[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 41

This is episode 74 of ‘The Superman Returns’

Song Il Gook takes the triplets to another playground and Min Guk asks if they will have fun playing with him but after hearing about what they will eat, the boy is happy that they will eat rice wraps and shows it by singing a song.

At the playground, Min Guk sings another song to show that he is in a good mood. Il Gook helps them plant radishes but Man Se comes with some sand telling his father to eat it because it’s rice. The father plays along and acts as if he is actually eating rice. On the other hand Min Guk transforms into Ming Jang Geum and makes food out of sand for Il Gook – the father acts once again as if he is enjoying the “food”.

The children plant radishes and cabbage (plastic ones) at the playground and Il Gook tells them that they should always be grateful to the farmers who work to plant vegetables – although Min Guk and Dae Han say that they will, Man Se doesn’t roll like that and says that he won’t eat vegetables because it is too hard (hard work to plant the vegetables so he won’t eat them).

After that, the children are taken to a place with poop …plastic poop and fruits. They each jump on small tractors to collect poop, yet Dae Han who was collecting fruits has a small discord with another boy who came to take his basket. Il Gook and the father of the other boy go fast to see what happens and they stop the kids, they also tell the two boys to apologize to one another and things get over fast. When the other man tells his son to apologize, Dae Han shows his father an apple – apology and apple sound the same in Korean.

Later, the boy comes again and gives Dae Han a basket while apologizing and Dae Han thanks him.

Meanwhile Man Se is busy collecting poop that surprisingly to him, doesn’t smell. He runs around the playground collecting every (plastic) poop then he drives his tractor. However a girl comes and says that the tractor is hers, luckily they don’t fight because Man Se gets down from the tractor after hearing the girl.

Lunch time was close by and the children collect vegetables for the meal. During lunch, the triplets are quietly enjoying their meat. Il Gook wants to teach them how to eat meat wraps but as he was showing his own sons, a girl who was sitting at the same table learns from Il Gook and makes her own meat wrap. Then Man Se also tries to makes one for himself and after a little struggle, he manages to eat it.

Next morning, the triplets wake up and show some love to their father while imitating goats. During the interview, Il Gook says that those moments of affection between him and his sons are like gifts. Later he wants to weight and measure the boys to see how much they grow up since last time:

July 2014 April 2015
Dae Han 94 cm; 15,35 kg 103 cm; 17,65 kg
Min Guk 93 cm; 15,35 kg 101 cm; 17,8 kg
Man Se 91 cm; 14,5 kg 99 cm; 16,85 kg

Since the profile for the triplets is updated, Il Gook hops onto the scale and to his shock, he gained almost 10 kg thus he decides to lose some of those extra kilos. To lose weight, the father takes the boys to a park where he can use the stuff that are there.

Man Se keeps asking how certain equipments are used and Il Gook uses them to show him how. After exercising, Dae Han makes some yogurt from sand especially for his father. After a short break, Il Gook starts doing his exercises but for the boys is just fun time spent in the park.

Later they take a kayak however, Dae Han falls asleep even though the father calls him but the boy can’t seem to keep his eyes open.

Since they worked out, Il Gook takes the triplets for lunch. At the restaurant, he orders dumplings for the boys and takes a piece from each son. Thinking a little more, Il Gook acts as if he orders for the boys 3 more servings of dumplings. For himself, he got noodles and after eating his own food, he takes again dumpling from the boys. Dae Han says that he should stop eating (his) dumplings but Man Se jumps and says that he should eat a lot. With Man Se permission, he takes another dumpling from the youngest and while Dae Han wasn’t looking, he takes from his eldest son 2 more dumplings.

Il Gook: Min Guk do you like me even if I’m fat?

Min Guk: Yes.

Dae Han: Really?!

Man Se: Dad, I like you.

Seeing the plates, Man Se asks Il Gook if he ate all that and since Man Se wanted more dumplings, the father ends up ordering more servings. In the end, the 4 ate 10 servings of dumplings and before leaving, Il Gook says that he will start a diet from the next day.



  1. Thanks for the recaps! Just wondering if anyone knows the episode number where Manse pulls off the mat on the wall with Minguk telling him that he’ll get scolded. I’ve been looking all over for it.

    1. I don’t remember the episode ^ ^

      1. Aw, that’s too bad. Thanks though!

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