[Kdrama] ‘Yong Pal’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

I’m not sure if I like Yong Pal. In a way it was entertaining but there were lots of boring scenes – from my point of view. The premise is interesting but I found myself fast forwarding most of the medical and chasing scenes from episode 1 mostly because they used too much space for those parts. Not like I have something against that, but I don’t plan on wasting more than 3 minutes of my life watching the cops chasing after Yong Pal while showing how incompetent they are.

What I did like were definitely the comical scenes and it looks like Joo Won did improve that side of his acting because I used to find him pretty awkward when he was supposed to showcase some comedy. Other than Yong Pal, I don’t like any of the other characters. Still, we have to get to know and see the other characters more since Yong Pal was present in 99% of the scenes from both episodes. Regardless, from what I’ve seen in the first two episodes, for now Yong Pal is the only worthy character mentioning.

As an overall impression of the first two episodes, despise the boring blood rivers that they have in every surgery scene, the show is okay and as I already mentioned pretty entertaining but I personally wouldn’t recommend it to others who aren’t fans of the cast because the story is generic, there’s no bonus and it’s just like any other medical drama from a public broadcast station.

The production part is good however they do tend to exaggerate with the tech to make it seem some kind of drama from the future but all that makes the drama fall on the cheap side and it’s a shame yet I do think they need to be more subtle with that part.

I have yet to fully understand the characters and see more of the story but if they manage to have a nice development, the drama can become something to be mentioned or even recommended to others. Despise of what it may seem from this post, I do find Yong Pal to be a decent drama but that’s the limit for now, it probably can’t go further but we will have to wait and see even so I do wish for ‘Yong Pal’ to do well.

A nice surprise was the second episode and if they keep going like this then I will end up enjoying more than I think right now. All in all, frankly speaking Joo Won kept the two episodes alive and interesting thing that gets me back to Yong Pal as the focus character who will result taking the attention of the viewers from the other characters and place it onto him. I personally wouldn’t care, because as I said it, Yong Pal is the only character I’m currently enjoying from the drama and I also think that it has much to do with Joo Won’s acting and his visible improvement in terms of acting. He is much more confident in creating his character and that confidence is shown as he plays Yong Pal. I like the witty Tae Hyun (Yong Pal) who does anything for money, he seems a bit more realistic – even though that’s a harsh reality with things that happen in hospital, I’m sure things like these do happen all over the world and not only in Korea (stuff like VIP patients are receiving more care from doctors and so on).

Jung Woong In always played good negative roles so he is taking another nice sit with his character in this drama as well. We’ll have to see what Kim Tae Hee has to offer, and to be honest it will be nice for once to see some acting from her part. She is not mediocre but I always saw her character construction to be weak even though the writing is good so let’s hope that Han Yeo Jin isn’t too much for her ability.

To end my impression post, do watch Yong Pal, I think this drama has a certain something that draws people in so for a public broadcast drama, it’s okay and probably it will turn out a nice drama to follow up every week, thing that I will surely do. My only hope is for this drama not to end like ‘Doctor stranger’ did.


  1. hariaharia · · Reply

    The one and only problem of this show is exactly what you’ve already mentioned: the network. The production team gave us one of the heaviest and scariest drama of the year but working for SBS is like playing for the major league. The team’s CEOs decide on every little detail. Yong Pal in OCN, for example could have been the best fusion drama: medical, action, underground world, very good directing, less bright scenes and better cast for sure. But in SBS things work quite differently; they can always sacrifice the dark atmosphere for the mumbo jumbo futuristic ICU, the geat acting ( Reset) for bigger names in terms of cast and the “quiet” storm inside the hero’s mind for flashy car chases. And still YP looks promising and fun! Which means the original idea, even after a major make over ( for the sake of trends, I assume), is epic.

    1. Public broadcast station have a lot to deal with especially when it comes to broadcasting regulations, those things can mess up a story big times.

      Indeed, if this was an OCN production, they we probably could’ve received what this station started to give, good productions with polished details. However, from time to time I do need something like Yong Pal, that has the action but also the comical part even so the futuristic thing was still a joke to me XD

      Thanks for the comment and for reading~

      1. hariaharia · ·

        My pleasure, cherie!!

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