[Jdrama] ‘From 5 to 9’ ep 1-3 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

For an idol drama, I actually like it mostly because the story is easy to follow. Despise the really annoying lead guy who just simply ignores our main lady’s feelings or opinions, the drama is quite fun. I like the flow and the progress of the story.

The monk Takane is set to annoy a lot of people. He bluntly does whatever is okay for him even though he is a monk. You would expect a monk to be honest but he is brutally honest after doing stuff that make her miserable like interfering with her examination. He simply ignores anything she says, but not only her, those around him as well just to get his “toy”. I would call her a “toy” because that’s how he treats her. But all this will always have a turn-around in dramas. What main guy can be that bad? Well, sorry, ignore this question. However no matter how mean/rude and so on a guy is in a drama, there’s always an excuse for everything he does and ‘From 5 to 9’ makes us swear and flame our anger at Takane and the next minute, everything has an explanation. Well, that made me feel bad for jumping of my horse that fast.

In exchange to Takane’s personality, I didn’t see the chemistry between him and Junko. Normally, Satomi has chemistry even with a rock but this time I just don’t feel anything from them. Maybe it’s Yamapi…. probably it’s him since I always found it hard to see any connections between him and the actresses he is partnered up with. Still, at least Yamapi is acting better than Furukawa. I would never understand why people like him. Yes, I’m talking from my own personal opinion and I may not see what others see however watching his acting, I just don’t find him good. Not even okay(ish), he is just not set up for this. Although Satomi can’t be considered some Academy level actress, I I think of her to be good on these types of rom-com dramas. Yamapi isn’t anything special but at least he is a bit above Furukawa.

Since I was talking about chemistry, I see Junko and Kiyomiya having some. Even though I know she will never fall for him, at least I want to enjoy their moments a bit more.

All in all there is also something I like about ‘From 5 to 9’. The secondary characters aren’t ignored at all and are actually part of the story. Like the story of the teachers from the English Language Academy or the students.

If anyone is interested to watch this drama, I say go for it. From what I see, it’s pretty easy to digest and the pace of the story flows nicely. There are also lots of comical moments and the dialogues are interesting. Don’t expect something that will make you fall off of your chair but overall the show is lovely.


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