[Kdrama] ‘The Time I’ve Loved You’ ep 5&6 ~ review/impression/opinion~

I’m officially starting to take this drama as a whole new one and not as a re-make. I did struggle in the process covering the idea that they already have a parent story and I also juggled with my mind a lot but luckily the writer of the Korean version decided to help me and change even more stuff therefore, now the story is easy to think of as an original work.

The story got messed up and filled with changes so much that made me want to ask where they want to take this show to. I won’t even talk about the changed main characters, that part is already becoming history and we all are aware of that fact since long time ago but the important stuff are slowly being lost as well. Honestly speaking, looking back at the ‘In time with you’, I think that the ratings ‘The time I loved you’ gets are already too much.

Anyway, with the entrance of the second character, Cha Seo Hoo pianist and Ha Na’s ex-boyfriend, things are starting to spice a little. I personally liked the way this week’s episode turned. But it still felt a little messy. I do liked the small scenes from the past, yet the producers seem to use those parts as fast explanations of the present scenes and not something to give off the nostalgia of the two main characters. Actually, the whole show doesn’t give off any nostalgia, when it was supposed to, it’s more of a bubbly idea. By the way, I really want to like Seo Hoo, there seem to be some changes with this character as well but if they keep the following stuff from the original, then it would be a little hard for me to like him. He is like the only part of the show that I want to change.

Did I mention that Won looks as if he is lost in the 90s with that hairstyle? On Bolin it looked great but Jin Wook looks like he hasn’t washed his hair in 2 weeks. Regarding the character, Won is turning into a busy body. He knows that Ha Na may waver around Seo Hoo thus he tries to prevent them from talking. Of course, there is also the side where Won doesn’t want Ha Na to get hurt again but wouldn’t it be better if he lets them talk things out so she can finally leave everything behind? If there is no chance for them to have an open conversation then Ha Na will always wonder stuff like ‘if he wanted to make excuses, what would’ve he said’ and so on.

I’m seriously starting to like the second female lead. She sure knows what she wants and proceeds with things fast. I like her straight forwardness rather than hiding and following close by the man she is interested in. The girl is honest and straight forward more than Ha Na but I was kind of displeased with Won asking her why she can be so open about her feelings.

I’m still not finding Ha Na to develop as a character and that’s a shame. Especially now with Seo Hoo in the picture; I wish she will do things considering her own choices even though I do understand the friendship between her and Won, Ha Na is too lost at this point and just goes with the flow whenever Won interferes between her and Seo Hoo. A guy like Seo Hoo may not be suitable for a second chance but then again, Ha Na needs to put her heart at rest and have a honest talk with him. This way the heavy stuff she kept inside will leave and then she can look in an open way towards a new love. I really wish to see a stronger Ha Na that takes her opinion up front and doesn’t hide behind Won.

This time I felt that Seo Hoo knows more of Ha Na personality wise than Won. To put it blunt, Won is focused on the things he likes about Ha Na, he is confident in the time they spent together and knows her as a friend as he always tries to hide away the true feelings that are more than ‘friends-like’. On the other hand Seo Hoo knows Ha Na from the point of view of a lover. But his over confidence is a burden and slightly annoying to watch at times. He takes/took Ha Na for granted and knows that he can change her mind with a few words.

Overall, despise all that, I liked these two episodes, looks like we are finally getting deeper into the plot.



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  2. I have not yet seen these chapters. But I wonder if she’ll come back again with your ex boyfriend how in version taiwan. See the female lead in bed with another, it is not too much for a Korean drama? I let dropped, but I’m curious to changes. 😀

    1. I think they will follow the major patter but change small stuff along the way from the story. For now they did follow the overall original story although there were changes to go with the Korean drama culture so I think they will do the same for the following episodes.

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