[Kdrama] K dramas I didn’t get to enjoy

I wanted to make a separate post for each drama however I noticed something, all of the following dramas I’m going to talk about were rather weak or just made me lose interest in their story really fast for various reasons.

First, High Society, was mainly revolving around chaebols. Although the premise was okay, for a mediocre drama, the story went from bad to really bad. I liked the change, that we got a female chaebol and the poor-ish guy, also the second lead couple was pretty interesting, yet things went on a weird route. The character construction was flat and to be honest the show barely had any development. More than that, I was expecting something more from the main conflict of the drama but we didn’t get anything thus the story was lacking a lot in that department.

Another disappointing thing was the acting. Honestly speaking, I was expecting a lot from UEE so I was waiting for a strong character in terms of acting but then if the base isn’t good, the actor will also suffer. Although it’s not like we could expect that the 4 young actors (2 idols, 1 former model and 1 rookie actress) to bring us some top acting style and frankly speaking, Sung Joon’s acting was below average. As a conclusion on the whole drama, it was bad; nothing more or less, just bad.

My Love Eun Dong had a great start. I loved the part with the child actors who gave us a showcase of pure feelings of a young love. Slowly, as the story was progressing I found it tiring to keep on following the it. I did like the whole concept, no necessary new but I liked the portray and the story that was in front of us even so something was missing and I didn’t get to fully enjoy the show. I wanted to love this drama and I wanted it to be one of my top favorites of 2015, sadly everything I tried wasn’t enough, I just couldn’t get into the plot.

Warm and Cozy was indeed as the name implies and it’s quite a nice drama to watch, that if you want a typical story but with no big conflict or negative characters that may annoy your viewing. It’s a really soft drama but the same as My Love Eun Dong, I felt that something was missing.

Eun Ho and Eun Dong who had HUGE chemistry, the main characters from Warm and Cozy lacked a lot and I didn’t see romance between Gun Woo and Jung Joo, their relationship was more on the friendship level rather than anything closer to romance. However it was cute ….but the thing is that cuteness won’t make me like a drama.

The Time We Were Not In Love

In the case of this drama, to put it simple I enjoyed the Taiwanese version a lot. I think I already mentioned this multiple times but in the original version, the two main characters are mature and they also give a mature vibe on the other hand in the Korean version the main characters were a disappointment. The way Ha Ji Won acted her character, Ha Na was childish and personally, I found that to be a total turn off. Choi Won turned out to be a busy body and overall the mess of the whole production team didn’t let me enjoy the drama….not like it had anything to enjoy.

Oh My Ghost

Compared to the other dramas mentioned above, Oh My Ghost was a drama that didn’t have many flaws. Unfortunately I started to find the plot boring by the second half of the show and even the great chemistry between Park Bo Young and Cho Jung Suk didn’t manage to keep my interest flowing with the drama. Actually, I find it a shame that my interest gradually decreased but maybe it wasn’t the right time for me to watch it and I should’ve waited some time. Regardless the acting was good just that I found the story being stretched a bit and it felt that even 16 episodes were too much.

These are some of the dramas that I just couldn’t indulge myself in – some were good some were bad but in the end I just lost my interest in all of them. As mentioned, there were good dramas like Oh My Ghost and My Love Eun Dong with great chemistry and production/writing so maybe I will try re-watching them since I think it will be a shame not to watch.


  1. Oh thank you for this post. My exact sentiment for all the dramas you mentioned even the famous Oh My Ghost. I still have the review sitting in my laptop because i am notntoo eager to post the review…maybe i should to gwtnit over with. Hehe.. .but you are dead on with the dramas that didnt meet expectations.

  2. OMG I totally agree with yoy for “The time we were not in love” I dropped I knew it would be a waste of time. Although I finished “High Society” and it wasn’t a torture watching it like the drama a mentioned before it was disappointing and it turned out very makjang, I don’t what happened to Uee’s acting but it started getting worse from Ho Goo’s love. Warm and cozy was the best out of the three, but the bad thing it was it was stupid how they started repeating the misunderstandings and the fights between them it would have been better if it was a 1o episodes drama or if th episodes were 20 minutes. I haven’t watched ‘My love Eun Dong” but I want to see “Oh my ghost”.

  3. I thoroughly enjoy Oh my ghost. I’m a bit picky with my KDs and it ranks in my top 5. I think you are right about sometimes catching some shows at the right time. I probably enjoyed it so much because I took a 2 year break from watching KDs and Oh my ghost was one of the first ones I started watching again.

    1. Honestly, I would recommend OMG to anyone who is looking for a drama with a nice flow or to someone who didn’t watch any Korean dramas until now. It is a good watch but I got a bit bored and maybe because I was busy with other dramas that I lost my desire to continue it. But that’s just something personal, the drama was good from the writing to the acting.

  4. I really enjoyed Oh My Ghost. As for Uncontrollably Fond I have marathon watched it which I haven’t done with any show in a while. It won’t hold up to watching again unlike My Name is Sam Soon or Coffee Prince or Scent of a Woman.

    2/3 of shows are forgettable the rest of the 1/3 are watchable but I feel that “magic” is missing. They have a lot of potential. She Was Pretty is an example.

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