[Kdrama] ‘Orange Marmalade’ ep 3 ~ review/impression/opinion~

Episode 3 felt like the story was rushed or more like fast forwarded. I didn’t read the webtoon but I did try some chapters here and there so maybe I need to pick it up to better understand the story and see the details behind the characters.

In the drama, the 3 main characters are developing at a speedy level but I -personally- wish to see the process of the development rather than just serving me the ending result. There were a lot of times in the 3rd episodes when I felt like I missed something, or even parts that made me think if I skipped an episode. There were a lot of parts that looked like the producer just rushed to add into the episode, it just that the flow of for this episode wasn’t that welcoming, or at least to me.

The acting also was kind of lacking. Of course, the older actors are maintaining a good work line, but the younger cast seems to not really understand their respective characters. From the way I see it, there are pieces of acting skills but everything feels green. This is also the case of Yeo Jin Goo, I normally liked the characters he played, especially his Warrior Baek Dong Soo portray from a few years back, but this time he doesn’t actually get where his character should be going.

Jong Hyun is okay(ish) however I’m maintaining what I said in my first impression post about this drama, he exaggerates a lot of his actions and that makes him look really conscious of the camera. On the other hand, Seol Hyun lacks exaggeration. I do know that her character is meant to be a more quiet and needs to have a clear line of what her character can reach but she needs a little push because I’m getting the feeling that she was forced by her company to be in the drama, thing that may not actually be true.

Over all this, I do think that the 3 have some parts where they are comfortable with the characters they play, for now they just need to understand more of what they need to give out from the characters. Even though there are some things I didn’t like about their outline, the younger cast members (mainly the 3 named above) give their characters something that makes the viewing of the drama be rather pleasant.

As I already said in the beginning of the post, out of curiosity I did check the webtoon a tiny bit but from what I’ve seen there, the characters from the drama are largely different from the original work.

Up until now, I find Shi Ho to be the most interesting character, at least compared to Jae Min who is just the popular guy of the school with some rebellious phase against his mother. So I kind of wanted to see more of the whole idea behind Shi Ho. The producer kept on giving endless musical scenes but if I wanted to see a music show then I would just go watch Superstar K or something. What I want to say is that since the drama range is limited at 12 episodes, they need to use the time more wisely. A lot of useless scenes were introduced into the story when they could’ve fill it with more of the characters’ story.

The affection between Ma Ri and Jae Min was also just fast forwarded so I couldn’t really enjoy their parts and it lacked chemistry between the two. Also there was a whole scene of Ma Ri explaining the name of their band, thing that I think it was pretty useless when that time could’ve been used for the actual story. Yes the message from the band’s name was important, but the main focus should remain the characters’ development rather than making small details the center factor.

Working with an existing material is hard and things can definitely get lost fast but I wish the writer and the producer will stop putting so much effort into the details. There is of course obvious that they are trying to get more stuff from the webtoon, to have everything in without skipping anything but that’s what makes them forget that the characters should be more important in this case. Why? Well let’s be honest, it’s not like ‘Orange Marmalade’ is some scientific work or some type of deep melodrama, the drama is a simple high school romance sprinkled with vampires.

Anyway, I will continue to watch the drama, although I said all this, I’m finding the drama to have a cute side and I want to see what it becomes of it in the following episodes.



  1. Saema · · Reply

    Completely agree with this. They should have shown more of them getting closer. The first half and the second half of the episode feel extremely different. If you’ve seen the preview, it feels even weirder.

    1. Ikr? I tho I was just being weird since I didn’t really follow the webtoon. Probably people who read it will understand the drama more but as someone who didn’t fully check it out, I’m kind of lost in the progress.

      Thank you for the comment and for reading~ ^ ^

      1. I read some of the chapters in the webtoon but it’s completely different from the drama. They changed so much, it doesn’t even feel like the webtoon. When I watched the third episode I was really confused and I just finished episde 4 recently, it even made me more dizzy. I have no idea what’s going on right now.

      2. I haven’t watched episode 4 at this point, but I was hoping they will get on track with the development.

        Maybe we should fully read the webtoon to get the details.

        Thank you for the comment~

      3. I’ve actually read the comic and it is very much different from the drama. Of course you have to take into consideration that the time they have to convey the story is far shorter, but still a better job could have been and could be done by the producers. Baek Maris character is quite similar to the webtoon one, in certain aspects at least. However, Jaemins character threw me of in the first scene (especially the hair cut), because he is more the cool guy that turns out to be a cute puppy like kid with a deep hate towards vampires, but in the drama he appears to be very egocentric. This, of course, is only my own opinion.

      4. I got to read some chapters of the webtoon and I’m still confused with the whole development. Although I also think they have to fit everything to merely 12 episodes, I wish they could’ve made a more compact delivery for those who didn’t read the original work.

        But despise that, I’m kind of enjoying the show, even so I do agree with you, after reading just a few chapters I do feel that Jae Min from the comic is different from the one in the drama. Ma Ri’s character also seems to be of a different portray from the one I imagined as I read. However I don’t know about Shi Ho since I didn’t get to the chapters he appears in so that’s why I probably like this character more than the rest.

        Thank you for the comment and for reading my post.

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