[Jdrama] ‘Siren!’ episode 1 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

At first, the drama may look like nothing much and pretty cheap. Actually the production looks like it doesn’t have potential but watching the first episode, Siren can be a gem.

The acting isn’t exceptional, but still okay. Normally, Japanese actors tend to exaggerate a lot with the facial ‘acting’ but the actors in Siren aren’t doing it as much as I was expecting, it’s quite toned down so that’s a plus just that they are too obvious with the ‘fishy’ things.

Neither the writer nor the actors are subtle with the details, they just give everything upfront. Regardless the story remains interesting. I mean the writer is clearly not shy in showing us who is the bad character and who is the good one. From the start we know that Tachibana Kara will be a pain for Satomi Shinobu and his girlfriend Inokuma Yuki.

The plot is easy to follow. Shinobu and Yuki are a detective team and as they solve different cases, he notices that his girlfriend’s new friend, Kara, always appears around the cases they work on.

Considering that the two main characters are a couple it was a surprise to see them so close, in terms of …. touching. I like the approach of their relationship even though it’s a detective drama. They show the main character being comfortable around each other and even kissing, kinda strange for a Japanese drama since we rarely get these types of closeness.

The drama also shows how work may put small walls between a couple. When both are at a level of still looking forward to improve themselves, work is surely getting in the way of their relationship. The two main characters are seen being concerned about the development of their relationship and how going separate ways in their work-line will make them drift apart. It is interesting to see a young couple thinking about these stuff in a Japanese drama.

Another strong point is that the women are put on the same level as men. I’m not a feminist or anything like that, but normally women are pushed aside in general, in dramas. We rarely get to see dramas where women (main characters or secondary ones) being in the front of the team. Siren shows that there’s no difference between women and men in any of the departments and we at least don’t have any of the detectives used as jokes to bring comedy for the show.

What I like the most about Siren is that in this drama, the cases the detectives work on aren’t as important as in other dramas, in fact the focus falls on the characters. Especially since dramas with a new case each episode may turn boring, in this drama they combine stuff, making it seen more interesting.

For now I will keep on following Siren. It’s not another cheesy detective drama so I want to see more of it.

Pictures owned by Fuji TV and Kansai TV.

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