[Kdrama] ‘I have a lover’ episode 3 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Seeing her husband kissing the much younger Seol Ri, Hae Gang runs to the elevator but in front of the door she doesn’t say anything when she sees the two getting off. Before taking her leave, Hae Gang invites Seol Ri to come and eat with them. At the restaurant, the wife asks Seol Ri if she managed to confess since getting stuck in the elevator was a good chance, however Hae Gang is stunned to hear that the girl did confess yet yet her confession was rejected – totally different story from what Hae Gang saw on the CCTV.

As they were talking, Hae Gang puts too much vinegar into her noodles soup and while Jin Eon tries to calm her down he switches the servings with his wife’s, even so he doesn’t see when Seol Ri takes the noodles with the vinegar from him, but Hae Gang did see it. When he tries the food he doesn’t notice anything sour but seconds later, Seol Ri starts coughing.

At home, Seol Ri remembers the trace of the kiss she shared with Jin Eon on the other hand the two husband each deal with the girls confession in different manners. He remembers the confession from his junior but Hae Gang tries to understand that he is human as well but what she wishes from him is to not betray her.

Next morning, after coming back from jogging, out of anger Hae Gang prepares her husband a lemonade with toilet water and as a bonus, she cleans the toilet with his toothbrush. When he wakes up, Jin Eon bush his teeth with the same toothbrush and also drinks from the lemonade while his wife acts like everything is okay since he –apparently- rejected Seol Ri’s confession. Hae Gang advices her husband that even though he rejected the younger girl, he should also refrain from giving her false hopes.

Jin Ri tries to find who was the woman from the tv report – being aware that it is someone from the company however all she does is giving a hard time to the employees making them kneel in front of her.

Meanwhile Yong Ki is being bullied by her direct boss but she doesn’t stand him too much however she interrupts herself from getting into more problems. In another office, Tae Seok finds out that his wife is bulling some employees and he runs to save them but acts as if he is on his wife’s side.

After much discussion, Yong Ki and one of her other female colleagues decide to talk to the HR and audit team regarding their direct boss.

Jin Eon’s mother goes to visit a man who turns out to be Baek Seok’s father. The two end their introduction pretty fast and Baek Seok goes on his way. Arrived at a drug store he meets the granny he tried to cheer up in the first episode – the granny is actually Yong Ki’s grandmother. Seol Ri goes to visit her father – she and Baek Seok are siblings(not real siblings).

Seol Ri sits down for a talk with her father where he says that he wishes for her to go to Stanford. By the way all the kids that man raised including Seol Ri and Baek Seok aren’t his own children but in fact orphans.

Yong Ki finds out from the PD for whom she did the interview regarding the company she works at that the culprit turned himself but that is actually fishy.

At Jin Eon parent’s house, Hae Gang cooks for her in-laws on the other hand the mother in law talks on the phone with her son and finds out that he is in front of the house, but doesn’t want to take part in the family dinner and just waits for his mother at the front door. After kicking him a little she complains that he should give her a grandchild because for Hae Gang it may be too late next year (since she is 35 years old) – eventually Jin Eon takes part in the family dinner.

After talking with the PD, Yong Ki searches through her lost husband’s computer and finds a video. Apparently he worked for Chun Yeon Pharmaceutics (Jin Eon father’s company) and in the video her husband talks about a drug made by Chun Yeon that was in fact dangerous however the company did something with the papers to make it look like it was safe.

Hae Gang tells the family that her husband developed something but it looks like he doesn’t want to hand it to his father. The refusal infuriates the father who hits Jin Eon and shouts out towards his own son that he hates him.

Tae Seok is interested to know if his brother-in-law and father-in-law had something against each other. On the other hand, Jin Ri thinks that if she tries to make Hae Gang and Jin Eon divorce then the company will be hers much faster.

Hae Gang helps her husband with his wound and tells him that she understand her father-in-law. Jin Eon doesn’t want the company because it was always his position so he doesn’t have any greed but Hae Gang asks him to give the company to her if he doesn’t want it. Minutes later, his phone rings and in the meantime, Hae Gang sees the divorce papers in his bag.

Jin Eon goes after Seol Ri while she waits the bus to go home. There he tells Seol Ri that he wants to treat her confession as a mistake, because that what it is for him however the girl doesn’t think so and ask him if she can wait for him. The man refuses her proposal but he let’s himself caught by the younger girl’s words. Before leaving she kisses him on the cheek however Seol Ri forgets the box she received from her father at the bus stop and Jin Eon gets on a taxi to follow the bus.

Jin Eon follows Seol Ri from behind – at the same time, Hae Gang goes to find Seol Ri at the place she lives. When Seol Ri arrives home, Jin Eon appears with the box and tries to leave fast but when the girl calls out his name he stops and in the end she hugs him from behind asking him not to run away– the scene is seen by Hae Gang.


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  2. I’m glad he’s getting a lot of projects now, I saw that he will be in WGM too together with the female lead in falling for innocence…I am curious to see how will his dynamics be with a noona whose personality is that of a younger woman,😁

  3. Hello,please recap i have a lover

    1. I dropped the drama so I won’t be recapping it anymore, I will probably write a review of the whole show when it ends.

      1. Issy Grey · ·

        I have a lover has a weak beginning… I watched the first 2 episodes then skipped it to the episode when Hae Kang became Yong Ki. It becomes interesting to me… but still the drama has some weak points… I wished it is just 16 episodes not a very long one maybe the boring parts will be avoided.

      2. That’s a good idea. I’ll probably also skip and watch from the ep she loses her memory.

  4. I hate Seol-Ri because she is cheap with low morals, throwing herself at a married man.

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