[Kdrama] ‘The Village: Achiara’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

This post will be rather short because a show that has potential isn’t doing much for me, that’s pretty much my opinion on Achiara. In a way they have everything, the acting is okay, the plot is something that may draw the viewers in, production looks alright but will all this I’m just not feeling the drama at all.

During the first episode all I did was eat, fuss around and so on while the drama was somewhere in the background. Rarely I do this and it’s a bit upsetting since I was looking forward to this drama. Actually, I was curious about Achiara even since Kim Jae Wook’s casting news but now that I know he won’t be in it anymore, I’m just not interested in the plot nor its characters.

However Kim Jae Wook’s withdrawal isn’t the main reason for my lack of interest in the drama, I just can’t like it as a whole. Something is missing to get my full attention.

The first episode doesn’t say much. Yes, the story is a mystery, we get some family problems and a corpse appeared. Even though a lot of things happen, the flow was all over the place and the characters were connected in a rusty manner. There’s no hint of Moon Geun Young, Yook Sung Jae or On Joo Wan being main characters. Personally I felt that Yoo Na and Ba Woo were the main characters.

The second episode was much better but I still couldn’t like the story to its fullest. When the plot is mainly about a secret that everyone knows about, is tiring. I mean, the whole story of Hye Jin’s disappearance is getting stretched, at least from my point of view it is.

Something I really don’t like about Achiara is that the producer seems to be abusing the mysterious dramatic background sounds. I get it, it’s a mystery drama but don’t force us with all the elements because that’s too obvious and it doesn’t have the intended effect.

Somehow I want to continue ‘The village: Achiara’ but at this point there’s nothing about this drama to keep me wanting to watch. For the first two episodes, the writer has failed to seize the attention with the story. However I will still watch the following episodes and hopefully the next ones will get better.

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