[Kdrama] ‘She was pretty’ episode 9 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

A makeover! Of course, that’s what Korea dramas are all about, makeovers. However rather than taking it as a makeover, I want to think of it as a new start for Hye Jin. A start where she thinks about herself more and won’t get hurt by others because of her appearance. Luckily, Hye Jin always had a sparkling personality but even so it’s not like she wasn’t hurt by those around – she was constantly looked at.

One thing I like about the change, is that the whole makeover wasn’t something over the top or something drastic. Hye Jin remained as herself just that she started putting more thoughts regarding her outer appearance. No matter if we think of this as something superficial, let’s face it, at this point she kind of works in the fashion industry and even if she wasn’t, taking care of yourself shouldn’t be considered superficial. Hye Jin wasn’t ugly and no matter how cheesy it may sound, everyone is beautiful yet she was sloppy with herself – and that was mostly for the comical part of the story. Thus I’m glad that writer maintained her comical side without using her looks.

Jumping to Ha Ri. Somehow, it’s been a while since a character annoyed me so much. Ha Ri continues with her excuses of always trying to stop her lie but never actually reveals the truth. I do agree that it is hard to tell Sung Joon, considering he is the first man she fell in love with, but she wants a real love based on lies, that won’t do.

Hye Jin was the only person who was there for Ha Ri, both knew each other the best but she was thinking about her own benefit. I won’t jump to criticize her. Again, as how I said it in my previews posts, Sung Joon was the first guy to treat her as something precious thus she fell for him and his sincerity. Yet that sincerity wasn’t for her. Is true that Ha Ri did get stressed and was always conflicted because of her lie and how it may affect Hye Jin. Sometimes, people want to keep it for themselves. It was hard to reveal everything at once and she needed time. The girl definitely knew that what she was doing was bad but then again it’s not easy to reveal it out of fear of losing 2 important people to her.

To be honest I want a change and have Ha Ri and Sung Joon end up together. That would be fun but at the same time a bit random since there wasn’t enough time for them to bond for real.

Sung Joon remained the same. The writer did try to make him look pitiful but that won’t change my view over him. He continues to treat his team members as incompetent people. But we all saw the effort everyone put into releasing the magazine on time. He still doesn’t understand that people have problems and they also make mistakes so with all that Sung Joon is a total jerk. There were times when I agree with his view regarding work, still I don’t like the way he treats his colleagues and the way his superiority is being showed off.

As everyone probably knows already, ‘She was pretty’ may be delayed/cancelled the next week. Because of the baseball games, broadcast stations also started to cancel my favorite shows so I am extra angry at this point.


  1. I liked that the show didn’t treat makeover as a huge thing. No one gave any over the top reactions and treated it as a normal thing.
    I hope the drama makes Sung Join learn the importance of people around him, not just Hye Jin.

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