[Kdrama] ‘Cheer Up!’ ep 3&4 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

A drama that has the name Cheer Up is for sure not that cheerful. From high scholars put under pressure by their parents to the point of wanting to take their own life to the ones with trauma that affects their lives without adults noticing it. That’s a lot going on but kind of expected from this type of drama.

Despise me liking Hakyeon, I don’t understand why they gave him such a hard role to play. He is clearly green in terms of acting but there are times when he seems okay as Dong Jae. There are still some gaps and the way I see it he still doesn’t understand the character he is playing to the fullest. But we will wait and see how things will turn out in Hakyeon’s case. I’m curious if there will be a love line with him and Soo Ah. They are always connecting the two and I wonder if it’s only because Dong Jae is Yeon Do’s friend.

Regarding Soo Ah, I don’t hate her nor I want to criticize her actions. She is doing all that because Yeon Do has a happy life or so she thinks. Yeon Do is cheerful and always laughing while Soo Ah isn’t. She doesn’t have a person to fight for her nor protect her thus she relieves the anger on Yeon Do who has what Soo Ah unconsciously also wants.

Personally I don’t hate Soo Ah or the other kids from White (whatever their name was). They are all forced to think only about specs and studies by their parents. That’s their whole world, they copy their parents’ behavior when they look down on others. They think having better grates equals brain. They are still young to understand that the time they spend gaining specs is too precious and won’t comeback a second time. Although they don’t understand it, at the same time they lie to themselves that what the Real King members are doing isn’t important yet they desire to laugh, to be carefree, to giggle and so on.

I’m not saying school work or gaining specs it’s not important because it is. Unfortunately, very important thinking about the future but no one says don’t laugh, don’t take 5 minutes break. They all should just take a moment when it’s too hard but no one tells them to do so. The parents are busy putting into these kids’ head various things that grates is all that matters. It’s sad that these things happen in reality. It happened to me, to my classmates and to others, everyone got a taste of how important grates are and that’s what ‘Cheer up’ is trying to say.

In a way, the parents aren’t to blame. Yes, the pressure they put on their kids is something hard to lift but I do agree to some extend to what they say. However the method used isn’t doing their kids any good. What I don’t like from the parents, is that they have some really high expectations of their children and with that they order them to climb up and meet those expectations moreover the way used doesn’t matter, the struggle doesn’t matter they just HAVE to climb there.

Going onto the brighter side of the drama. The bunny romance between the two main leads is cute and very high school-like. Nothing forced but just the pure ‘like’ you normally meet during your high school days. The actor playing the main is quite alright for a main lead. I didn’t had expectations from him to do serious scenes ok but he is proving that he can be a good actor in the future.

As for my favorite character, it certainly has to be the cheerleading teacher. She is great – there’s no one up to make her go on her knees contrary she gives others no option but to do as she wants.

Anyway, for now I like the drama, it won’t become a story to remember or something to recommend others but I do find it cute and a good watch for someone who doesn’t want to a complicated plot.


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