[Kdrama] ‘Who are you: School 2015’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

The ‘School’ series continues with mystery made by two writers who barely have experience in writing dramas, giving us moments to pray for the story. Don’t get me wrong, I like whenever new writers pop up and give us a change however it’s a total story when it comes to more established forms of series.

Certainly School had different writers for each series but the lack of experience could be seen in the first two episodes of School 2015 as the writing is messy and it doesn’t have a stable focus nor a nicely down flow. At times confusing but I’m keeping that as the charm of the plot however this doesn’t excuse the all over the place story. The first episode was confusing and didn’t really had much to offer, one would expect that the writer or the editing team will provide an exciting pilot episode but they didn’t really show what can possibility be the potential of this drama. That’s a shame because we got some good kids, of course they don’t have an exceptional acting experience but neither subpar, there is a lot of space to develop so that is a thing to look forward.

The second episode is better and things get towards a normal path giving the viewers hints where they should look at and gives an idea of what may happen or what happened before the present time of the story, regardless, they still keep a certain secretiveness when it comes to the story telling to make the us guess and pay attention to the story and its characters. The characters also show a better pattern compared to the first episode where everyone was there but no one had an impactful presence, second episode pushed some characters up-front but at the same time comes back with the confusion on what’s happening in the present time.

Expecting too much from a mere poster was my fault but I felt like the poster was giving a nostalgic feeling and in a way I was waiting for the drama to deliver awakening nostalgia to the viewers, thing that didn’t happen in either of the two episodes, but then again, that’s my fault for making all kind of ideas in my head. All in all, I don’t think ‘Who are you: School 2015′ can follow the road that the other School series laid down, it just doesn’t walk on the same patter. Of course they have school issues presented, but in a way I feel like the story goes overboard a little and exaggerates things to a certain point. Still, with this they may take some of the viewers’ attention. Even so, I do think that School 2015 has its own charm and having female characters as the focus can be a plus since they kind of flowed the glass more with the stories of male characters in the 2013 one.

For now, I’m waiting to see how the characters will develop and what things we may find about them. Eun Bi, from a bullied girl to a popular figure, but is the (Eun Byeol’s) popularity real? We’ll have to wait and find out because even though she now lives as Eun Byeol, same as her, the later one doesn’t seem to have a happy life considering that there is a wolf dressed as a sheep around her giving problems. Like all the other Korean dramas, School also doesn’t lack the romantic part of the story and from what I’ve seen we get not only romance but also high school jealousy? That’s sure going to end badly!

I’m liking the idea of Han Yi An, the popular swimmer, and Eun Byeol liking each other from the beginning and Gong Tae Kwang, a carefree student and the son of the school’s director, showing his displeasure with his father rather than finding it as the show goes further, this way it saves time and space for other things to fill in.

I like the ending song, it blends quietly but still manages to pump things a little so that’s a nice choice of song. Despise not liking the writing, I did like the first two episodes, of course a lot more could’ve been done for the first episode but I will keep on following ‘Who are you: School 2015’.


  1. Great review!! Personally, I felt a little disapointed when watching these two episodes :/ I expected something better, something like school 2013 XD
    and honestly I don’t know if I will continue watching it.

    1. I will continue, for now the show deserves a second chance. It wasn’t really bad but also not good. I hope the story will get better.

      But I still think that it has a charm of its own.

      Thanks for reading and for the comment! ^ ^

  2. salam · · Reply

    Wah !! am very happy
    but Kim so hyun >.>
    am very sad

    1. Don’t be sad!

      Enjoy the drama and thank you for the comment~

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