[Kdrama] ‘Divorce Lawyer in Love’ ep 3 ~recap/review/opinion~

The 3 women enter the motel room and start making a scene, followed shortly by Jung Woo however they all learn fast that the husband was actually preparing an event for their wedding anniversary. Feeling unjust, especially after finding out that his wife was already preparing for a divorce, the husband wants to go forward with it.

Jung Woo drags Cheok Hee out of the room and tells her firmly that she is just an office manager while he is the lawyer thus the next time she will do something without discussing it with him, he won’t let her get out unpunished.

Later, Cheok Hee goes to Min Gyu where she bad mouths Jung Woo but she is interrupted by Min Gyu’s phone. Apparently the guy is engaged yet he is confused with his fiancée’s name, career and place of living – probably the father made the engagement and he nonchalantly (as he always is) accepted. Regardless, the fiancée tells Min Gyu that her sister is getting married so he should go pay a visit at the weeding – at the weeding hall, Min Gyu is confused about the name of his future sister-in-law and as he was looking at the names of the brides from that day, Ma Dong Go’s mother (the CEO who committed suicide in episode 1) appears and sees Cheok Hee with Min Gyu. When the woman learns that now Cheok Hee works for Min Gyu’s law firm, she demands Cheok Hee to be fired but his answer is simply that the woman’s choice of words weren’t too nice. When the Dong Go’s mother takes her leave, Min Gyu tells Cheok Hee that the woman is his future wife’s aunt, on top of that he agreed to the engagement just so his father could let him leave BF Law Firm.

While leaving the wedding hall, in another hall, the actress Mi Ri was having her press conference. She interrupts the interviews for a short time to speak with Cheok Hee however the conversation is rather spicy with the former lawyer threatening to reveal the truth, yet Mi Ri seems confident that Cheok Hee won’t be able to fulfill her threatens.

Meanwhile So Ah tries to convince Min Gyu to fire Cheok Hee but the guy doesn’t want to since according to him they need someone who can take care of his law firm while Jung Woo is buys sending people away (like he did with the first client, he tried to make the woman re-think her wish to divorce).

Cheok Hee and Jung Woo meets up with the client’s husband to make him give up the divorce, but as always Cheok Hee interferes and plants the divorce papers in front of the man saying that he has 30 seconds to sign the papers and if he does it then they will take the case without asking for any fee. Jung Woo is stunned at what she is doing when she didn’t even consult him but the husband hesitates and Cheok Hee tears the papers apart and gives a push to Jung Woo, then he finally gets it and tells the husband that his wife also hesitated to sign the divorce.

So Ah is at Jung Woo mother’s restaurant when the news about a subway accident from a few years back appears. His mother turns the tv off blaming the tv station for showing that news every year thus Jung Woo will never get over it. Then So Ah asks if maybe ‘that person’ is still alive and asks his mother if she should check and find ‘her’.

Back at the office, the wife comes again but this time wanting a divorce for her mother who has been cheated all these years. While Jung Woo was busy with the clients, Cheok Hee’s father comes but she takes him out of the office fast; angry, the father reminds her about a certain day, April 20.

Jung Woo sees the clients off and meets Cheok Hee’s father on the hallway. The father knew from Cheok Hee that Jung Woo is the one working under her, after being punched by her, he plays the role as well without telling her father the truth, that she is the one working under him. The man is grateful to Jung Woo for always working with his daughter and wishes him that in his next life to be reborn as a lawyer and order Cheok Hee around as well – Jung Woo just smiles awkwardly at the sudden wishes.

The two see her father off and after that Cheok Hee tells Jung Woo that her father should not find out that her license was taken after all a child should not be embarrassed in front of his parent, however Jung Woo laughs arrogantly saying that he has a memory of being embarrassed in front of his mother while he had seaweed soup on his face.

At home, Cheok Hee tells her father to beat her up about forgetting about April 20 however the man refuses saying that she just needs not to be late on that day.

Next day, Jung Woo finds one of his written petition to be ‘corrected’ by Cheok Hee thing that boils his blood again. A few minutes after the male co-worker and tells Jung Woo that they need to get rid of Cheok Hee fast.

During the office meeting, Min Gyu is sleeping and thinks that his package deliver is more important. As for Cheok Hee, Jung Woo proposes her to be the one who does street promotion of their law firm. Since street promotions aren’t her thing, she tries to exchange roles with her co-workers and luckily she succeeds and changes work with the youngest female co-worker. Even though Cheok Hee did a good work, the female worker who exchanged with her had a small writing error on the banner she had to make for the law firm and now everyone blames Cheok Hee for doing a lousy job. The female co-worker doesn’t say that she is the one to blame and because there were already 3 people who want to fire Cheok Hee, she comes with the idea of a vote saying that if there is another person who wants to fire her then she will leave. Cheok Hee wants to use the male co-worker and get another person on her side since according to her Min Gyu and the male co-worker are on her side (the guy isn’t, she just assumes things), while Jung Woo and the other two female co-workers are against her. Surprisingly, while everyone except Min Gyu and Cheok Hee were out for dinner, the older female co-worker says that she isn’t against Cheok Hee because Min Gyu wants her in the office.

