[Kdrama] ‘I have a lover’ episode 1 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

The first episode starts with Yong Gi talking on the phone with her grandmother who was having dreams and she advices the older lady to try and sleep some more and dream of other things because dreams can beat dreams (according to Yong Gi). Eventually she comes to the conclusion that her grandmother shouldn’t sleep anymore during daytime because then she won’t be able to sleep at night.

On her way to the parking lot, Yong Gi is a little displeased with the way another woman parks her car. Weirdly that other woman is Hae Gang but the two don’t notice each other as Hae Gang is engaged in stalking the twitter account of her husband’s mistress. On the other hand, Yong Gi notices a thing that most probably is a tracking device on her car and suddenly starts hiding and looking form side to side to see if someone is following her. After seeing a man talking on the phone, man that she may know (that’s what I think so), she jumps into Hae Gang’s car and runs away leaving her phone and ID card behind so the later one can contact to return the car. Seeing that her car is being taken away, Hae Gang takes Yong Gi’s car and follows close by but since the car wasn’t as fast as hers the chase stops. Meanwhile the man Yong Gi was at the parking lot looks on his phone to see where Yong Gi is (seems like he is the owner of the tracking device).

As all that was happening, Jin Eon (Hae Gang’s husband) enjoys his time at the beach with his mistress, Seol Ri. The girl who seems to be his junior, tells him that she wishes to changes bodies with him so she can let him know how much she loves the man.

Going back to Yong Gi, she stops the car near the beach that Jin Eon was at with his girlfriend. She starts babbling about the two kissing a little too much and making rude remarks from the car. As for Hae Gang, she tries to hitchhike but no one stops however minutes later, a truck appears and pushes the car out the cliff. At the same time, Yong Gi tries to call from a public phone on her own phone that was at Hae Gang but no one was answering.

At night, Baek Seok drives on a quiet road and starts seeing ghosts but it was actually just his imagination since he was sleepy however at some point he sees Hae Gang whom he thinks of to be an actual ghost. She asks him for help because she was hurt but doesn’t remember her name or where she lives. The man seems to actually know Yong Gi and mistakes Hae Gang as being Yong Gi.

3 months before the present time, during one morning, Hae Gang is seen by her husband killing a cicada and the two starts fighting because of that. The conversation goes further and she tells her husband that it’s time for them to have a child to show it to their parents. Jin Eon tries to kiss his wife but he stops and says that her wish is just like noise to him and it gives him chills.

Seeing Jin Eon being rather a stiff person, his parents are the exact opposite. With a mother that still sees herself as a former Miss Korea and tells her husband that they should divorce because a Miss Korea shouldn’t waste her life. Jin Eon’s mother calls Hae Gang’s mother to ask for a massage. When they end the phone conversation, Hae Gang’s mother gets angry and starts shouting an calling her in-law names. Later, Jin Ri, Jin Eon’s older sister, gets on the step-mother’s nerves and she ends up being lectured for calling, the woman “step mother”.

After being lectured, Jin Ri goes to a hotel where she throws raw eggs at her husband and his mistress. It seems like it wasn’t the first time happening and the man is pretty calm about being caught by his wife cheating and tells her that his cheating is like an extreme sport, you do it just once and that’s the end. Later the man goes to work – he works with Hae Gang.

On her way to work, Yong Gi sees her colleagues watching some news about someone who made a complain about their company. It was actually Yong Gi who made it but no one notices (for now I think) however she sees the boss putting his hand on one of her female colleagues and wants to hit him but stops right before doing it.

In court, Hae Gang reveals that the woman whose case was discussed, made 3 abortions so far, 3 that she can prove but speculates to have been more. The woman cries and denies it while looking at her husband and pleading to be trusted.

Yong Gi’s boss still doesn’t notice that the person who made the complain was actually her.

Hae Gang wins the trial but on her way out of the court, the woman who was found guilty falls from above – probably it was a suicide. In the meantime, Jin Eon visits the grave of his daughter.

Hae Gang’s mother goes to her in-laws for the massage but Jin Eons father scolds his wife for using their in-law as a masseur.

Jin Eon who was still at the grave of his daughter doesn’t answer his wife’s phone calls however his mother demands for Hae Gang to come at the house and have dinner together.

