[Others] Sisterhood Award Nominations

I got two nominations for the Sisterhood Award and although these blogging awards aren’t real awards I still feel bubbling inside for receiving on top of that, this is a good opportunity to know each other around the drama blogging ‘universe’. I’m sorry for answering so late!

Personally, I’m not too familiar with this award so I did search a little about it so the rules are:

  • Link the blogger who nominated you on your post.
  • Put the award logo on your blog.
  • Answer the ten questions that were given to you.
  • Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Nominate five blogs and make sure they are aware they are nominated.
  • When you have responded, leave a link in the comment of the person who nominated you.

First: hanakimi91 ‘s questions

  1. Which is the first k/j/c drama you watched and how did you end up watching it?

I will answer separately for each category which is my favorite drama since I post about all of them (even though my blog mainly focuses on Korean dramas, I still watch a great amount of Japanese and Chinese/Taiwanese dramas).

  • My first Korean drama was probably “Coffee Prince” – thanks to Kim Jae Wook. Actually I started watching kdramas after seeing a Korean movie and by mistake I came across mysoju. I actually love Kim Jae Wook the most out of all the Korean celebrities but I’m undercover so people don’t know this about me.
  • The first Japanese drama was “Gokusen” or “Stand up” – I don’t remember correctly but I think it was one of these two for sure.
  • As for my first Chinese drama, it was “Meteor Shower”.

However I don’t remember how I ended up watching Japanese and Chinese dramas.

  1. Do you prefer food or sweets? Explain your favourites.

When I was younger I loved sweets and my mother had a hard time making me eat food because I used to eat sweets and of course after that I wouldn’t eat normal cooked food. But now, I find myself craving for food and mostly home cooked food. Favorites would be soups (currently) and for sweets, I LOVE ice cream and chocolate milk (is this one considered to be part of “sweets” ?).

  1. Have you ever find a favourite place/building in a drama or a movie, if you have which place/building is that?

I don’t have a particular favorite just that I sometimes find myself knowing a building that they used in more than one drama.

  1. Which season of the year you prefer and why?

The autumn-winter, I just love the smell of the cold. Yep, cuz to me even the cold has a smell. (okay I’m turning weird)

  1. What characteristics would the perfect lead in your life have?

All of Dong Wook (Dong Wook from Falling for Innocence)’s characteristics! I mean, did you see that puppy?

  1. Which is your favourite ice-cream flavour?

Chocolate ice cream – isn’t chocolate the best thing anyway?

  1. What would be your perfect date?

Him cooking for me, going together hiking or eating together at a traditional market (one of these 3 or all of them – we can eat breakfast at a market, go hike and then he can cook dinner for me)

  1. What is your favourite sport and athlete?

I don’t have a favorite athlete; to be honest I’m not too much into sports.

  1. What would you do, if you got caught in a one-sided love (jjag sarang) and that person had a girlfriend/boyfriend?

Been there but I did nothing. I mean it’s not like one can do anything when two people are already together and in love. After all, let’s say that I would hit on the guy (or something) and he would redirect his attention on me, then it means that the guy isn’t really fateful so I’ll just end it with him. On top of that, if two people are already loving each other, there’s no place to get in between, you just have to respect their relationship, therefore I will just cry in a corner! !

  1. Did you enjoy the questions, what would you like to change in dramajjang?

Yes, I enjoyed the questions and wouldn’t change anything about dramajjang because it is already jjang (was I too cheesy? XD)

Questions from ikurate

  1. What is your go-to Kdrama?

Dalja’s spring! !

  1. What is your most memorable Kdrama “binge-watch”?

“King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo” – I remember not wanting to watch the drama at first but then I finished all of its 30 episodes in a night and a day, I did nothing except for a short sleep (during a weekend).

  1. What is your favourite Kdrama scene?

Not really a favorite but a scene that had a lot of impact was from the drama “Mama – nothing to fear” when Ji Sub (Hong Jong Hyun) took Sung Hee (Song Yoon Ah)’s funeral picture. That scene delivered so much emotion that I still remember it even now after almost a year.