Jung Woo discuses with Gyeong (the male co-worker) that the two of them and Yoo Mi (the younger female co-worker) are against Cheok Hee while Jung Sook (the other female co-worker) and Min Gyu are on her side, at this point they are wining only if someone’s heart won’t change and Jung Woo tells Gyeong to not dare to change his mind.

Thinking that Jung Sook is against her, the next day Cheok Hee starts acting nice towards the older female co-worker. Later she goes around calling Jung Woo ‘So Byun’ (short for So Lawyer, meaning ‘urine’) – mostly to annoy him, of course.

Jung Woo gives some work for her to do and even though she says that she has something to do, he doesn’t let her do the work tomorrow and orders that everything should be done by the end of that day. However later he finds Gyeong doing her work while she already left and since she wasn’t answering her phone, Jung Woo decides to go to her apartment.

Although he fiercely enters the apartment, Cheok Hee’s father welcomes him says that he should eat together with them because if only him and his daughter are together on the memorial day of his wife, then they will feel lonely.

We go back in 1999 when Cheok Hee’s mother who was in the hospital encourages her to pay the tuition from her hospital fee and become a lawyer. We also find out the reason why Min Hee hates Cheok Hee – because she used the treatment money for her own collage tuition.

Jung Woo starts understanding Cheok Hee more after finding out from her father what happened in 1999 and how she is working hard now to pay back her sister. Before leaving, Cheok Hee advices Jung Woo to revise his proposal because even though he has no plans to make the husband of his client seem like he is psycho , the other team, of the husband, won’t blink an eye before turning the wife into a psycho.

Client number 3 appears (1 is the first woman, second is the mother of the first client) who witnessed her husband cheating on her. The woman doesn’t want anything from her husband; all she wants is only her daughter. Jung Woo says that the daughter shouldn’t be there as they talk about the divorce, but it seems like the girl already knew about his father’s women.

Min Gyu meets his father at the gym but leaves fast as he isn’t really happy to spend time with his father there.

At the office, Jung Woo tells Cheok Hee to submit the second client’s petition but it seems that she has no idea who to do it. Gyeong does tell her how but she still doesn’t look like she has any idea how. Meanwhile Min Gyu tells So Ah that they decided to do a voting to settle if Cheok Hee will remain in his law firm.

Jung Woo finds out from Gyeong that Cheok Hee doesn’t know how to submit the papers and goes to check on her. Min Gyu’s father appears and finds out from her that she now works as an office manager. Because Cheok Hee didn’t bring everything she needed for the papers’ submission, the clerk employee pushes her papers and eventually everything falls on the floor. Min Gyu’s father steps on the papers but before Jung Woo gets to go to Cheok Hee, Min Gyu appears and tells his father that she is one of his employees. Seems like Min Gyu is displeased with his father’s illegal methods from within the BF Law Firm and in the end the father leaves. Then Min Gyu scolds Jung Woo for not helping his subordinate, however when Cheok Hee wanted to tell Min Gyu that Jung Woo probably came to help, Jung Woo takes her by the hand as a sign to not say anything further – Min Gyu takes Cheok Hee and leaves.

My thoughts on episode 3

Finally, I’m starting to enjoy the show as everything is getting pumped up. We get to find out who the bad guy is in the drama and who are the possible love-lines. But despise what the writer may have prepared, I kind of want Min Gyu and So Ah to end up together, they just seem like a good match with their little mismatches and so on. On the other hand, there is also a small small part between Jung Woo and Cheok Hee – but more to see in the next episodes; hope their chemistry is good.

As for Cheok Hee as a character, no matter how much of a pain she may seem, I find her to be pretty good at her job. Of course, imposing divorce on her clients isn’t the right thing to do however she seems to know when or who is actually ready to get on. Truthfully, I do agree when Cheok Hee that a lawyer needs to move fast from a client who is uncertain about wanting a divorce – why spend time on a person who has no idea what to do.

Jung Woo is still a rookie and wants to always do what (he thinks) is right, but with this is may also become a burden to the clients. Still, the two make a good team. Right now I’m getting to like the drama, even though I was unsure about the story in the first 2 episodes.


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  2. Lawyerh · · Reply

    Nice review. Also like this drama very much

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