Lost the purpose of my blog….

Lately, I’ve felt that my blog has lost its initial purpose: talking about dramas, writing my annoyance with a character or my love for another however along the way I ended up wanting to write recaps. Kind of a joke to be honest since English isn’t my main language and as it can be seen I have lots of grammar mistakes. Although I’m trying to improve, I do know that my language skills aren’t at the level of writing recaps considering that even my vocabulary isn’t as rich as of a native speaker so I do tend to overuse some words.

More than that, when I made this blog I wanted to just simply make it something personal, a space where I just write my soul out regarding a drama, a character or even a scene. However, this autumn we got a new wave of Korean weekend family dramas, a genre which I like considering the length of such shows that give every character the opportunity to shine and even space to develop not only for the main characters.

‘My daughter, Geum Sa Wol’, ‘Mom’, ‘All about my mom’ and even ‘I have a lover’ were dramas that immediately made me think ‘I need to watch those dramas and recap each one of them’, shows that made me think that I have to cover them all. But really, for what purpose? Thoughts such as “I want to watch it, I like the plot or the actors” disappeared and were replaced by “I need to”. There’s no fun in ‘need’ especially when my hobby or rather the activity that I normally use to break away from my everyday annoyance (school work….and everything else required by society to be a ‘proper’ human) turned into a bother.

I used to like even writing recaps for the weekend dramas but frankly speaking, it is hard. Really hard! Following details and taking into consideration every scene that may have an impact later on isn’t easy especially for shows that are mostly 50 episodes and again, even harder for a non-native English speaker. Despise me liking writing recaps for dramas such as ‘I summon you gold’ or ‘Mama – nothing to fear’ lately the recent dramas made me re-think why I made my blog and clearly the main idea wasn’t for recaps. Thus I’m going back to just writing personal reviews of dramas I’m following because I want to go back to thinking that talking about dramas is fun.

All in all, I’m giving up on ‘I have a lover’ – it’s not a drama to keep me wanting for more and I just want to focus on dramas that I truly want to watch and follow.


  1. I can totally understand how tiring it is to write recaps! I have tried it a few times and every single time I reach to the conclusion that it kills my enjoyment of watching an episode or even writing my own thoughts. And where is the fun if blogging becomes a chore rather than something I love to do. Recapping is a really hard thing.

    1. This is why I admire people who can do it. I’ve seen some who post even more then 2 recaps a day, that’s sick. Me on the other hand, I find it hard and as you said it, I feel that it takes away all the pleasure of watching dramas.

  2. I say follow your heart! Do what you want, we aren’t going to judge!

  3. I feel you! I didn’t start my blog to write recaps either but somewhere along the line i feel like writing one because i had so much to say about certain episodes (which wasn’t the case before since i used to marathon dramas) probably because there’s a week before the new episodes are aired… But once i start, i feel the need to continue ‘recapping’ till the end, and that surely becomes tiring and time-consuming at some point.

    Just do what you enjoy and write what you like. It’s your blog anyway 😉

    1. I totally understand what you mean, I also think that once I start a drama to recap I need to finish it even if along the way my interest for that drama disappears.

  4. You know whenever I like a drama I like reading opinions. The recaps on the internet are phenomenal but usually I don’t have time to read them. I thought about writing a blog on why I drop certain dramas but that seemed like a chore even before I started. Have fun with whatever direction you go.

    1. This may be a bit too late but thank you for the comment ~ ^o^

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