so the ratings were no surprise for me.

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