[Kdrama] ‘Divorce Lawyer in Love’ ep 5 ~recap/review/opinion~

Yoo Mi continues her story on how Jung Woo and Cheok Hee may end up liking each other because that’s what happens in dramas when two people go alone on a trip however in reality both are disgusted and act annoyed form a slight touch. They continue to stalk their client’s husband and eventually they manage to take pictures of the man being touchy with his mistress.

Because Cheok Hee falls when they were taking the pictures, Jung Woo goes to the drug store to get her a pain patch. Then you all know what follows, since she couldn’t put it on, he offers to help her. Moreover, when Jung Woo goes to help her, the two share an awkward moment, to break it, he tells Cheok Hee that if her back continues to hurt, then they should go to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Yoo Mi goes further with her story and starts thinking that the next day Jung Woo and Cheok Hee will wake up in the same bed…. they did wake up in the same bed just that it wasn’t Jung Woo with Cheok Hee but Yoo Mi with Gyeong.

On the other hand, Jung Woo and Cheok Hee go into the room that their client’s husband was staying with his mistress to collect evidence such as used condoms or bed sheets. Back at the office, Yoo Mi takes the night before as a mistakes especially since it was her first time, but on the elevator they meet up with Jung Woo, Cheok Hee and Jung Seok where Gyeong starts panicking at Jung Seok’s question “did something happen?”, question that wasn’t even for him but for Cheok Hee. The other 3 see that both Gyeong and Yoo Mi have the same clothes from a day before and once again Gyeong stars panicking thinking that the others found out about him sleeping with Yoo Mi. Luckily for them, Jung Seok thinks that he got drunk and fainted somewhere thus he didn’t get home.

Gyeong wants to find out if Jung Woo got to tame Cheok Hee but is disappointed to find out that nothing happened between the two.

Later, Jung Woo and Cheok Hee go to have a meeting with their client’s husband and his lawyer. There, Cheok Hee presents the evidence they collected. At first, with only the pictures before their eyes, the husband continues to remain confident about winning but when Cheok Hee says that she should’ve also bring the used condom, the man’s face drops under the table on top of that she says that the evidence will be sent to the school where he and his mistress work. If she is to do that, they both of them will have a pay cut and probably even fired. The mistress can’t handle it anymore and takes Cheok Hee by the hair and even slaps her. Jung Woo interferes and tells the woman that she isn’t the lawyer but he is. Cheok Hee feels belittled thus decides to leave first followed by Jung Woo who was trying to apologize. However now Cheok Hee thinks that Jung Woo let her talk at the meeting so she could be denigrated (for not being a lawyer). Jung Woo tries to explain that he knows the best how she feels because he also worked for her as his shadow thus he wanted to let her feel again how it is to be a lawyer without being anyone else’s shadow but Cheok Hee twists his words and thinks that he just wanted for her to be disrespected.

Another day, Jung Woo tells Cheok Hee to go to the court with their client since the husband decide to settle things. Before leaving, Cheok Hee sends a message on his phone with her reply ‘yes’ and starts using the word ‘twisted’ since he called that when they were at the meeting the other day.

After settling the things at the court for their 3rd client, Cheok Hee finds out that Jung Woo wasn’t the one who revealed 3 years ago that she obtained the evidence by illegal means in the actress’ case.

She meets up with Jung Woo on their way home and when she tells him that she found out about who in fact revealed the truth (it was the female co-worker from their former office), Jung Woo acts nonchalantly about it saying that he didn’t want to ruin someone else by saving himself if he was to tell the truth.

Cheok Hee drags Gyeong to a drink to see if he also knew about the fact that Jung Woo didn’t reveal it. However he didn’t knew and minutes later, Jung Woo appears because Gyeong invited him as well so the 3 could drink together (excuse, Gyeong still wants Jung Woo to tame Cheok Hee). Shortly, Geyong leaves and the two are left alone in the bar. Cheok Hee also wants to leave because it was too awkward but Jung Woo takes her hand and tells her to stay a little more. He then saying that she shouldn’t misunderstand what happened the other day (with the guy’s mistress), then Jung Woo takes out Cheok Hee’s old business cards that he found at the former law firm. Even though she says that those aren’t of any use, Jung Woo stop her and says that it won’t stay like that forever and she will probably use them again in the future (not really since it had the other law firm on them, but he wanted to say that she won’t have her license suspended forever). Jung Woo advices her to keep things that remind her of good memories because eventually it will bring good memories again, in the future. At night, Cheok Hee sleeps with her old business cards in her hand.

The next day, Cheok Hee becomes a little sheep and does everything Jung Woo needs, from coffee to papers making Gyeong think that Jung Woo finally tamed her.

After work, Min Gyu and Cheok Hee watch tv together and they see Mi Ri. Watching the show, Cheok Hee sees Mi Ri lying about meeting the model guy (from ep 2) for the first time for a few shots and the first time for a drama filming, however it wasn’t true because she was cheating her former husband with the model.

