[Kdrama] ‘I have a lover’ episode 2 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

At the laboratory, one of Jin Eon’s colleagues keeps complaining about dating and marriage and he tells the man to try dating because maybe afterwards he will marry someone, the colleague tells him that nothing is left if you marry out of love, or maybe resentment is the only thing that remains if someone marries thinking of love thus making Jin Eon stop for a moment.

Seol Ri enters the laboratory all mushy taking the attention of the other man who tell her to pay some attention and invest in herself, to stop going around with some torn shoes. The man continues and tells Seol Ri that she should marry him because although he won’t give her love, at least he will buy her new shoes but the girl refuses and calls out Jin Eon. After a small pause, that makes the other man thinks that he was refused but she wants to marry Jin Eon, an already married man, Seol Ri continues and tells Jin Eon that he left his phone at home and ‘someone’ called on her phone (his wife).

After Seol Ri goes into another room to wash some laboratory stuff, Jin Eon follows and tries to convince the girl that she should take the opportunity to study at Stanford but she refuses saying that she has a reason for staying in Korean, especially since she likes their laboratory (actually the girl likes him but uses the laboratory as an excuse).

Later we are taken back to the moment in the rain when Jin Eon runs to Seol Ri with new shoes and an umbrella while Hae Gang sees everything from her car. With new shoes, Seol Ri doesn’t hide her excitement however Hae Gang who was following close by gets irritated and splashes water on the girl with her car. But after that she is more stunned to see Seol Ri being careful with her shoes getting dirty from the rain water.

Jin Rin and her husband, Tae Seok irritate each other however he wins the word battle as he tells her that he was pretty much forced into the marriage by her and her father resulting to him having to choose who to follow and whose ‘hand’ to become, her right hand or the father-in-law’s right hand. The man leaves the room singing a children’s song about mixing the food with his right and left hand.

Later on, Tae Seok makes fun of his mother in law without the woman noticing. As he ends the conversation, he asks the woman if her husband would like mixed noodles, but she tells him that her husband is sleeping since the rain remembers him of a certain moment when he went hiking with a friend but returned alone. As the father in law was having a nightmare, Tae Seok wants to find out what happened then but the father in law wakes up when Jin Ri enters the room.

Hae Gang continues to follow Seol Ri and along the day she witnesses the girl taking good care of her new shoes that she received from Jin Eon. After a while, Hae Gang enters the coffee shop with new shoes for the girl as she tells her that Jin Eon has a hobby of not ignoring people in need. Seol Ri gets a little angry but doesn’t exactly shows it and just takes off the shoes from Jin Eon saying that she will thank him but doesn’t receive the new ones from Hae Gang since those aren’t her style. Hae Gang tries to warn the girl not to get too close to Jin Eon but Seol Ri confesses that it’s an one sided love. No matter how Hae Gang tries to have the upper hand in their conversation, Seol Ri also doesn’t loses and says that she will take care of her own stuff so there won’t be a need for Hae Gang to interfere in her business and ends up calling Jin Eon’s wife a middle aged woman. Hae Gang tells the girl that she shouldn’t cross the line with her one side love and leaves the store with the shoes Seol Ri received from Jin Eon.

Hae Gang tries to calm herself down in her car but Baek Seok appears and makes funny faces in her car’s mirror without knowing that there is someone in the car. Dumbfounded she starts the car making Baek Seok feel awkward.

Baek Seok and Seol Ri seem to know each other. He enters the coffee she works at and the two want to erase the memories of someone without knowing that they are talking about the same person, Hae Gang. Seol Ri because of the conversation she had with Hae Gang and Baek Seok because he embarrassed himself in front of Hae Gang(’s car).

Hae Gang goes to meet with Jin Eon where she tells him that Seol Ri loves him but her husband burst out saying that Seol Ri is just a girl (kid) and he won’t be attracted to her. However that was all in Hae Gang’s head and the answer she wanted to receive from her husband. The real Jin Eon appears and she tells him that Seol Ri likes him so when she confesses, he shouldn’t be taken aback. Unfortunately, this time, Hae Gang doesn’t receive the answer she wanted from her husband more than that ends up fighting with him.

Hae Gang’s mother looks at a picture from the past with her and her twins pleading for Yong Ki to appear.

It appears that the company Yong Ki works for and the same one she made a complaint against is actually the company owned by Jin Eon’s father who tells Tae Seok and his daughter to find the woman from the video.

Meanwhile Yong Kit tries to teach her grandmother how to write and read but the older lady writes something that she didn’t say, “Yeo Eui inland”.

Back at Jin Eon’s laboratory, he remembers what his wife told him about Seol Ri liking him. When he meets the girl on the hallway, he acts a little awkward around her, in fact both act awkward. The laboratory colleague tries to drag Seol Ri with them to go out to drink but Jin Eon refuses saying that both will lose it when they will start drinking so Seol Ri shouldn’t go with them. The two men go on their way and Seol Ri enters the office. Out of anger she puts the picture of Jin Eon with his wife down but when she wants to put some paper on his desk, Seol Ri finds the divorce papers.

Late at night, Jin Eon comes back home drunk and lies on the grass, starts talking with his lost daughter making Hae Gang witness the scene. She then goes with two glasses and a wine to him and offers her husband a drink. Jin Eon ignores her and says that he wants to divorce before they start hating each other even more. Hae Gang wants to save her marriage saying that even though his feelings have cooled down, hers didn’t. Jin Eon starts crying and mentions their lost daughter blaming his wife for forgetting or pretending to forget.

Hae Gang: “How long do I have to be sad? Will one year be enough? Will 3 years be enough? A person should continue living, we need to let it go to continue living. We have to forget so we can live. I forgot…..that kid.”

Hearing his wife’s words and having her not mentioning their daughter’s name but only saying “that kid” infuriates Jin Eon who throws the wine glass telling her that she changed.

Another day, Jin Eon and his colleagues prepare for a conference but he continues to act awkward around Seol Ri. On the other hand, Hae Gang sends him a message saying that she will be at the University at 10 so they’ll leave home together. After that, Hae Gang stalks Seol Ri on her SNS and her account was filled with pictures of Jin Eon taken by her.

Seol Ri goes back to the conference room where Jin Eon was preparing stuff and eventually she confesses her feelings for him saying that she doesn’t want to delay anything anymore. Jin Eon tries to change her mind considering that he is a married man however she tells him that liking someone shouldn’t turn into guild and reveals that after confessing she feels better. With all that, Jin Eon says that it’s okay if she feels better but it will be good for her to forget what she just said. Hae Gang finds out from Jin Eon’s colleague that her husband is with Seol Ri, preparing for the conference and she rushes to find them.

On their way out, Jin Eon tells Seol Ri that his wife is waiting for him and they will give her a ride home. As he was talking, the elevator has a sudden stop and the lights go off. With the light off and the elevator broken, the two wait for someone to come and take them out, but Seol Ri takes it to the other step and touches Jin Eon’s hand telling him that not letting go of a chance is what he taught her.

Seeing that the elevator is broken, Hae Gang goes to ask for help but in the CCTV room, she sees her husband and Seol Ri kissing.


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  2. Loving this show, thanks for the recap. More episode pls…

    1. Thanks for reading and for the comment ~
      I’m going to post the rest soon.

  3. I guess you may have realized that the shoes he gave her were not new but were the shoes off his feet–which is why she was so delighted and why his wife bought her a new pair and took his shoes back. Those shoes show up in the pictures of him playing basketball. Because they were his own the girl doesn’t want to give them up–she loves wearing something he wore even though they are much too big for her.

    1. Yes, I do know that, I was referring to her ‘new’ shoes.

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