[Kdrama] ‘Orange Marmalade’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

I’m not too sure what to think of the first two episodes. The thing is that I never read the manhwa so I’m not sure of what to expect from the characters. From the production we can expect good stuff as the Director is the one who also made Bad Guy, Winder Sonata, Sorry I Love you and The Snow Queen – pretty big names so this is a reason why I’m also going to continue this drama, other than Jin Goo and Park Tae Gun.

It’s like this, in a way I feel like these two episodes were childish and didn’t really had depth and the characters were a tiny bit plain. I do enjoy the story since vampire plots are always a thing I welcome even though these kinds of topics recycle the idea.

At first glance, the show is nice but it seemed that the characters were a little all over the place but probably in the next episodes we will have a better outline. Again, I didn’t read the manhwa thus I’m trying to keep a somewhat distance since the drama already has a sketch behind. I do think that bringing to life novels, manhwas (webtoons/mangas) is really hard considering that in dramas there is a time limit that has to be taken into account but at the same time it has to match the original or at least respect the main idea.

The acting was okay(ish), however I think that Lee Jong Hyun exaggerated in the first episode. I understand he wants to do well but too much can become burdensome and the character ends up being a joke rather than something serious. Following up, in the next episode he remains awkward but it seemed better than in the first one. Other than that I’m liking his character that’s serious but nonchalant about things.

Seol Hyun was okay in the first episode, well, it’s not like there was a focus on the character thus no much variety character-wise. Jin Goo is good as always not like I can comment anything about him, he knows what he’s doing and how to give life to his characters. One character that I want to see more is Park Tae Gun’s character, he is one of my favorite child actors and despise that both of them acted in one of my favorite dramas of all time, Warrior Baek Dong Soo, Jin Goo overtook him a long time ago yet I want Tae Gun to at least have a lot of air time to showcase that he can also be a well rounded actor.

For now, I find both Ma Ri and Jae Min to be tasteless characters, I didn’t feel anything that could make them seem like main characters but more like secondary ones whereas Shi Ho seemed to have taken the spot light – or at least he did for me. There was a trace of variety coming from him so that’s why I’m starting to like Shi Ho as a character more.

The other actors are good, they are already established people in the acting world so there isn’t much to say or confirm since everyone already knows as a fact that people like Ahn Kil Kang, Lee Il Hwa and Song Jong Ho are good actors.

Honestly speaking, the show doesn’t especially attract me in any way but I will continue to watch because it is a good breakout from my drama routing. Nothing too much but neither special, the story is okay so I’ll see what becomes of it in the next episodes. However, I wish that they will stop focusing so much on the vampire idea and start give attention to the characters. In these two episodes the writer focused so much on the behind story and the characters, especially the mains ones were pushed aside therefore we barely have any information about Ma Ri, Jae Min or Shi Ho other than some small fragments.



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  2. When I watched the episodes I though “people who haven’t read the webtoon are gonna e confused”. I’ve read the webtoon and I was very intrested in the drama. They have changed some things, but that’s because it wont have many episodes. I didn’t feel great about the beginning but I want to give it some time. I too was attracted to Shi Ho’s character more. The thing that I like about this drama and the webtoon is that they’ve made the vampires and humans co exist and it’s intresting, the vampires is like they represent the part of the community that faces mistreatment.

    1. I read a little from the webtoon these days but it seemed like they changed a lot of things. Then of course, the drama has like 12 episodes so they do need to have a more compact flow.

      I like Shi Ho because he is more versatile and I normally like these types of characters with a little bit of mystery but comical.

      For now I find the drama to be okay and I also like the side that is a story about vampires and humans co-existing. The subject seems fun overall 😀

      1. You are right, we have to wait for the next episodes^^

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