[Kdrama] ‘Cheer Up!’ ep 5&6 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

I’m starting to understand why ‘Cheer up’ has such low ratings. I like the drama but in a way, they are pushing things too much for a drama that was supposed to show high school in a brighter way, or at least that’s what they were telling from the trailers. No matter what actors they choose, things won’t change especially since there have already been other 2 dramas with school theme this year thus it’s hard to get the attention of viewers with overly used subjects.

I am an avid viewer of high school dramas, certainly these stories are never new and the cycle is always the same but I still end up watching. Bringing pity for the teacher to make the viewers go “awww” because the students will help him and then a happy song will play on the background isn’t that appealing to me, not at this point.

The story remains cute and full of fluffiness but I get the feeling that the writer is going overboard with the dramatic background of each one of the characters. Getting immune to these things and this isn’t making me enjoy the story…..unfortunately. I predicted that the story will go the route of “school problems need to be resolved” after all they need to touch problems such as sexual harassment, some bulling, trauma and so on. Yet, I was expecting more cheerleading business and a lower amount of crying and ‘misunderstood high school kids’.

Episode 5 and 6 went a little too much into the teacher’s story. Truthfully I like the actor who plays the teacher therefore I like that he appears more but the whole thing is just a boring filler for me. They focus so much on the teacher and how mean the adult world is that I’m having a déjà-vu. Again, I was waiting for a cozy drama not something that goes overboard with the characters’ problems. Indeed that is my fault, the writer writes the story, having expectation of how the drama may be it’s my fault. But don’t sell lies to the viewers.

This week, the students were pushed back and so the characters’ development was barely present. I do admit, it was an attempt to show the students’ growth but nothing to a higher level. That’s a shame, those kids are pretty okay in the acting department (again for a idol drama) so they characters need to be exploited more in a way to give more life to the story. What I was in these two episodes, wasn’t nothing important, furthermore anyone could just ignore episode 5 and 6 but will still understand the following ones.

What I liked from this week’s episodes, was the acting. While I do understand that we can’t ask them to act to Jo Jae Hyun’s level but the casting is okay from my point of view. I can’t earnestly call ‘Cheer up’ as one of the best dramas not even as one of the best high school drama because to be frank it’s not, not even close to what ‘Angry Mom’, ‘Who are you: School 2015’ or even ‘School 2013’ are, the levels are different. But this drama has its own flavor.

Leaving aside all the problems, the way I see it, the writer continues to desire for a brighter story but stumbled. Even so, the story-telling of ‘Cheer up’ is going for an optimistic image, especially with Yeon Do as a main character.

I will end my post here, the main idea of what I wanted to say, is that I got a bit bored with these two episodes. It had its nice points but the dramatic aura irritated me a bit.


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  2. mscrazyellie · · Reply

    I actually expected more sweet and cheesy scenes from yeol and yeong do, plus the emerging love triangle with hoon, but sadly they focused on the drama. Nevertheless, I’m still hooked and still looking forward for better episodes. Hopefully they will come soon!!!

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