[Kdrama] ‘Divorce Lawyer in Love’ ep 6 ~recap/review/opinion~

Cheok Hee and Jung Woo continue their fight over if a kiss actually means love or not and eventually he kisses her. Min Gyu appears and the two start acting awkward saying that they just wanted to prove something. At first Min Gyu acts like he didn’t see it but when Cheok Hee drops her phone and Jung Woo wants to pick it up, the official boyfriend slightly slaps his arm saying that he doesn’t want others touch his things.

On their way out, Cheok Hee says that she just got into a fight with Jung Woo and they ended up kissing because one of their clients wants to divorce since her husband isn’t kissing her. Their conversation continues and Min Gyu bluntly tells her that if he said he saw them kiss, then he would’ve punched Jung Woo there after all he is the official boyfriend. Even though their relationship is for show, Min Gyu doesn’t want Cheok Hee to kiss anyone else giving the reason that he doesn’t want to be seen as someone who is played by a woman.

Jung Woo is still affected by the kiss and wears his clothes inside out. When he finally got the right side, So Ah tells him that he contacted all the survivors and the victims’ families from the subway accident.

Meanwhile, Min Gyu decides that Cheok Hee should have some ‘man traces’ around her house so he takes some of his stuff to her apartment. While he was putting his stuff at her place, Cheok Hee remembers that he was supposed to tell her about a good news but when asked about it, Min Gyu doesn’t say that So Ah and Jung Woo aren’t a couple (that was the big news he wanted to say but I suppose after he saw them kissing, he wants to keep that news for himself without telling her about it) and just says that neither of the two doesn’t suspect that their relationship is fake. Then, Min Gyk asks Cheok Hee if he wants lie down with him but she just hits him.

Client number 5 (?) appears and this time is a man – apparently his wife drives fast and they get into an accident, after that the man shouts out that he wants to divorce.

Back at the office, Jung Soek is angry about the client who wants to divorce because the husband isn’t kissing her and Jung Woo and Cheok Hee start acting awkward when they hear the word ‘kiss’. Gyeong says his opinion that he can’t live without kissing ….says this with a smirk on his face while looking at Yoo Mi. Min Gyu appears and tells them that he is the same and gives Cheok Hee a kiss on the cheek in front of everyone. All of a sudden Jung Woo and Cheok Hee keep hearing a song “kiss kiss….”, it was actually Gyeong’s new ringtone. On the other line, someone tells Gyeong that his son was kidnapped, thing that can’t be real since he doesn’t have children thus he tells them to rise his son to become a good person in the future.

Jung Woo goes to visit client number 4’s husband to see why he won’t kiss his wife. No Ki Soo (the husband) tells Jung Woo that he has a fear of kissing and just the thought of being touched by someone else’s saliva makes him feel disgusted. However Jung Woo does understand him since he also has a fear of his own thus he proceeds into telling the man about his own phobia (his fear of taking the subway). He comes up with the idea of making a promise, he tries to overcome his fear of subway and the man his fear of kissing.

At the subway, things are still hard to Jung Woo and he runs out of the subway train as he hears the screams from during the accident.

Because things aren’t going to well for the firm, Cheok Hee wants to show off with her friend who is a writer for a broadcast station so she wants to advertise the firm at her friend’s station. But in the end, the friend didn’t even remember Cheok Hee and she made a fool of herself in front of the co-workers.

Everyone goes out to dinner where Cheok Hee keeps pouting her lips making Jung Woo nervous. Gyeong takes him to another bar to talk about his own problem ….Yoo Mi who according to him isn’t his style and how now he finds her appealing (he doesn’t say the name) – on the other hand Jung Woo understands everything since he is in the same situation as Gyeong.

On his way home, Jung Woo keeps on telling himself how Geok Hee isn’t his style and that she is the woman of another man. Meanwhile Cheok Hee also tries to keep herself connected to reality by saying the same things – he belongs to someone else.

Because Min Gyu didn’t want to fire Cheok Hee, the man takes the things he wanted to bribe his son with (yacht and other cars).

So Ah continues to investigate about who the mint candy woman may be from the subway accident. On of the victims remembers only the nail art from that woman. At the office, Cheok Hee receives a phone call about promoting their firm on a show but when she goes to tell Jung Woo about it, she kind of disturbs him in the ‘thinking room’. On their way to the broadcast station, the two awkwardly talk about the kiss as if it was something that didn’t has any feelings or meaning behind.

At the broadcast station, the show they had to be on wasn’t about divorce or affairs but rather about dogs and he is presented by the MC as a doc counselor. During the show that was about Chihuahuas, Jung Woo ends up not helping the owner but the dog saying that if a mutt is loved people when it can become a breed dog. Luckily, when they get out of the show, the producer of the real show about lawyers asks them to come to their show as well but Jung Woo refuses saying that he hates being on tv the most. When asked by Cheok Hee why he came if he was so scared of appearing on tv he answers that he did it for her. To not look weird, he continues and tells Cheok Hee that he didn’t wanted to be put in a bad position in front of her friend by refusing the show.