  1. Which Kdrama actor/actress you would watch in anything?

Han Ji Hye, Song Yoon Ah, Han Hye Jin, Park Seo Joon and Shim Ji Ho – you asked actress/actor and I ended up giving you a whole list – sawry!

  1. Which Kdrama actor/actress you cannot deal with?

Jin Se Yeon and Song Ji Hyo – more like I don’t get their acting. I keep asking myself how they get main roles with a stoic acting respectively an awkward voice and facial expression that people consider to be acting.

  1. What is the worst Kdrama you have ever watched and finished?

Soulmate – even now I remember this drama. What I didn’t like was that they just stretched the whole plot and then in the last episodes, everything was rushed and just bleah then boom, they are soul mates ! ! Well, I’m not falling for that!

  1. What is the last Kdrama you could not finish?

Hyde, Jekyll and Me – but I think I will finish it at some point. Maybe this summer when I’ll have some free time. It’s not that the drama is bad (well, it was) but I kind of want to finish it someday.

  1. What is your ideal Kdrama team (writer, director & main cast)?

I totally love the team behind “Padam Padam”, “It’s okay that’s love” and “That Winter” so for the writer I would pick Noh Hee Kyung or Reply series’ writer Lee Woo Jung and the director would be Kim Kyu Tae, production company Pan Entertainment. As for the main cast I want:

Male lead: Shim Ji Ho

Female lead: Lee Yeon Hee

  1. How do you choose a Kdrama to recap?

It depends a lot if I like the staff behind the drama or if I am fan of a certain actor/actress that acts in the drama. However, the plot also pays an important role in choosing if I should or shouldn’t recap it. Another reason is if there are already people recapping the drama then I won’t do it since there won’t be a reason after all someone is already working on it.

  1. Do you have a favourite Korean word/expression learnt after watching Kdramas?


Thank you all for the nominations, now it’s my turn to nominate some pumpkins:

1. SplashofInspiration

2. The two dramajjang-ers Kwon and Hanakimi (Kwon isn’t really a …..sister, sawry)

3. missienelly

4. Kakashi Sensei

5. Obsessions of Line

6. Snow

7. Thetalkingcupboard

8. Newkdramaaddict

9. To the IKurate team

I don’t care how many blogs the rules say to nominate, I choose to nominate more than 5


1. Are getting emotional when you watch dramas (eg cry on sad scenes)?

2. If so, what is a scene that made you overflow with tears?

3. How did you come to like your favorite actor/actress?

4. Do you have an ahjussi crush? Who is it and why is he your crush?

5. We all dropped at least a drama at some point so what drama did you drop and for what reason?

6. Did you ever drop a drama where your favorite actor/actress was in?

7. Blogging can become hard at times, what makes you continue writing?

8. How do you react when people criticize your favorite drama?

9. What is your happy pill variety show?

10. Random: Chilbong or Trash? Explain your answer!

(Please link me back, I would love to read your answers, thanks)


  1. I had a stupid smile the whole time I read your answers to my questions and Ikurate’s questions. ” my soju ” was my favourite site in the world, I watched my first korean and japanese dramas there and at viki I felt devastated when it was closed. I can smell cold too, so you are not weird. Actually during autumn the air smells so nice I don’t know how to explain it. Dong Wook from ” falling for innocence ” such a good boyfriend material, I’m still on episode 4 thought. There is a better thing than chocolate ice-cream it’s vanilla ice-cream : P Jjak sarang is so confusing thanks for your advice on how to handle it. You made me curious about that kdrama scene, Hong Jong Hyun has potential he needs to work more and he is so handsome. I love your questions and I’ll reply as soon as possible, I already know my answer to the 10th, I don’t who Kwon is gonna choose though ; P

    1. I miss mysoju so much, it had everything and it was well organized. Of course a lot of other sites appeared after mysoju closed down, but I was emotionally attached to that site lol

      Ikr? Autumn-winter time has a certain smell to cold! Woohoooo! I’m not weird ~ maybe the others who didn’t noticed it are weird, not us XD

      I’m looking forward to your answers ~

  2. […] you Soori from Four Seasons Dramas and Mitta for the nominations! Hehehe […]

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