[Kdrama] ‘Who are you: School 2015’ ep 9&10 ~ review/impression/opinion~

After seeing these two episodes, even more than before, I can’t blame Yi Ahn for his attitude towards Eun Bi. Him ignoring or staying away from Eun Bi is pretty normal considering that he just found out about the person he loves to be missing or even dead. The guy feels betrayed but at the same time he is desperate because Eun Byul isn’t the one before his eyes. It’s not like he could just simply accept Eun Bi. All along he thought that she is Eun Byul and all the moments they spent together were all lies since he constantly believed that he was making memories with Eun Byul – the way he acts and his rejection against Eun Bi are normal in this case.

I find it nice that the writer gave these two episodes to Yi Ahn and the focus dropped onto him, this way the viewers could see that he is indeed suffering, after all up until now we were given more of Eun Bi’s side of the story and we all pitied her but forgot about the other characters. Episode 9 and 10 were the portray of Yi Ahn’s side of the story over the whole issue of finding out the truth regarding Eun Bi since people were so eager to vent their anger on him. In spite of his cold shoulder towards Eun Bi, viewers forgot that he is also in pain.

Losing not only your good friend but your first love and practically being lied to, it’s not like he could just smile back and treat Eun Bi as if they were friends all along, I mean who is Eun Bi to him, anyway? no one if we thing about it. There is also the part that Eun Bi being Eun Byul’s twin sister, is a constant reminder that the girl he loves is the one gone missing. For Han Yi Ahn is hard to look at Eun Bi, she has the same face as Eun Byul but she isn’t Eun Byul and that’s not an easy thing to deal with, at least from his point of view.

Leaving Yi Ahn for a moment, all along I was thinking that Eun Byul’s mother was being selfish for making Eun Bi become Eun Byul but she was thinking of Eun Bi’s well being. She wants to give Eun Bi a new life and a new start more than that, the woman didn’t leave her behind. Of course, both need each other, however Eun Bi being at a frail age and having suffering from not only lack of affection but from constant bullying, the mother wanted to connect Eun Bi to Eun Byul by letting her live as her twin older sister for a while.

One of the characters that is bugging me, is Song Joo who was busy acting all up and blaming ‘Eun Byul’ for how their friendship ended up to be but wasn’t she the one acting friendly with So Young just to get the audition when there were already rumors of her bullying Eun Byul’s twin sister to the point of wishing to commit suicide? She is indeed one hell of a friend. Song Joo was too concerned about her own things and just forgot to see what was happening with Eun Byul and why her friend isn’t how she used to be. Moreover, she ignored Eun Byul’s ‘hints’ regarding So Young.

Of course there is no opinion post without mentioning Tae Kwang. I enjoy this character a little too much to forget posting about him. There is a nice feeling of trust that he emits and he steadily lifts Eun Bi’s worries from her shoulders and makes her understand that even if others may not see her, she can discharge everything in front of him – much like Eun Bi’s own ‘place’ that gives her tranquility.

What I’m hoping for is that the person from the last seconds of episode 10 isn’t Eun Byul. That would ruin the plot for me. No matter how much I want Eun Byul to live for the sake of her mother, sister and Yi Ahn, I don’t want her to make an entrance back to the story just like that. It seems tasteless if it is to happen and all the work of the writers will just go to waste. That’s just based on my own preferences, but I kind of want the writers to think of something more for Eun Byul if she is indeed going to be back into the story.

Surely, we are all waiting for Eun Byul to be back, or at least that’s what I was wishing for, but after seeing episode 10 and thinking that there is an actual possibility of her return, in a way I started to think that it will be better if she won’t re-appear. Probably because that way I feel like the story is turning predictable.

Regardless of how the writers want to turn the tables, all we can do is respect their work and what they choose for the actual story and its characters. Whatever it may be, I think I will like it – that mostly because I’m in a 50-50% towards Eun Byul re-appearing or not thus whatever the outcome may be, I think I will like it.

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