[Kdrama] ‘She was pretty’ ep 5-8 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

It’s so sad when I love a drama but the writer forgets the main purpose of its work. Other than having actors I like, a major appeal and what actually draws me to the drama is the idea behind the plot. For once I was thinking that the writer will continue the message of ‘inner beauty is important and matters’ however I’m feeling a bit disappointed with ‘She was pretty’ especially when a makeover appears….

I really wanted to see Sung Joon wake up and see that he likes Hye Jin, the intern, but not because she is pretty but because she is herself. Does that make sense? Leaving behind what happened in the past and how much Hye Jin did help Sung Joon during their childhood, present Hye Jin also helped him a lot. Of course she knew the details like for example that a panic attack may happen when it rains or how he normally is but Hye Jin helped him whenever he was in need, be it in the past or in the present. I found it nice to see Sung Joon slowly thinking about Hye Jin and questioning himself why he does that or questioning why the person he thinks of as Hye Jin isn’t awakening him the same feelings; overall, it seemed to help keeping the message behind this drama. He was seeing the intern over the appearance and noticed the small things that were reminding him of his first love.

But I wonder, what is Sung Joon actually looking for? His first love? The friend who helped him overcome a dark period in his life? Also, for what reason does Sung Joon meet up with “Hye Jin” – for the good old times’ sake? Did he not grow up of that? Certainly, Hye Jin helped him a lot and was the only person who saw him as who he really is. Yet, does he have feelings for her or he is still stuck in the past image of Hye Jin? Am I thinking too much of the genuine love he has for the past? Probably!

It’s complicated when I think what is behind Sung Joon’s intentions. But I’ve seen way too many Korean dramas and I wish for once they will just end things at that, a past love.

Before leaving the past behind, Sung Joon is busy lying to himself. The hug he gave “Hye Jin” in episode 8 was clearly for him to stop thinking about the Hye Jin from work. Sung Joon is aware that she is taking his time, thinking about her, he also ends up treating her badly just to stop any trace of possible feelings for the intern. This is where I’m starting to think of him being stuck in the past. Only a little boy will treat the girl he likes badly because he is too shy but still trying to get her attention by doing so.

Whenever at work, he looks at Hye Jin he later on goes to meet ‘Hye Jin” to erase the other one from his mind. Unfortunately the one he thinks as Hye Jin isn’t stirring up the feelings like work Hye Jin does. A possible bubble burst that present Hye Jin isn’t like she used to be during their childhood scares Sung Joon. On the other hand, Hye Jin who was afraid to show Sung Joon that she isn’t the same highly person he used to look up to.

Other than Sung Joon being a jerk and venting his unjustified anger on others, Ha Ri wins when it comes to being an annoying character. Should I feel sorry for her after we got a few minutes of her family’s problems? Heck no! Even though I do think one can’t just ignore his/her feelings however she should know to draw a line. Of course to Ha Ri, Sung Joon is the first man to treat her well rather than a trophy but then again, are the feelings real? Can she withstand everything when reality will knock at her door? A relationship based on lies won’t last. But more importantly Ha Ri is trying to build her own happiness on someone else’s past life and beautiful memories. That screams selfish! Not only she is lying to Sung Joon but also to Hye Jin and to herself. From my point of view, Ha Ri’s hard work of keeping an imaginary love will make her lose what’s important in her life.

I will stop here to see how things will go in the next episodes. But I’m skeptical, the whole makeover isn’t doing it for me.


  1. Have the same problem with the whole makeover part at the end. Thought that was just a tad bit dumb and shallow.

    1. Exactly, at this point in drama there was no need for it. Probably if they were to do the makeover when he was treating Hye Jin bad I would’ve understood but now Sung Joon was close to figure out the reality so there’s no need for the makeover or so I think.

  2. Oh my god! I finally found someone who had the same thought as me about the makeover… i don’t understand when articles out saying ‘viewers will get more excited for the ‘makeover” and even the lead actress said to look out for her character transformation…, even comments online are excited about the makeover… ‘-.-

    1. I’m not excited at all, more like I’m thinking that they failed to keep the whole idea of the show OTL

  3. I don’t think the drama is showing that Sung Joon is falling now when she has got a makeover. He is already falling for her (from all those stealing glances at her, paying so much attention to her, him getting bothered by thinking about her, etc) So, he is already liking her and hence, it’s not like only now he will start paying attention.
    The whole makeover thing — I’m sure there will be some explanation in the next episode as it was so sudden.

    1. He wasn’t really falling for her mostly it was that the things she was doing reminded him more of Hye Jin from his childhood. I personally don’t think he was falling. There were several hints that kept reminding him and he was fining it strange that the intern is closer to the Hye Jin from him memories than the Hye Jin he knows as Hye Jin.

      1. I beg to disagree. There was a mix of both. Curiosity and liking, which was again because of her nature (that’s same as the girl he liked because well, they are same…lol)

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