[Kdrama] ‘She was pretty’ ep 10&11 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

“When we try to admit our lies and tell the truth we end up hesitating from lack of courage. And that long hesitation, in one moment, makes it impossible for you to have the courage to tell the truth.”

Well, show I’m going to reveal the truth: I’m feed up with you! Especially with the way Ha Ri and Shin Hyuk are acting. Normally when it comes to pained second leads, I empathy with their sufferings but this time, strangely or not, both annoy me. They act like all their lives were lied to when in fact they knew that their respective love interest weren’t responding to their feelings. Ha Ri was aware from the beginning that Sung Joon liked Hye Jin yet she continued her lies and now we should feel pity toward her because ‘she lost him’? I won’t ! As well for Shin Hyuk.

Even though at some point it wasn’t 100% sure that Hye Jin may have feelings for Sung Joon (from Shin Hyuk’s point of view), but there were some hints that he was not someone who can move her heart. Hye Jin never saw Shin Hyuk as a lover or someone she can have a relationship with. For her, he was her senior and also friend. The person who helped her and always made jokes to brighter the mood but that was it, nothing more than that.

I’m actually happy Sung Joon and Hye Jin found out about Ha Ri’s lie. Although it would’ve been better for Ha Ri to settle everything first, at least Hye Jin won’t blindly tell Ha Ri to “do well” with her boyfriend anymore.

I enjoyed the friendship between Hye Jin and Ha Ri but the way they see each other is different. Hye Jin trusts Ha Ri and knows that she lied because she had a reason. On the other hand, Ha Ri was busy thinking about herself being a little longer with Sung Joon. She wasn’t mostly afraid of hurting Hye Jin or Sung Joon, but was rather selfish. Ha Ri knew that if the lie was over, then her ‘relationship’ with Sung Joon is also over thus the continuous “struggle” to tell the truth.

What annoys me about their friendship is that it gets in the way of their feelings. The two tried in their own way to protect that friendship. But it was frustrating seeing Hye Jin persuading herself to give up Sung Joon because Ha Ri likes him. She tried to settle everything without thinking about Sung Joon’s feelings. He doesn’t like Ha Ri and that’s a fact.

A nice surprise was that the writer made Sung Joon’s feelings towards Hye Jin being clear while making the character himself explain that he doesn’t like her because of the past. Seeing Hye Jin being confident about Sung Joon’s feelings for her was another nice surprise. Normally writers will drag things and make the female character seem confused or act innocent thinking that the guy will never like her.

The short but lovely moments between Sung Joon and Hye Jin were the cherry of this week’s episodes. It wasn’t only Hye Jin always feeling restless or nervous around Sung Joon but he as well was feeling like that. It was like we were seeing things from the perspective of the two and not only from one side.

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