[Kdrama] ‘Cheer Up!’ ep1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

I found my new Mon-Tue drama. Ever since ‘I remember you’ ended, I had nothing to fill my beginning of the week with; I tried ‘Eccentric daughter in law’ but it wasn’t my cut of tea so I gave up on it. However I do give it to KBS for always trying new stuff/plots even though those shows may not bring the ratings they desire and I like that they give a chance to new writers to put their works out there and most of them have likable stories.

The writer of ‘Cheer up’ isn’t an exception either. The writer is rather new(ish) and that in a way shows it in the drama but I won’t go further with my comment regarding this since just the first two episodes aired. Yet, strangely, this year I did enjoy a lot of dramas written by new writers or writers with minimal experience.

The story is simplistic but at the same time it makes me curious about the next episodes so I will continue watching it and hopefully I won’t give up middle way because I do tend to do that lately with dramas.

What I like about the story is that characters are given different scars so that gives more complexity to the simplistic surface of the show. Like for example Soo Ah, Dong Jae and Ha Joon each has a underneath problem or something that put a mark on their everyday life. Soo Ah’s mother always demands and puts a burden on her daughter that she has to get into an Ivy League school. Is that what the girl wants? We don’t really know if she truly wants that however since the whole idea has been put into her head since childhood then Soo Ah may mistakenly think of that as her won wish. Even so, from what I noticed in these two episodes, she does it more as a result of her mother’s demands and pressure.

Ha Joon’s attempt to kill himself and Dong Jae’s reaction to blood makes me look forward to see how the writer will handle their stories in the next episodes. Although not really the main characters, but more like secondary ones, the 3 mentioned above can shine as the writer will exploit them more in the future episodes.

Personally, I am someone who does enjoy idol music but it’s a different story when idols are added to drams however Eunji was a favorite in terms of acting. On another side, I was concerned for Hakyeon (VIXX’s N), I’ve seen him before acting and frankly he was bad. But he is a little better in this drama. There are still lots of awkward scenes and clearly aware of the camera thus that gives him a certain robotic movement to his actions but other than that he is okay for an idolish drama.

Regarding Ji Soo, I wondered if he is still trapped into his Angry Mom character but in the second episode, we could see that he is giving a different feel to his new character. This time Ji Soo is scared while silently screaming to be saved for where in Angry Mom he just gave up on himself.

I’m really enjoying the two main characters’ devotion to their friends and more than that I like Yeon Doo and Dong Hae’s friendship. They are a interesting pair.

For now, ‘Cheer Up’ is quite nice to follow and I will continue to watch it. It’s a good and fluffy drama and will probably bring out (like any other high school drama) teenagers’ problems, their relationship with adults and society.


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