At work, Cheok Hee puts her hair by mistake in the machine that tears paper and asks for Jung Woo’s help. At first he ignores her then he starts doing saying ‘I love you’ (learned this from the yoga class he went with Gyeong to relieve stress) after that he tries to help get her hair out. However, Yoo Mi appears and sees the scene in a different light as if the two were in a ….romantic ….moment?.

Yoo Mi tries to tell Cheok Hee that she heard Jung Woo saying that the love her but Cheok Hee just laugh everything off.

The others from the office go to eat together but Cheok Hee and Jung Woo falls behind because both receive some messages, she from a possible client and he from So Ah. While checking her message, Jung Woo puts a cushion on her back so it won’t hurt (thinking that she is still hurting) but with that she starts thinking about what Yoo Mi said of a possibility that Jung Woo likes her.

Jung Woo meets up with So Ah and finds out that she has a client who was saved from the subway accident just like him. Yet, So Ah advices him to let the past behind and he should move on.

As for Cheok Hee, she goes to Min Gyu with the story of her “friend” but he catches fast and tells her that the guy likes her. At work, Cheok Hee starts thinking more and more that Jung Woo likes her just because he got her favorite coffee (he did that for all the co-workers).

Everyone from the office goes to have dinner together and Cheok Hee gets a little tipsy. She keeps asking Jung Woo why he doesn’t have the courage (to confess, but she doesn’t say the full sentence) and at the karaoke she sings songs about proposing. When Min Gyu wants to take her home, she asks Jung Woo is she should enter Min Gyu’s car. Jung Woo has no idea what’s wrong with her and everyone is also confused. While driving home, Cheok Hee decides to step out of the car and go to Jung Woo’s house.

There, Cheok Hee confuses Jung Woo even more but she finally wakes up to reality when So Ah appears from behind the door. Min Gyu thinks about some things and then calls Cheok Hee who was drunk, falling on the street out of embarrassment for thinking that Jung Woo likes her.

Min Gyu finds out that the guy Cheok Hee thought she likes her was Jung Woo but that he also already has a girlfriend. She goes around his house to hide her embarrassment but Min Gyu drags her out of his washing machine (really, she put her head into the washing machine).

To help her wash the embarrassment, Min Gyu presents her the next day as his girlfriend (wonder if it’s true that he is doing it just to help her out). Later she finally gets it that Jung Woo gave everyone cushions as for So Ah, she starts thinking that there may be something between Cheok Hee and Jung Woo.

Therefore , So Ah goes to their office to talk with Cheok Hee for coming to her house a night before – Cheok Hee acts like she was drunk and tells So Ah that she already is dating someone. At that moment, Min Gyu appears with a huge cart of roses and says that Cheok Hee is dating him.

At home, So Ah talks with Jung Woo about Cheok Hee dating Min Gyu but he seems pissed about something and says that there’s no man who will be able to stay with Cheok Hee.

Next day, on his way to work Gyeong buys a rose for Yoo Mi but eventually he doesn’t give her the rose because he sees the rose cart at the office.

Min Gyu goes to find more if Jung Woo and So Ah are indeed dating. Now knowing that they aren’t dating, he wants to tell Cheok Hee about it but she hangs up the phone before he gets to say it.

Client number 4 appears saying that she wants a divorce because her husband never kisses her, although they do have sex. After the meeting with the client, Jung Woo scolds Cheok Hee for inviting the client in their office when she just wants to divorce because she doesn’t get kissed by her husband. Cheok Hee explains that for the client a kiss may also mean love but Jung Woo doesn’t seem to consider a kiss important to the point of wanting a divorce because of it. Cheok Hee tells Jung Woo that he should kiss her if it really doesn’t mean anything. To prove his point, Jung Woo proceeds into kissing her (that sounded bad sorry) but at that moment Min Gyu comes and witnesses the scene.

My thoughts on episode 5:

I’m liking the progress, not a lot but there is a good amount of improvement on it. For now, although Jung Woo and Cheok Hee are the main characters, I find Cheok Hee to make a nice pair with Min Gyu. He always seems nonchalant about things and so on but there is a strange vibe that he wanted to help Cheok Hee with a job because he likes her. On another note, I find Min Gyu to be make a good pair with So Ah as well.

One thing I hope about this drama is that they won’t make Cheok Hee the woman who put mint candies in Jung Woo’s mouth during the subway accident, that would be too much of a cliche for me to handle.

On the other hand, Yo Mi and Geyong are so cute together to the point of wishing that the two had their own drama that focused only on their interaction.


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  2. Lawyerh · · Reply

    Liking the progress as well in ep5 and ep6 daebak waiting for your review and opinion 😉

    1. Thank you for the comments and for reading 😀

  3. Would you happen to know the title of the song she sang in the karaoke scene? Thanks!

    1. The song is “Propose” by Kim Jong Eun ^ ^

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