[Kdrama] ‘Cheer Up!’ ep 7-10 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

Soo Ah is irresponsible to the core. Putting others in danger because her grades may lower is selfish to the bones. I was feeling a bit sad for her. I mean she needed someone to comfort her but seeing her acting like this is disgusting and no matter how much we try to explain that she’s doing it after fearing her mother that’s still not right.

She’s alone doing her life harder by hiding, lying and blaming others for her actions as she acts innocent in every situation. But what’s interesting is that her self esteem hits rock bottom whenever Yeon Do is around as the later on has what unconsciously Soo Ah also desires.

If Yeon Do keeps covering Soo Ah, she will never learn her lesson. Maybe by revealing everything at once things will go bad as the other students will just mark and outcast Soo Ah but then again she will never learn and needs something to make her face reality.

By seeing her cry, it makes me even angrier. Soo Ah simply plays with others’ life just to remain the first in school. It’s true that the fault is on the mother but Soo Ah is also at fault for her own actions.

Even at the end of episode 9, Soo Ah’s actions proved that she won’t change. The writer wants to make us sorry for her by committing suicide but this isn’t working for me. She framed others, tried to kills Yeon Do and many other things. Yes, she was screaming for help but still going a bit overboard by pushing Yeon Do on the stairs.

What Soo Ah didn’t understand was that the others also had major problems yet they didn’t make those around responsible for what was happening in their lives.

The story went on the route of ‘Who Are You’ where the writer wants us to take pity on Soo Ah (the bully) for having no one, for being a lost soul and so on. What to do, what if I don’t feel any trace of empathy for her. I suppose that makes me bad person….

Despise Soo Ah being an annoyance, Soo Bin (the actress) was the star of the show. She stole the spotlight with her arrogance and personality.

As for the other characters, I don’t have much to say. After the teacher ark, the story was all about Soo Ah and her problems (or the problems she made) so the development of the other characters was slowed down. Sadly we also didn’t get much of Yeon Do and Yul – Just some scenes to please the viewers that they were present.

Now, with only two episodes in our bag, I wonder how they will try to continue the story since the other students forgave Soo Ah and her doings. Maybe the writer and the producer will add some cheering stuff like a last minute thing.


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  2. THANK YOU! I was literally trying to explain how I didn’t feel all that sorry for Soo Ah and my little sister thinks that makes me a bad person. Yes, it sucks that she has a crappy mom but you honestly can’t do all the stuff Soo Ah did and think there won’t be any ramifications. I have so much to rant about, but I’ll leave it at that.

    1. I did feel sorry for her but the part with Soo Ah pushing Yeon Do on the stairs made me re-think my opinion on her.

      1. I feel like they could’ve handled her character way better. I’m sure there are lots of people, me included, that can identify with the stress that comes with having parents with super high expectations but like the fact that she was willing to harm other people to get what she wanted was just pure selfishness. At some point I was like, I get why she’s like that but then she just kept doing awful stuff, it was like as soon as something happened her first instinct was “ooh who can I hurt to get my way”. Anyway her character was handled poorly

  3. The turnaround in episode 10 totally makes me feel i’m the bad one in the bunch. I’ve spent majority of the series hating on Soo-ah and waiting for what kind of hell awaits her at the end that it maddens me how quickly the other kids forgive her, although that’s not totally out of character, especially for Yeon-doo since she keeps covering for her despite knowing she won’t change.

    I don’t see/feel much character development either, unless we call Dong-jae overcomes his phobia, Ha-joon ceases being suicidal, or Yeol warms up to his father a development. The rest stay pretty much the same to me.

    At least now that the main conflict regarding Soo-ah seems to come to an end, i believe the last two episodes will be back to the cute, and probably give us more cheerleading stuff since the drama hasn’t shown us a lot of that despite it being the deal from the start.

    1. Personally I’m angry with how they wrote Soo Ah as a character. The gap is too extreme between her and Yeon Do. One is the ultimate evil and the other one is a pure lullaby.
      I won’t even call it a development in Ha Joon’s case. They didn’t really show us that he changed nor any changes between him and his father. All we got was him having a love interest in Yeon Do.

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