Baek Seok is finally opening his lawyer firm.

Arriving at her in-laws, Hae Gang is ‘greeted’ by Jin Ri who remembers her about her daughter and also starts giving hints that if she doesn’t have another child she will remain “as nothing” because a woman without a child is nothing. After that, Hae Gang goes into her mother-in-law’s room and witnesses her mother giving a massage to the in-law but she tries to act like she doesn’t care.

While enjoying is jajangmyeon after moving to a new office, Baek Seok notices a grandmother who didn’t seem to be feeling well, luckily he cheers on the granny and wishes her to live happily for a long time.

Hae Gang drives her mother home but she stops on a bridge after hearing her mother’s babbling and tells the woman to die if she wants to because she will live well even though she sent her child and mother away. As the mother was slowly going further and further, Hae Gang watches her from the car with a sad look on her face. At home, Hae Gang remembers what her sister in law said about getting too old for another child. Even though at home she tries to get closer to her husband, Jin Eon most of the time, bluntly ignores her and refuses all types of contact with his wife. When Hae Gang leaves the room, Jin Eon gets up and sprays perfume in the room.

Next morning, Hae Gang asks her husband if he wants to go on a trip but once again he refuses saying that he doesn’t have time. He becomes cruel, telling his wife that every word from her to him is like a cut and leaves the house with the excuse that he has something to do at his laboratory, even though it’s the weekend. Arrived at his laboratory, he looks at a picture of him and his wife, after that Jin Eon takes out a divorce request paper.

At home, Hae Gang looks through her husband’s phone and is displeased after seeing a girl sending him pictures of him laughing and being more cheerful. To see who the girl is, Hae Gang calls her and she introduces herself as Jin Eon’s wife saying that her husband forgot his phone at home and it was ringing so she thought it was something urgent. The girl is Seol Ri, a grad student of Jin Eon.

After speaking on the phone with Seok Ri, Hae Gang decides to go at her husband’s university. There she witnesses her husband giving an umbrella and new shoes to Seol Ri.

My thoughts on the first episode:

I’m somehow confused about the story, it was supposed to be a melodrama but the show has more funny moments than let’s say …makjang(ish) elements. Personally, I’m not a fan of Ji Jin Hee but I think that after this show I’ll start liking his acting style. Kim Hyun Joo is a treat and I like her acting however I can’t say the same about Park Han Byul. She didn’t have many scenes in the first episode but she looks like even the basic things of acting are missing from her acting. I will make an overall impression over her acting at the last episode but for now, seeing her at first glance, her acting is just awkward to watch.

Regarding the story, we will have a long ride with the characters. For now it seems like everyone blames Hae Gang for the death of her and Jin Eon’s daughter. They didn’t reveal for now what actually happened but I’m thinking that she engrossed herself into her work and in the meantime something happened with her daughter. Even though, not taking better care of her own child may be a reason for the others to hate on her, I find the husband to be a little too much with his attitude regarding Hae Gang. I understand that they suffered a loss but seeing him spray perfume after Hae Gang left the room made me think that this guy is just childish and not mourning.



  1. If it wasn’t a 5 episodes drama, I would have already started it, but I don’t know. I didn’t get the story yet and I loved “School 2015”, but I don’t know, twins again?

    1. I’m confused if it’s indeed a 50 eps drama but they are sure dragging the whole story.

      It’s really makjangish and can easily turn to be annoying. For now there is no character that I like and I’m even thinking of dropping it and start the other family dramas to recap rather than this one.

      1. I watched the some t parts of the first episode and I wasn’t attracted. 50 episodes are too any for this kind of drama.

  2. I keep a survey on this show and OMG THE STORY REALLY BEGIN AT THE 10 EP.
    I’m going crazy with what happening right now cause the husband begin is falling in love again with the wife and the way he look at her make me go crazy!!! You feel the love he have for her and I fall for this part, it’s make me angry at myself because I can forgive him after all the sheet he did to her

    1. Heard that is becoming better with each passing episode so I may pick it up in the future XD

  3. Give it a shot! It’s amazing so far!

  4. Kind of twisted especially with characters Dokgo Yong Ki Unni and Hae Kang, but unceasingly thrilling! Keeps my heart pounding for every starting episode! my oh my

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