[Kdrama] Looking forward of weekend family dramas list (autumn 2015)

I think I already proved my love for weekend family dramas more than once. No matter how cheesy others may think of these dramas or how mediocre some plots may be, I’m enjoying them. The stories have comedy, romance, action (not always) but lately most turned to be makjang. The big idea with family dramas is to find the right one to enjoy and believe me that matters a lot since one drama always has at least 50 episodes (if if has high ratings it can reach 54~60 episodes.)

Unfortunately, the past 6 months weren’t too favorable with family dramas, from what I’ve seen lots of them were generic and rushed. Nothing much but luckily autumn brings us some new series with great casting and hopefully well written and nicely produced stories.

One of my most waited family dramas for the second half of 2015 is “All about my mom”. Why is that? Truthfully speaking, Eugene is one of the actresses (acted in one of my favorite family dramas ‘Creating destiny’ – note: married to her co-star from that drama) I love and given that this is her comeback project after giving birth I’m overly excited for next week’s premiere. But not only Eugene is making me eagerly wait for this drama, her screen-to-be siblings played by actor Oh Min Suk and Choi Tae Joon are a clear bonus for me. However, there is also a reason that makes me a little displeased with the casting choice – Lee Sang Woo! Personally I’m not fond of his acting but in a strange way I do end up liking most of the dramas he acted in (acted in I said, High Society was a cameo for him and something I want to delete from my mind). Hope he is going to show a change and will have some chemistry with Eugene since he is supposed to play her husband.

The plot of ‘All about my mom’ is about 3 siblings, Lee Jin Ae (Eugene), Lee Hyeong Gyu (Oh Min Suk) and Lee Hyeong Soon (Choi Tae Joon) but the drama will focus mainly on Lee Jin Ae who starts to understand her mother more after getting married and having to deal with her mother-in-law.

‘All about my mom’ teasers:  Teaser 1 and Teaser 2

Other than the clear siblings plot that family dramas love to use, in recent years another pattern has surfaced, the twin sister plot. This autumn, in ‘I have a lover’ we also get the twin sisters in a weekend drama but to be honest I’m a little worried because SBS isn’t really good when it comes to this type of dramas so I hope they will manage the story well. Actually, compared to ‘All about my mom’ the soon to air SBS weekend family drama ‘I have a lover’ isn’t making me that excited and that is because of the cast. Ji Jin Hee and Park Han Byul never took out any kind of feelings and the way they act is just….let’s say not my style. The director worked in the past for ‘Will it snow for Christmas?’ and we can expect some good directing from his part. Kim Hyun Joo will play a double role in this drama and even though I don’t really like Ji Jin Hee, I’m looking forward to see how things will go forward in this drama but I will remain skeptical towards it.

My favorite broadcast station when it comes to family dramas is clearly MBC. KBS tends to have slow development, I mean I do understand that they have 50 episodes and the development isn’t the same as a mini-series of 16-20 episodes but MBC manages to do it right every time. Thing do turn cheesy, but they also include lots of comical characters that relieve the annoyance and stress from of the main characters and the development is still done properly.

I have a lover teaser

From MBC, we get 2 dramas for the Saturday-Sunday night. One is ‘Mom’ with Hong Soo Hyun and Lee Tae Sung. This one is also about a mother who raised her 4 children alone and it will probably be a fight over the family’s fortune between the 4.

The second drama, ‘My Daughter, Geum Sa-Wol’, is Bake Jin Hee’s comeback to MBC’s weekend series (seems like she really loves MBC) and is being paired up with Yoon Hyun Min and the two are followed closely by Park Se Young and Sung Hyuk. Plot wise, well, it’s all about revenge! The writer of this drama is Kim Sun Ok, the same person who wrote ‘Jang Bo RI is back’ so I think we can look forward to lots of comedy blended with makjang moments.

This is the list of weekend family dramas for the autumn of 2015 and I hope if not all at least one or two to turn great since the first half of the year was pretty disappointing.


  1. Oh I read that Lee Tae Sung was in military… Did he get discharged?
    I might check out Baek Jin Hee drama as it stars Yoon Hyun Min 🙂

    1. Yes, he got discharged just that he couldn’t be present at the first script reading.

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