[Kdrama] ‘Who are you: School 2015’ ep 3-6 ~ review/impression/opinion~

This show is gradually becoming better and better and this is the reason why I didn’t made an opinion post for last week’s episodes and I’m including episode 3 and 4 in this one. Since the plot was getting better I wanted to wait a little to see if they will keep it like that and surprise, they actually maintain the excitement with the story flow in the 3 to 6 episodes – hopefully the following episodes will be like these ones or even better.

One thing I have to complain about before getting into the good things; I’m not really liking the scene cutting, there were times when in episode 3 and 4, the transition from a scene to another was sudden and with no connection thus it kind of give the same confusing vibe from the first two episodes. However things sure progressed fast in episode 4 and everything was cleared out.

I seriously love this drama! I wasn’t expecting to like it so much especially after the first 2 episodes since those episodes didn’t even offer the possible potential of the drama and I’m so glad now that I continued. Things are finally revealed (for the viewers) with the exception of the person that was following Eun Byul but the rest of the story is getting a place and I’m just enjoying the interaction between the characters.

Took them a while but finally the story is moving. It had such a slow and confusing start, there are still some confusing things and probably more stuff like that will come since it seems like the writer likes to solve something but puts even more trouble for Eun Bi – we will just have to deal with everything that’s up to come. Regardless, the show improved a lot and when I say this I really mean it.

Episode 5 and 6 showed a progress and I didn’t get a chance to get bored but rather tried to anticipate things. Although some parts can be predictable, that predictability makes the story better. Confusing right? But it isn’t predictable to the core, there are scenes that make the story turn around.

Also, the actors are good, I’m especially stunned by Sung Jae. I knew he did act pretty decent but he looks much more confident now, that makes me like his character as it has a (in a way) natural movement.

Sung Jae’s character is such a pleasure to watch. Tae Kwang is like a treat for the drama, even though he is also definitely growing a lot and seems like with each episodes he gives even more importance to his character and that could be seen in the way he portrays it.

I’m totally loving the scenes between Tae Kwang and Eun Bi. Not that Yi Ahn isn’t showing any chemistry with her is just that character wise, Yi Ahn and Eun Byul have their own chemistry. It’s not like he likes Eun Bi, he thinks she is Eun Byul but at the end of the day Eun Byul was the one for him. I had a feeling that Tae Kwang used to like Eun Byul as well but now I’m starting to think that he likes the new Eun Byul which is in fact a total new person, Eun Bi.

Even though I was skeptical about the casting and how everything will actually turn to be, Nam Joo Hyuk was another good audition for the drama. Yi Ahn , the same as Tae Kwang, is a pleasure to watch – both had their own charm. As for Kim So Hyun, she is just showing that she is going to grow in no time with her every new character. As an actress, So Hyun knows what to put forward from her character and what to keep in a silent mood for later, she understands Eun Bi/Eun Byul and well, playing to characters in the same project is never easy.

Two things that I didn’t like about these 4 episodes – this has nothing to do with the production part but rather character wise, I hate Kang So Young and Eun Byul’s mother. The mother makes me so angry, I mean the woman makes Eun Bi act as Eun Byul but at least at home she should call the girl by her real name. Seems like Eun Bi is a puppet, acting like her twin sister. She only thinks about her own mental/emotional health of keeping ‘Eun Byul near her’ but Eun Bi is frail. The girl went through a lot, from growing without the warmth of a mother to being bullied and even trying to commit suicide – this is the reality that the mother needs to realize, other than her own stability she needs to think about Eun Bi because on top of everything she lived, she now has to discard herself and act as someone else.

Second thing I don’t like, again character wise, is Kang So Young, the bully. Even so, this character is great and the actress Jo Soo Hyang is doing an amazing job with it. The thing is that for me a good actor/actress is the one who can take out some kind of emotion FROM the viewer, be it anger, sadness, joy and all that. For her, she manages the draw out the anger of those who watch the drama pretty much proving that she is a capable actress especially since negative characters are a hit or a miss most of the time in Korean dramas.

Regardless, the construction and writing of the characters is well made but all in all I’m enjoying the angst that flows slowly from each one of them. The way I see it “Who are you – School 2015” is the kind of drama that is purely for enjoyment, no need to think too much but just enjoy it as it develops.



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  2. dcdramafan · · Reply

    I liked reading your impression on this drama. I am liking this drama a lot too The mystery is really hooking me in. I do appreciate the character writing and the way it is being developed. We get to also see a little more of the other friends and student’s concerns which luckily makes the show more of an interesting watch. KSH is doing a great job. The actor portraying TK is doing an excellent job with his expressions, body movements and possibly adlibs. The Ep. 6 ending bus scene when Eun Bi asks to tell her what’s going on, he tells her to wait as he is calming down and thinking of a way to gain her trust. It’s like you say, a natural movement. For the actor portraying Yi An, I think he is doing a good enough job. He fits the athletic description to a tee. He plays the mature male lead. He has a charming cute presence on the screen which helps against KT’s character. His character development is not going at a great speed as TK, but that remains to be seen when he starts to slowly gets hints and realize that the she is not his Eun Byul. So it’s a nice contrast between the 2 male leads where they are not both jerks.

    1. The two male leads, although different both have charms and complete the story together with Eun Bi/Eun Byul. For Yi Ahn’s development, I think we will have to wait for next week, we got some hints from episode 6 that there will be a possible overflow of emotion pretty soon in his case.

      As you said it, it’s actually nice that we don’t get a negative male character this time but rather they both are pretty nice.

      The students all go tho a certain level of stress and I like that the writers give scenes to show the hardships of the others.

      One important aspect is that they actually show them during class, thing that is kind of skipped normally and just the idea of “being in school” is used.

      Thank you for the comment and for reading~

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