[Kdrama] ‘She was pretty’ ep 3&4 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

With the growing ratings for the drama and even though I’m loving the cast and the comedy part of the show, I will be blunt about it, the show is pretty generic. Episode 3 and 4 did give us more insight of what’s behind the characters and their past stories but the overall story doesn’t have much to offer for further development other than making the characters understand their mistakes. We will probably get some forced life lesson of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ as well but that’s it or at least that’s the way I see it.

To me, if it wasn’t for the cast and for the comedy then I don’t think I would’ve wanted to watch this drama. Yet, it’s quirky and actually fun seeing all the main 4 characters contributing to the comical effect to please the viewers. At the same time it makes me concerned that at some point the show will forget about this part and go too deep into the actual drama or more like into the overly-dramatic teary moments of the characters and the comedy will be pushed aside. However with a writer that has a past for sitcoms, it makes me feel a little safer that they will continue with the comic relief.

Regarding the characters, episode 4 made me like Hye Jin. It seemed like everyone underestimates her but in return she always proves them wrong and most of it I liked her telling Sung Joon that it was his fault for ignoring whenever she asked what airport they are supposed to go at. It was refreshing to see her finally telling her true feelings about how he treats her without a proper reason. She didn’t let herself be stepped down by Sung Joon and took action when she felt wronged. It’s a rare thing, but at least we got a female character that doesn’t simply take everything in and accepts stuff from ‘outsiders’.

As for Sung Joon, in a way he is right that Hye Jin isn’t good at work but only when it comes to fashion terminology. As we already saw in the first episode, she got her job thanks to her skills and even got transferred to the magazine editorial department thanks to her skills but what he doesn’t understand is that her original job was in the quality management team. He keeps forgetting that part.

For one thing I do agree with Ha Ri, Hye Jin just complained about others not understanding that she isn’t from that department yet she didn’t open a fashion magazine or anything like that to get used to fashion terminology. I like their blunt friendship where the two girls tell their true feelings by making one another understand their own mistakes but at the same time comfort each other.

However, we will have to see what will become of this friendship with Ha Ri starting to build feelings for Sung Joon. Although we can see that her attraction towards him is mostly because of their similar childhood pains but Ha Ri may want someone like her, to understand their scars thus Sung Joon will be a possible strong ‘heart stealer’. From my point of view, I hope the writer won’t just mess around using the background of Sung Joon and Ha Ri and make them vulnerable because that will mess the story for me.

Indeed, character wise, their past has an impact on their personalities and life choices but I don’t really feel them as a manageable relationship. But to be honest, if they keep showing more of Ha Ri’s family I will end up fast forwarding her parts, everything was too boring for me to handle.

Regardless, I liked these two episodes and I’m glad that the ratings are gradually growing. Hopefully, the flow of the story will be managed well and won’t drop sideways because I personally liked what I saw up to this point even if it’s just the beginning.


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  2. The firendship between the two girls, Hye Jin herself and all the funny and comidic moments between the characters are my favourite parts of the story. I agree with you, I don’t want the later episodes to go overdramatic and loose their comedic aspect. Hopefully there will be a nice balance between funny and “sad”. 🙂

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