[Kdrama] ‘The Time I’ve Loved You’ ep 3&4 ~ review/impression/opinion~

I already mentioned in my first impression post of the show, that even though it is a re-make, I’m totally okay with them changing stuff within the story to make it fit the Korean market, after all that is the main market they want to ‘sell’ the show to. But the writer is making too many changes to showcase that Won always goes out of his way to run to Ha Na and do whatever she asks of him.

However we fight it, comparison will always be there especially when we get remakes and I’m finding Ha Ji Won to have a lot of meaningless cute acting. She needs to drop the cute act. I don’t see her as a strong woman, as I’ve read some say on tumblr or other drama sites, I find her to be bratty and taking Won for granted. The maturity is absent from Ha Na and as for Won I’m still not feeling his presence in the story. I personally think for the two main characters that was a necessity and moreover in Ha Na’s case. Besides, I am yet to sense the chemistry between the two main actors, there is still a long way to go with that.

The female lead, although she does get hurt (well, who doesn’t in this life) she always went ahead and faced things differently while showing others her mature side on the other hand Ha Na shows us an image of a spoiled teenage girl. There was a scene when Ha Na eventually helped Sung Jae even though he lied to her and also the scene from the rain (in episode 4) where she did show a mature side of herself, staying strong in front of the man who did scar her to a certain level. I would like if the writer/producer will show more of the Ha Na from those two scenes because that was the type of maturity and strong personality I was expecting from her all along.

What I appreciate from this drama is the calming feeling it gives off. I like that there aren’t many problems and kept it low key with no much pressure on the characters or the story by making it too dramatic. The comfy atmosphere is nice and the family scenes are much appreciated even though most scenes with her family are for comedy purpose, I find them entertaining.

I also like that they did keep her relationship with her work colleagues, she’s not too high level and is on the normal stage with the people from her department but still has a spicy relationship with the ones from the other departments. In contrast with the Taiwanese version, I like the second female lead from the Korean version a little bit more. While on the original work, she was annoying, here I find her to be certain of what she wants, probably a little too aggressive in pursuing Won but nothing will happen if she isn’t the one taking the lead.

There is an aspect of the Korean version that I’m not liking and the writer seems to have skipped one of the most important parts of the actual story. I wanted to see Ha Na and Won’s friendship, the bond between them as characters but it seems that they are going to focus more on the love the two have for each other. There are some scenes with Ha Na and Won spending time together and acting close but I’m getting a subtle superficial vibe from all that.

All in all, ‘The time I loved you’ is definitely getting better than from how things were in the first two episodes but I’m still trying to convince myself that this is an original drama and not a remake. Although I know what will happen, I’m going to enjoy the ride and see how they will handle everything in the next episodes.

Considering that the second male lead has made his appearance into the story, I’m starting to feel excited since we are finally getting into the actual story and we’ll get some moving because the first 4 episodes were slow or more like stagnant. But I’m still keeping my opinion, the show is yet to make me feel excited to the point of eagerly waiting for the next episodes.



  1. Like you’ve also said in your previous post, I think they’ve changed too much of the story and lost what ITWY was really about. Throughout the 4 episodes, they’ve ‘recreated’ the scenes but the meaning behind them were lost. The overall tone is different, more lighthearted and rom-com feel.

    I guess if I didn’t compare it with the original (which is really hard not to) this drama is solid. I’m enjoying it but only on a superficial level.

    1. They are really losing the main idea with each episode. I was waiting to see if they improve the writing of the story but the changes in terms of characters’ personality are a little too big and it kind of upsets me.

      With this re-make, I’ve learned to appreciate Ariel and Bolin’s character construction.

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  3. I’m not a big fan of the Taiwanese version, but I do not like this Koreana, decaffeinated, sweetened and commercial version. The character of Ha Ji Won this unbearably cheesy, just lacks the pigtail in the head. But have changed many things, if I remember correctly, a long time I saw the original version. For example, the rookie was gay, and another boy came to the hotel room? What happened to the stewardess insinuating? changed it a bland kiss. What about the frank and provocative dialogue of our protagonists? is absent! All good scenes were lost, and all the realism and originality was lost. I’m disappointed.

    1. Yes, the rookie was gay in the Taiwanese version.

      They included too many things from the Korean culture and kind of degraded the idea of the story and more than that the maturity of the characters. Sadly, it is a disappointment for me as well.

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