[Kdrama] ‘Who are you: School 2015’ ep 7&8 ~ review/impression/opinion~

I never knew that School 2015 could become my drama crack. Judging back, while I was watching the first two episodes I was barely excited about the story since everything seemed confusing and simply messy. Now that the story is already set I’m loving everything about it. From the mysterious student that keeps sending messages and no one really knows what happened because the writers are still keeping some things away from the viewers, up until the romance and character development.

First, we need a moment to clap for Kim So Hyun who is doing a wonderful job playing two different characters on top of that making a character act like the other one but with visible differences maintained between Eun Bi and Eun Byul. However for me, the actress who plays the bully Kang So Young, Joo Soo Hyang stole the whole show. Everyone hates her and that surely means one thing, the actress is doing her job properly by the hate her character receives. The character is so hateful and despicable that I hope Joo Soo Hyang receives some rookie award at the end of the year.

I barely care about the two main male characters, Yi Ahn and Tae Kwang mostly because the females are going such a great job for their respective stories that they outshine the male ones. Of course, both Yi Ahn and Tae Kwang are in for the romance battle and the struggle is there especially in Yi Ahn’s case whose inner battle makes him look frail.

Even though I said that Kang Soo Young stole the show, episode 8 was definitely Yi Ahn’s win. There was a definite presence with the character as he was trying to deny the (possible) reality that the Eun Byul he sees before his eyes isn’t the real one, after all that means that the girl he loves is still missing.

As Yi Ahn, Nam Joo Hyuk’s portray is giving emotion to Yi Ahn and I’m liking how things are evolving so far. Lying to himself that the Eun Byul he sees is the real one and almost losing it by trying to confirm that his desire is reality makes me pity him. One thing bugs me for sure, is the fact that Yi Ahn said that he likes the new Eun Byul? Then does that mean he likes Eun Bi or he just likes that Eun Byul wasn’t that strong in actions as she used to be – she wasn’t getting angry or irritated with him as in the past so he probably saw that more like a ‘broken wall’ that he succeed to tear apart. Yet, wasn’t Eun Byul irritated because she was trying not to show that he likes him? probably, but at that age is pretty normal and by her acting like that, Yi Ahn didn’t knew about the feelings that she shared with him. Therefore, saying that he likes the change in Eun Byul doesn’t necessary mean that he likes Eun Bi.

After all, he liked Eun Byul for years, can that change just because the other person has the same face as the one you used to love/like? Maybe it can change, but not that fast. There are a lot of questions here, or at least I have a lot of them. For example, I’m also questioning that Yi Ahn is trying to deny the fact the Eun Bi isn’t acting like EUn Byul simply because he is starting to like her and not Eun Byul, so he hates that the love for the older sister has stopped. Am I thinking too much into these things? Or am I starting to become too makjang all of a sudden? Maybe I should write a makjang story, would anyone be interested in reading it? No, I’m kidding.

Anyway going back to the drama, I really liked the scene when Eun Byul (Eun Bi) told Yi Ahn “I can’t go to you, can’t you come to me?” – because although Yi Ahn was in a battle of denial but at the first stage, Eun Bi is trying to cope living as another person and at the same time lying the people she is starting to form a bond with. More than that, Eun Bi has to deal with the bully who pushed her to commit suicide. Having to see Soo Young on a daily basis and with her continuing to harass, Eun Bi is one strong teenage girl for trying and mostly succeeding to keep a strong stance against the bully. Of course, there is also the other side that Eun Bi has Tae Kwang who comforts and makes her regain confidence in her own persona where during her middle school days, she didn’t had someone who supported her among the other school mates.

It seems like we got a handful of dysfunctional families in this drama and lots of parents who are losing vision of their children lives because of their own desperate desires of being the best of the best or at least showing that image to others. First is Park Min Joon’s mother who can’t get respect for the things she does so she takes it on her son to make her feel above others.

Tae Kwang’s father wanted to send him abroad because he ‘thought’ Tae Kwang wanted to stay away from him. Tae Kwang found a reason to stay but he tells him to live quietly – suppose the idea of thinking for Tae Kwang’s good being was all in the end still about himself rather than his son. Let’s face it, the man wants to have Tae Kwang away from him because the boy reminds him about his wife. The way he acts around Tae Kwang shows it, the way he vents his anger on his son shows it, on top of that he thinks that the son is the one embarrassing him in society. But isn’t Tae Kwang’s attitude rather normal, of a child who wants attention? Yet the father forgot about his own son and cares about what other think.

He seriously needs to take a look at Tae Kwang and see how his own hatred for the ex-wife is breaking his son. All in all, he needs to realize fast that Tae Kwang should matter the most for him before sending the kid to another mental institute. Still, I think of the father’s attitude asif he doesn’t know how to act around Tae Kwang that’s why he is trying to keep a distance, however by throwing the son to the garbage things won’t get better.

And the cake of all parents, Soo Young’s father! His daughter bullied someone to the point of that person wanting to commit suicide yet he even helps Soo Young find out if Eun Byul is in fact Eun Bi. Does that even matter, if Eun Bi is acting like Eun Byul considering that the daughter should be stopped.

Even more, he doesn’t seem to understand the seriousness of what Soo Young did and that his own personality made his daughter like that. What’s more infuriating is that the man keeps on pushing Soo Young to make the same mistake by giving her the papers of the test that showed Eun Bi and ‘Eun Byul’ to have the same writing while even saying that she needs to show them who is the top. Does it matter who is the top, especially in this case?

