[Kdrama] ‘Mask’ ep 7-16 ~ review/impression/opinion~

This drama is getting intense with each new episode. Between a crazy married couple to a whinny mother in law, love can actually bloom for two almost normal people. But even if we are way over half of the story, I still can’t manage to say that this drama could be one of the best I’ve seen. It’s definitely one of the best for this season but it can easily fall in the many dramas with similar subject. What I will probably remember, and surprisingly for a Korean drama, I won’t remember the romance (not that I normally care about it that much) but rather two negative characters, the married couple, Seok Hoon and Mi Yeon.

These two are so perfectly crazy together that is getting scary. The way they keep their marriage from various reasons and of course each with his own benefit coming from it is making me think that the two could fairly get the ‘lunatic couple of the year award’. Strangely I find both couple to have lots of chemistry, but again in a weird way, Seok Hoon and Mi Yeon match so well with the whole suspecting from her side and evil planning from his side. Imagine living in that kind of marriage. Insane!

I’m really wondering how things will end for Mi Yeon. She is now well aware of the things her husband does as she witnessed the shooting incident. For the mean time Mi Yeon may be shocked and won’t know what to do to protect her brother and it seems that most importantly won’t know how to protect her marriage knowing that everything is falling apart. I already mentioned in a tweet or in my previews post but I always wanted Seok Hoon to have at least a 1% of love for her. I do find Mi Yeon pitiful but and at the same time to be damaged however they match well in their crazy marriage so I wished to see a more honest side of the two with each other and not the one where he lies and she believes him or when she needs him to lie. There were some scenes when I keeps questioning if his lies are always him trying to cover up himself or also knowing that the truth may make her world fall apart. A big probability is that he lies to cover himself up but because she wants him to lie as well. With that, can I think that he is showing 1% of honest …..love (?) towards Mi Yeon? Between these two cuckoos, it’s hard to believe, right? Most definitely!

On the other hand, I’m so glad to see Yoo In Young’s acting getting better now because she did exaggerate in the beginning the same way she does in the normal makjang dramas she used to play in. Along the way she did cut down the overly crazy woman image and toned down to a fierce but well rounded character. I mean in the first episodes, she used to throw stuff around her just to show the character’s personality, but lately In Young gave Mi Yeon a new ‘face’, more elegant as in a refined buffalo.

To be honest, I wanted the writer to show us Min Woo finding the truth faster, I felt that episode 14 and 15 were a waste of time where they didn’t say much but mostly dragged the story until we could find out how Min Woo will deal with the news that Ji Sook isn’t the real Seo Eun Ha.

When he found out the truth, I kept wondering why Min Woo hesitates to call her Seo Eun Ha but also won’t call her by her real name. I think it was more that he wasn’t yet aware that he was in love with Byeon Ji Sook and he was still connecting her to Eun Ha, yet she wasn’t Eun Ha. It was complicated for him to call her out but the ending of episode 16 kind of proved who Min Woo was seeing in front of him since he did call out her name and confessed his feelings to Byeon Ji Sook. The betrayal wasn’t a issue from what I noticed, it was more him not knowing who he has feelings for. All this time, Min Woo knew his wife Eun Ha but all of the sudden she turns out to be Ji Sook someone of who he wasn’t aware of.

Ji Sook is a great female character. She used to be a person easily surpassed by those around and especially by the brother in law but eventually she is becoming stronger. But I can’t call it a development because she always was fierce when it comes to protecting those dear to her, especially her family and she does think of Min Woo as family.

I’m liking the wacky characters and I’m waiting to see how they will end up. From what I see more than 2 will go to jail but this is still a drama so they could have a different wrap up for the story and its characters.


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