[Kdrama] ‘D-Day’ episodes 1-5 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

Since the very first episode, D-day turned out to be a great watch, a drama that kept me wanting for more. Story-wise it’s a hard thing to digest and definitely not for anyone. For example, I live in a country with many epicentral zones so a drama that focuses on something like earthquakes is hard to enjoy to its fullest and I was never a fan of such plots.

Other than that, I’m enjoying the delivery of the story but if I am to talk about the acting, then I do have some things to say. First we got a model turned actor trying to do a better job than a guy who is an actor for around 10 years. Yes, I’m saying that Kim Young Kwang is better than Ha Suk Jin who does dramatic scenes as his eyes will pop out of his orbit at any time. Second, from the female cast Yoo Joo Hee isn’t doing much other than looking pretty on screen, at least she is better than Ha Suk Jin. On the other hand, Jung So Min is the only decent one among the younger cast members. Following the story further, Kim Young Kwang borrowed some of Jung So Min’s confidence on screen and got to be even better than I was expecting.

When they released the news that Ha Suk Jin will play a second for a model turned actor, I was a bit angry and didn’t understood why but watching now the drama I started to get why Young Kwang got the bigger fish. He is capable of developing his character and slowly got to understand the character he is playing.

Idol Sung Yeol didn’t show any acting skills in the beginning and he was obviously aware of the cameras. In episode 5, where his character Dae Gil got a bit of focus, he looked like with a bit of more practice he will start feeling more confident. But I still think Seung Yeol has a long road until he will actually succeed.

The characters are different and each draws a line with their strong personalities. Hae Sung has a bit of a ‘hero syndrome’ but understandable as he remembers what happened to his mother and doesn’t want others to go through the same thing. However I think that his heroic personality may get those around him in trouble. He needs to understand when his pride may damage his good intentions. Even though I don’t like Woo Jin, I certainly understand where he is coming from at times. There are procedures that need to be followed, acting blindly only on pride, overconfidence may lead to a bigger problem.

The production is okay just that the CG is kind of low budged but I will overlook this since it’s not that big of a problem, or at least not for me. Also the writer is trying to break some stereotypes Korean society (and not only the Korean one, it happens in my country as well) that nurses have to be women and firefighters have to be men thus I don’t care about CG stuff for now.

Overall, what I want to say is that in these 5 episodes I’ve seen, D-day proved to be a good show to follow and in a way interesting to see how certain situation or incidents are (not) being taken care of.


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  2. You have intrigued me! There are earthquakes here too and sometimes when it’s been a long time since there’s been one i make jokes about a good strike 😛 I can tolerate them during daytime since i’m awake, but when you’re asleep and earthquake strikes things get more tense! But then again, with this drama schedule i don’t think an earthquake would find me sleeping at night. XD I want to start D-Day, but i have fallen inside drama-hell and there are quite a few dramas parading in front of my eyes right now. I find the theme interesting enough and there are a few faces i haven’t seen in a drama before, so it would be a great opportunity too. “Also the writer is trying to break some stereotypes Korean society (and not only the Korean one, it happens in my country as well) that nurses have to be women and firefighters have to be men thus I don’t care about CG stuff for now.” That’s an interesting aspect, it pretty much is the same here as well, fire-men and nurses (women)!

    ” dramatic scenes as his eyes will pop out of his orbit at any time” that was one good hell of a line! XD

    1. What I don’t like the most about earthquakes at night is that I don’t sense it. It happened once during the night ( a 6 one) and next morning I just saw the thing that supports the lightbulb down (and it was made of some sort of glass).

      But outside of the earthquake theme, the show is good and if you find time do watch it.

      1. Then you are truly blessed with deep sleep against earthquakes! I can sleep like an animal in general without understanding something going on at the same time, but if it’s an earthquake i jump like a monkey! I will try to do so and watch D-Day! Either now or while the drama will be reaching the end to catch up with everything while taking into consideration the sub-waiting-time! I won’t hide it, i have drank a few beers and when i opened up the comment instead of Four Seasons Dramas on top of it i read Four Seasons Noonas 😛

  3. I like both leads the girl from “Playful kiss” and the beautiful man from “Plus Nine Boys”. I noticed the drama because of them,but like Kwon I have many dramas in my plate at the moment.

    1. Hope both of you will find time, I think you’ll like it.

      I saw her in other dramas as well, but the actress is surely nailing it in this drama.

      1. I have to watch it.

  4. I am enjoying the show as well and happy to see Kim Kwong Young get better. It really is alright to give up some beauty in the interest of furthering the story line, I.e. Sleeping with your mouth open, snoring etc.

    1. True that. the writer makes them look like normal people XD

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