[Kdrama] ‘Bubblegum’ ep 1-4 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

Korean drama writers really love first love kind of stories. The story as a whole is alright but I’m getting a tiny bit tired of these types of plots. After all, we can hunch what will happen. Having Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah going around about their childhood memories or seeing both having fears of their past. Of course a person’s childhood will follow until the end but I for once wish for a drama where the two main characters aren’t in love….by default.

Actually it’s not that I’m starting to hate the first love kind of dramas, but for some reasons I was thinking that Haeng Ah and her boyfriend, Suk Joon go well together. Clearly there are misunderstandings in their relationship but having Ri Hwan meddle around isn’t a drama I want to follow until the end. There is something between Suk Joon and Haeng Ah, both are suffering after ending their relationship thus there must be something more than ‘we broke up’. I want them to solve their problems and talk stuff out. It will be interesting to see for once that a third person entering between the two will eventually draw them closer.

Should I be honest? Like brutally honest? The first two episodes were boring but even so I want to continue and see if there is a chance of having Suk Joon and Haeng Ah back together. Some may say Suk Joon was a total bastard for leaving her alone on her birthday or other important days but it’s clear that the man was also suffering when they broke up. There were hints that Haeng Ah knew the type of person he was therefore we can’t blame him for being himself.

What I want to know is how long is Ri Hwan going to lie to himself. He uses the brother excuse to do whatever he wants. Even though I do understand him, he likes Haeng Ah however he doesn’t have a right to ask or demand explanation or tell Suk Joon to stay away from her when he doesn’t even know the whole picture.

Am I being insensitive for cheering for the second guy when it doesn’t even have anything to do with second lead syndrome? It’s just that Ri Hwan has no right whatsoever to act the way he does. Really, none! Or at least no right to get between Suk Joon and Haeng Ah’s relationship problems.

Actually, the story would be more interesting if they want to show the struggles of a ‘one sided love’ while Haeng Ah is watching towards the second guy. But knowing Korean drama writers, I’m sure that isn’t going to happen.

Haeng Ah is pretty selfish. I understand where she’s coming from however although she understands or acts like she does when it comes to his work-line, in the end she can’t help but be selfish. Asking to be number one when it reality she is, just that society won’t let him rest. Humans will remain selfish even (especially) in the adult world, asking for attention, asking to be the first in the other person’s eyes but in the end she doesn’t understand him as a whole. Misunderstanding will remain as she refuses to have a serious talk with him, acting all upset that she was being the only one working hard in their relationship. I don’t understand what’s her actual problem? She acts immature asking to be understood yet she refuses to hear him out.

I’m so angry with Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah! I feel that they are angry for no reason when they are the ones who made the problems even bigger than it should’ve been.

I like the characters having normal daily conversations – Haeng Ah with her friend and Ri Hwan with his. However the lines are a bit pointless with no actual meaning, felt like they say some stuff just to fill in the time for the episode.

The way I see it the side characters are important but without overshadowing the main characters. The main ones still have the spotlight.

For now I’m too angry with the two main characters to say if I like or not the drama. The show is okay, but I felt bored when I watched these 4 episodes.



  1. I have to admit that i’ve grown tired of the childhood-sweetheart/first-love stories too, like how can one nurses a crush for that long, but i seem to read only good comments about this drama that i’m considering to give it a go, but after writing your thoughts i think i have to think twice… xp

    1. *reading, not writing!

    2. No no! watch it, the drama is pretty okay(ish) – I just don’t like the main two characters because they are kinda immature.

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