[Kdrama] ‘High Society’ ep 5-8 ~ review/impression/opinion~

For a 16 episode drama the development if so slow. I waited and waited for more, to see the characters slowly changing but all of the four main characters are flat. Up until now I wanted to be nice since I do like some of the actors but I’m going to be blunt this time. The acting is awkward, cringe worthy level.

There are times when Hyung Shik is doing a better job but he is also nothing much in comparison with the other 3. I was expecting UEE to show me something, she did prove good acting, not excellent but good with her past works however this time, it may be her worst character construction and probably worst drama. I’m not familiar with Lim Ji Yeon’s past works so I don’t know much about her acting style, yet she is the worst between them. There are a lot of times when the actress exaggerates and that made me rethink the liking I took on the second couple.

Yes, it’s not like Hyung Shik isn’t any different, he tries to show a mature side but fails with every scene. As for Sung Joon, isn’t he supposed to show a man who uses Yoon Ha but slowly falls for her? If it wasn’t for the obvious plot I wouldn’t know anything about it. There is no variety in the acting department, coming from him. Still, the most disappointing one is UEE, I don’t want to fully blame her for the character since the writer has a heavy percentage at fault, regardless, Yoon Ha is flat. For a main character she isn’t present in the story even though she is there. I don’t feel any impact from her onto the development nor the other characters. Leaving that aside, I feel no chemistry between UEE and Sung Joon. With all that, it shows the importance of a good written script and the choice of actors and here I’m not talking manly about the main characters, the secondary or episodic characters, every element is important to have an overall good show.

With the writing, there are a lot of gaps, the scrip doesn’t have a certain flow and the scenes aren’t blending well. I’m also finding inaccuracy within the family story. The scenes with Yoon Ha’s family are repetitive and they just change the room yet the conversations are all the same, here and there with different wording but with the same meaning.

As for Joon Ki, is he doing anything for his big plan? Nothing much happened in the past 4 episodes, same things over and over again. Shouldn’t the writer start adding some conflicts something more than the sisters fighting or the mother pulling out the non-existent hair of the father? Do we even have a main conflict for the drama, one to center the story on it? No we don’t because the writer started with the war of Yoon Ha’s older siblings, added Joon Ki’s story and pushed more with Chang Soo and Yi Ji. This is the reason why I can’t take this drama seriously. It lacks a lot, it lacks in acting and writing but when two wheels of a car don’t work then the car won’t work as well, exactly like it’s happening with ‘High Society’. Two of it’s main four categories have flaws, and big ones. From the beginning it was clear that the production team was dreaming of reaching too high, yet it’s going to hurt when they will fall off of their comfy bed.

Although the other currently airing dramas aren’t exceptional or polished to the point of being a memorable work, at least they do take care of details and this makes ‘High Society’ seem like a joke. Not to mention that the setting was supposed to be high class to showcase the life of high society but everything is cheap looking from the clothing to the interior design of the rooms.

On a brighter note, I’m totally enjoying the acting of the actress who plays the first sister. I really want to see more of her plotting and I hope the writer will turn her into more than just the evil woman who wants all the money for herself. Because if he look at the family, she is doing all that to receive attention from the parents. First the mother was crazy over her son and liked only him while ignoring her 2 older daughters and emotional abusing her youngest one; as for the father he was always focused on the company. Having everything for herself may be a way of her own to try an attract attention from the parents or to feel better about her slowly falling apart personal life. I honestly want to see more of the older sister, because Yoon Ha, although always saying that she wants to be independent she never actually did try to do things on her own and always asked the older bother for help when she faced problems.

I didn’t intend to write a negative post for the drama but I’m feed up with this work. I’m sorry for my bluntness to those who enjoy the drama but this is my current opinion on ‘High Society’. I won’t drop the drama, I did like the start and I want to see if the writer will eventually do well with the story.


  1. I just watched the 8th episode; it’s gotten way better now.

    1. I personally don’t like even episode 8, because we are already half into the drama and there is barely any development. But I’m still waiting, who knows maybe next week, we’ll have a turn of events.

      Thank you for the comment 😀

  2. Vive la différence – the ONLY reason I’m sticking with this Drama is the so-called “second” couple. Everybody and everything else bores me rigid, but ESPECIALLY the cartoonish chaebol plotting. I FF through all the scenes featuring the abusive mother and the boringly one-dimensional first daughter.

    Oh, and as for not being familiar with LJY’s past work, that might be because there’s almost none of it. 🙂 Apart from the movie she did with SSH last year, this is just about her first gig, I think.

    1. Daum says she’s been in 3 movies, but of course this drama is the first one. The girl got some awards and went to Korea University (acting dep) but for now I’m judging based on what I see. Regardless, I did like the second couple in the first (or so ) episodes but the idea of ‘trying to make things differently’ with them, ain’t working for me anymore.

      As for the scenes with the mother, I also FF mostly because she does the same things, over and over again with the same lines so I’m out OTL

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  4. I think they really should step up the game cause even if the second lead is not new character or sometimes miss played, the lead couple is seriously uninteresting. I don’t understand Sung Joon and UEE character and I really feel they just don’t do enough justice for the character , not to mention the chemistry, the other actor is doing good enough for their part and Hyung Shik actually attract more attention, he has many cute scene to watch that make some heart flutter even if didn’t make the plot move, he just did better than sung joon,
    sometimes I get Yi-an/tae-kwang vibe, just without the girl.

    1. I know what you mean, it is sad that the main characters have no presence in the story whole secondary ones take the full attention.

      First, it’s the writer’s fault for doing a lousy job with the character construction and second the actors are at fault for giving barely any importance to the characters they are supposed to portray. I fell that both Sung Joon and UEE don’t fully understand the characters so maybe that’s why the overall empty portray.

      Thank you for the comment and for reading ^^

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