[Kdrama] ‘Missing Noir M’ ~ review/impression/opinion~

Sometimes even geniuses don’t make the right choice. This drama was a detailed explanation on what Gil Soo Hyun, the main character, said: “That’s why life is beautiful since it doesn’t always go according to your calculations.” This was exactly what we could see through this drama and I personally like the evolution of every episode because it wasn’t necessary always ending with catching the bad guy but rather showed the perspective of all the characters.

Missing Noir M was one of the dramas I was looking forward for the spring season dramas. Normally, I’m not the type to enjoy mystery/cop type of dramas but one of the reasons on why I was excited for this drama was clearly the cast. With Kim Kang Woo, Jo Bo Ah and Park Hee Soon on board they won me over but if I am to say about the story as a whole, each episode had a different story as a main focus and the team mostly work on certain cases that at some point had a connection to them. Certainly the character that got the most attention was Gil Soo Hyun (played by Kim Kang Woo), who at the age of 10 attended Harvard University and was also a former FBI agent – looks like Korea is overflowing with geniuses, every drama has one lately.

With every episode, we get closer to what Soo Hyun was hiding, or more like what did he exactly leave behind in America and why he comeback to Korea. The reason was unknown but even from the first episode we get some hints and thus continuing with the other cases, we as witnesses notice connections of Soo Hyun within the solved cases. However neither witty detective Oh Dae Young wasn’t left behind and received lots of attention from the writer that integrated him with a hammer into the story giving much importance to him as Soo Hyun. Of course, the level was different yet Dae Young turned out to be my favorite character during the show. He provided the viewers not only with comical structures thanks to his personality but at some point he, in a weird way, become one with the viewers who slowly started to suspect Soo Hyun’s involvement on a certain level in the cases or criticized his team mate choices to some extent.

Other than the two male cast members, Missing Noir M showed Jo Bo Ah’s interesting character, Jin Seo Joon. The episode where her story was in the spotlight was actually my favorite one, it had an interesting ‘behind the story’ which was condensed nicely with the present. One thing I liked a lot about this drama was that the writer didn’t force the idea of ‘good always wins’ kind of thing because if we look at our main characters, none was actually good as in clean-kind-of-good. Since I’m not the type who likes episodic stories, Missing Noir M is one of the few shows of this type that I did enjoy. The music was also blended well and especially the ending song always gave a certain excitement whishing for the next episode.

The camerawork was clean and didn’t had anything overbearing even so I find it to be a little too clean but at times shaky however that didn’t bother me much. One disappointing thing about this drama was the last episode; probably because I had huge expectations, I don’t think there was a need for more than an hour to explain and wrap up things, even though we all know things didn’t wrap up in the end (patiently waiting for the second season). Still, what disappointed me in the last episode is that somehow I didn’t find it as exciting as the other episodes, something was missing from the atmosphere they had from the beginning. Overall, I enjoyed Missing Noir M, not a favorite but I liked it a lot.


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