Before these parents understand what they are doing, their children will continue with the slow decay of their emotional lives. Hopefully we’ll get to see a better side of these parents faster before Min Joo, Soo Young and Tae Kwang break because of their own actions.



  1. You’re neither thinking too much nor making a makjang story, the drama itself forces you to create questions, it’s a sweet torment that hopefully will become rewarding enough with the flow of episodes! 😀 It has great potential for awesome plot-twists, but for powerful disappointments too if the writer won’t deal with it well. I am curious about the stalker, i’m pretty certain he/she will be a person we know really well and we will get electrocuted lol! Soo In’s mother has a pretty scary smile and i’m curious about her too, is she a broken mother gone a bit crazy due to her daughter’s loss or she seeks revenge somehow? There are so many questions! I liked your approach on Yi Ahn and pretty much everyone and i agree about the girls stealing the show, Jo Soo Hyang is simply awesome and all the hate So Young receives proves it, i’d date Soo Hyang to be honest lol XD I love Kim So Hyun’s eyes in School 2015, depending on the character and the occasion they are always representative of the moment, she’s a chameleon!

    1. I agree with what you said, the story has such a tiny blade that can from overjoy to disappointment. It all depends on the writers because the actors are all doing wonderfully when it comes to dealing with their characters.

      I’m curious if that new teacher has anything to do with that girl, Soo In. I mean is not like the writers will add her just for the sake of it, there needs to be some kind of hidden motive on why she appeared in the story. Soo In’s mother scares me, something definitely happened with her daughter and she knows what, but why is she smiling when she sees Eun Byul? I’m thinking that maybe the whole class bullied Soo In and she committed suicide. Tae Kwang’s father also seems to be in the story with Soo In as well. because the homeroom teacher did mention something about what happened a year before and he is showing anger towards Tae Kwang’s father.

      Kim So Hyun is so beautiful, she is going to grow up to be such a pretty young lady ~

      Thank you for the comment, Kwon! ^ ^

  2. Unfortunately i have to agree that if Eunbi ended up with Yian it will turn into makjang drama and this can make the drama put too much focus on the forbidden love. I hope this show won’t go that way because I like how it can balance all theme like family, friendship, romance and mystery. Yian and Eunbi relationship has started from the wrong foot, Yian relationship with eunbi is based on the thinking that she’s eunbyul and I don’t think it’s possible that all this time the one he really like is Eunbi not eunbyul. Even on the other similar makjang drama, they already know the twin died so there’s no confusion, if they really want to make them ended up together, maybe it can start after the truth came out, after he had enough time to grieve and let go of Eunbyul. Though for Eunbi it’s possible that she fall for him, since he treated her so well but i hope she realizes that those affection were not for her but for eunbyul.

    I hope the show won’t ended up focusing too much on the romance like reply 1994 with the husband war, It make me dropped the drama even though i love the all the supporting characters and the family and friendship in that drama. The husband mystery and shipping war just too annoying it took away all the fun.

    I really hope eunbyul still alive because i want the twins reunite because I want Eunbi to feel the loves from her sister. It’s so sad that the only interaction they had is when Eunbyul save Eunbi and she’s not even conscious. Though Idk how they’ll explain the dead body they found. If she’s alive,i hope they can spend time on her as well,not just have her appear at the end. She’s an interesting character. The possible two happy couples also an added bonus XD

    I really love this drama, i hope it’ll stay good until the end. Aargh when monday will come

    Btw the romance part in this drama reminds me of novel “the host” and she ended up with second lead because the real girl is back *yeayy. The twin swap also reminds me of US series “The Ringer” and the supposedly dead twin was back *double yeayy XD.

    1. As you said it, I also like the way the story was shared between friendship, family, romance and mystery so I hope they won’t focus too much on the love relationship.

      For now I’m really curious of what will happen in Yi Ahn’s head, is he going to be confused, is he going to confuse the love for Eun Byul now that Eun Bi is there. But as I already mentioned in my post, the kind of love he had for Eun Byul isn’t easy to be forgotten so fast just because of a mere confusion. He is awakre that if Eun Bi is the one in front of him, then the real Eun Byul is going missing or dead – he is desperate to know her safe. I don’t think he will to further nor eventually fall for Eun Bi.
      I will give you the example from the drama “I summon You Gold” – it was about twins but eventually the man figured out that he indeed loved his wife, the first twin.

      But in Yi Ahn’s case, things are different, he loves Eun Byul and only her, there is no confusion – or at least not for now, just a desperate feeling.

      I actually want to see the two sisters reuniting, hopefully Eun Byul is alive as everyone wishes.

      Thank your reading my post and for the comment 😀

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  4. I dropped after 2ep, should I pick it back up? Everyone seems to be obsessed about this drama lately…

    1. Yes, most definitely pick it up.

      I’m going to be frank, the first two ep were really bad but after the 3rd one, it gets better.

      Of course it depends on everyone’s taste, but I think you will enjoy it the same as the rest of us. I’ll wait for you to join the ‘Monday- Tuesday twitter ranting club’ – we have cookies and milk.

      1. Lol, I am gonna wait till it’s completed. I think I prefer marathoning my dramas. I quickly lose interest in the live airing dramas I watched because the wait is too long :p

      2. You won’t really lose interest in this one XD

        I normally do the same, lose interest around the middle if I’m live watching it, but this one makes me wait for Monday like it’s Christmas.

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