[Kdrama] ‘I Remember You’ ep 9-12 ~ impression/ opinion/review ~

Lately I’ve been into a drama slump and to be honest, even though lots of people recommended me to take a break from dramas, thing that I did, I still don’t have the same interest I used to have, yet with all that I find myself liking ‘I remember you’. It’s a drama that may not be on everyone’s liking, especially since OCN and tvN are doing better with this genre, but I’m enjoying it and that’s all that matters.

In terms of ratings, it kind of makes me sad that the cast isn’t receiving their reward with higher numbers especially since everyone is doing a great job at portraying their characters. All the characters are in a way typical but blended together, everything is fun to watch.

I love it how Min just turned out to be the main reason behind the story and everything is revolving around him. Even though everyone knows about everything, I’m continuing to find the show interesting and entertaining. Also the love line is there but not as obvious as we would’ve expected and that’s what I wanted from the story because too much romance would’ve distorted the idea behind the plot. The idea of giving everything is rather interesting although being too predictable may turn the show boring however I find that the writer manages to catch my attention by just simply showing me everything from the start.

This show continues to prove us that it’s awfully predictable but I’m totally okay with the way it is. No idea why but sometimes we need something like this and not bother with guessing further things. Even though, there were times when I found myself asking if the story is indeed how I’m seeing things because at some point it become too easy especially with guessing the development and the bad guys of the show a little too fast.

I enjoy the strong vibes coming from Min and the Lee Joon Ho. There’s something engaging with their characters that both ended up stealing the show from Ji Ah and Hyun. Weirdly enough I’m not complaining, it’s actually better and to be honest I’m giving this drama extra points for showing the side of the story from Min and the forensic doctor’s side as well and not only from the detective team’s point of view or from Hyun and Ji Ah’s side. It creates a stronger connection with the characters and the story and makes it flow nicely.

For those who didn’t see episode 11 and 12 may not know but Park Bo Gum and Seo In Guk had a moment when the two characters that they play, Min respectively Hyun reveal the truth. More like Hyun finds out that the lawyer is Min. I liked the acting and the writing at that moment. It showed certain closeness but still a feeling of still being apart from each other when the two brothers started talking, especially when Min started to mention about being left behind. It was a strong scene with both actors having a great delivery in terms of emotion.

As for Ji Ah, in the beginning I was thinking that they will show us again another weak female lead from a detective team, yet she turned out to be one strong girl but what’s more important with a strong mentality that doesn’t let her be scared of certain negative things that happen in her life. I was also pretty surprised to see her being the one who shows more that she likes Hyun.

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