Jung Woo runs the moment So Ah calls him and Cheok Hee is left alone. On her way out of the broadcast station, she sees Mi Ri with the model guy so she takes some pictures of them together.

After meeting with the model dude, Mi Ri goes to her husband’s grave where she is followed by Ma Dong Mi who starts to belittle the actress.

So Ah takes Jung Woo to meet one of the other victims however the woman doesn’t come and lets them waiting. The two decide to go eat together.

The next day, Jung Woo meets up with Cheok Hee in front of the elevator. The moment he sees her, se apologizes for leaving her alone at the broadcast station. They arrange to eat together, more like an apology from Jung Woo to Cheok Hee.

Later, Jung Woo meets up with the man who feared of kissing. The man tells Jung Woo that he finally overcome the kissing phobia by saying that divorcing his wife was scarier than kissing. Jung Woo seems to want to also overcome his own fear of subways after hearing the client’s husband so he rashly enters the subway.

Cheok Hee calls Jung Woo to see if Jung Woo stood her up but when he answers, he tells her to save him. She rushes to the subway and finds Jung Woo on the floor as he was dizzy.

Jung Woo’s mother wants to give some of the money back to So Ah but she refuses to take any. As for Jung Woo, he is still dizzy after getting on the subway. Cheok Hee remembers about the time when she was at her mother’s funeral – at that time she shouted out all the things she liked just to be able to move on. After that, Cheok Hee offers her had as a support for Jung Woo and on their way out, the two name out all the things they like while still holding hands. Things become a little awkward so Cheok Hee wants to break loose but Jung Woo continues to hold her hand. In the taxi, his head falls and she supports him moreover when So Ah calls he wakes up and the two start looking into each other’s eyes creating a weird mood.

Finally arrived at home, So Ah sees the two together – to put a barrier she takes Jung Woo’s hand and even pays for Cheok Hee’s taxi fee as she acts rather formal to thank her for bringing Jung Woo home.

Min Gyu proposes to Cheok Hee to ride his yacht together. When asked how he got a yacht, Min Gyu answers that she gave it to him, indirectly.

Because Jung Woo gets annoyed with the roses cart (and pretty much everyone from the office), Cheok Hee agrees to throw it away. Before getting to throw it, client number 5 appears who wants a divorce. The man tells Cheok Hee and Jung Woo about strange accidents that keep happening to him because of his wife, thinking that all of those accidents were purposely made by the woman.

Later, Min Gyu invites everyone from the office to watch the show Jung Woo appeared in, at his house. Arrived in front of the apartment, Min Gyu acts like he doesn’t remember his door password so Cheok Hee invites everyone at her apartment where of course he had his ‘manly things’ around her place. Jung Woo also gets into the childish game and asks for an eel juice (remember when he was at Cheok Hee mother’s death anniversary, at that time her father gave him eel juice so he knew that she will have some at home), he also tells Cheok Hee to bring the leftover soju from the time he drank with her father making everyone look stunned at the fact that he was before at her place. Everyone watches the show and the female co-worker together with Cheok Hee keep on talking about Jung Woo and how he looks good on tv making Min Gyu irritated. So Ah calls and that attracts Cheok Hee’s attention pretty fast – he goes to talk on the phone in her bedroom. When the call ends, Cheok Hee catches him stepping on Min Gyu’s pillow – as she was trying to take the pillow from under him, they stumble and fall on the bed. The moment is interrupted by Min Gyu who was calling her but Jung Woo remains in the bedroom and touches his chest.

Everyone leaves and Jung Woo receives another call from client number 5 saying that another accident happened because of his wife. He tells Cheok Hee about it but Min Gyu interferes saying that she already had plans with him so she can’t go to the client. The two men keep on trying to convince Cheok Hee with whom she should go, eventually she chooses to stay with Min Gyu, thing that makes him smirk in front of Jung Woo. On his way to visit the client, Jung Woo sees ads about a romantic yacht trip – to calm himself down he starts naming the things he likes. At some point he sees a chucky doll and decides to run after Cheok Hee as he remembers the words of the husband who had a fear for kissing “ If I don’t do it now, this woman (this person) might leave me”.

With those words in mind, Jung Woo rushes to the subway after Min Gyu and Cheok Hee. He succeeds in catching them up and tells Cheok Hee to stay and don’t leave however the doors of the train close after he names some of the things he likes – with the doors closed, Jung Woo also names ‘Cheok Hee’ among the things he likes.


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