[Kdrama] ‘Divorce Lawyer in Love’ ep 2 ~recap/review/opinion~

Cheok Hee enters Jung Woo’s office and is invited by him to sit on his chair until they finally remember each other – and that happens pretty fast. Min Gyu follows into the office and has to hear the two babbling about how they don’t want to work together because according to Cheok Hee, Jung Woo used to be her dog so she can’t work now under him. Min Gyu ends the conflict fast by remembering Jung Woo about the contract they signed and more than that he tells Cheok Hee that if she wants to leave then she is free to do it. Cheok Hee is a little stunned by Min Gyu’s words however he is sure that although he said that, she won’t leave thus that’s why he said it considering that no law firm will hire a lawyer with a suspended license. Since he said everything he had, it’s time for Min Gyu to leave work – it’s not like he worked too much, they barely arrived at the office.

Cheok Hee asks Jung Woo why he changed so much and he blames it on her because no matter how much he respected her in the past, it turned out to be a complete waste of time. Because Cheok Hee still believes that Jung Woo is the one who told about her obtaining that evidence using illegal methods, Jung Woo invites her to leave his office. Meanwhile, we find out where Cheok Hee was during the 3 years, and despise the rumors about her family being rich, she actually was helping her father sell fish in a market in Busan.

The story is taken back 3 years before, at the market where Cheok Hee had a conversation with her father about Min Hee, however the discussion lands on her father asking if she got fired, but she lies about not being true and says that it’s just a small break from work.

Later, Cheok Hee has to deliver a flat fish to one of their clients’ house yet while delivering, she falls into Min Gyu’s pool – he was the client.

Back to the present time, Cheok Hee still doesn’t want to leave so she ends up bickering with Jung Woo until one of the secretary (?) tells him that a client as arrived but Cheok Hee notices that it’s his first time consulting a client as a lawyer.

Weirdly, the client wants to get a divorce “just because” – mostly because her husband was lying around watching tv while she was doing house work. Cheok Hee enters the room and hears them talking – Jung Woo tells the client that she can’t divorce ‘just because’ she needs a reason. But the client replays that a person doesn’t need a reason for hating someone else and asks if there isn’t another way she could divorce, this is when Cheok Hee interferes but is shortly dragged out by Jung Woo.

Jung Woo doesn’t want to hear anything else she has to say and shows her the sign were it says “Lawyer So Jung Woo” and goes back into the office, but before that another client appears and he tells her to wait a minute while he finishes his other consultation. Back, Jung Woo comes up with the idea of telling the first client that she should write down her husband’s positive points and if there is no change in their relationship after that, then he will come up with a method for the divorce. Meanwhile, Cheok Hee bad mouths Jung Woo.

After the first consultation, the first and second client are revealed to be mother and daughter both wanting to divorce and telling each other that they shouldn’t divorce. Compared to the daughter client, the mother client comes well prepared with evidence of her husband’s affairs and the times he swear on her. Yet, Jung Woo tells both that they should think more about the decision and then come back to him.

Min Gyu goes at Cheok Hee’s apartment (that’s actually his, she just rented it) where she starts bad mouthing Jung Woo again asking why he was hired since he is just a rookie. Min Gyu, calm as always, tells her that he knows an experienced lawyer, but that one had her license taken away. Then he tells Cheok Hee that it will be hard for the 3 of them to work so she should find an office manager soon then he leaves when news about Mi Ri appears on tv.

Apparently Soo Ah sold her house to send Jung Woo to law school although only his mother knows about it so now she lives with him and his mother. In his room, Jung Woo takes out the burned book and opens it, inside it was a candy wrap (I think) and he places his lawyer badge near it as he says “I’ve become a lawyer”. On the other hand, Cheok Hee visits Ma Dong Goo’s grave and she gets hit by the man’s mother who was also coming to the grave. She tries to explain to the mother that at that time, she believed what Mi Ri said however the woman doesn’t want to hear anything and tells her to leave.

Another day, Jung Woo and Cheok Hee start bickering each other again until her dad calls. She hears her father apologizing for making her sell fish when she is a lawyer yet she says that it was a nice time spend together thus she liked it.

Everyone from the office goes to eat together, including Cheok Hee but Jung Woo tells her that lawyers will eat together and she should go with the other co-workers. Jung Woo and Min Gyu eat their lunch together and even though he starts saying only the bad things about Cheok Hee, Min Gyu finds only the good ones.

The first client tries to find her husband’s good points but she didn’t find anything therefore she goes back to Jung Woo. There, Cheok Hee hears the woman and says to check her husband’s e-mail or phone but Jung Woo stops her from interfering. At home, the first client searches through her husband’s mails and finds out that he made a reservation at a motel.

Late at night, Cheok Hee talks on the phone with a man making a deal about something. In the office, Cheok Hee sees that her desk was cleaned and her stuff were gone – Jung Woo did it.Min Gyu comes to work but leaves after drinking his coffee saying that since he came to work, it’s time to leave (5 minutes after he arrived, he sure is a hard worker).

Cheok Hee tries to find where Jung Woo put her stuff and she goes into his office. When he appears they start fighting again but when one of the co-workers comes in, it looked as if the two were in an intimate …. situation. Not giving much thinking, the co-worker tells them that the first client came. The client tells them that her husband is probably cheating on her. Given the situation, Cheok Hee gives the woman the papers for the divorce however Jung Woo notices that she hesitates to sign it so he takes the papers and tears it saying that their office is to help people divorce not force divorce onto people.

As the woman was leaving, Cheok Hee goes after her and tells her that she should go and see with her own eyes if her husband is cheating.

As for the other two co-workers, they start thinking that Cheok Hee and Jung Woo may be each other’s first love.

Seems like the man Cheok Hee was talking on the phone was actually the male co-worker from her office, from 3 years before – the yoga dude. And the deal was that she wanted to hire him as a office manager at Min Gyu’s law firm. But it was more like the guy got fooled into this – well at least he got work.

Jung Woo hangs out with the other two female co-workers and they ask him if he and Cheok Hee knew each other from before. Thing is that the misunderstanding gets bigger when he says that ‘Cheok Hee is the first person who hurt him.’ He finds out from the two that Min Gyu is the son of BF Bong law firm’s CEO, but after that he gets a call from Soo Ah who was going to his office to meet him (all dolled up).

Soo Ah arrives first and she meets Cheok Hee. With this Cheok Hee starts to strongly believe that Jung Woo is indeed the one to tell about the evidence 3 years before. Jung Woo takes Soo Ah out and asks her if she told Min Gyu to hire him. Luckily things don’t go bad and he just tells her that she should’ve told him before hand.

The male co-worker (fooled by Cheok Hee) comes to work and finds out from Jung Woo that he also works there as a lawyer but he assures the guy that he will get rid of Cheok Hee one way or another. When he arrives at the office, Jung Woo sees that Cheok Hee scribbled his name from the window.

While Jung Woo was putting his name back on the window, Cheok hee takes the call from the first client and she goes to stalk the husband with the client. After 30 minutes, she enters the motel with the client to see if the husband is cheating, meanwhile Jung Woo tries to catch up before Cheok Hee does some kind of trouble.


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  2. Nice recap! I’m recapping this show too and am on the fence whether or not I will continue with this drama. It hasn’t grabbed me yet.

    1. I know what you mean, I’m also not sure what to think about this drama. I like it, however I’m not sure if I should continue with the recaps since it takes a lot of time and the story still didn’t appeal to me as much as other dramas had.

      1. I hear you! Is the recap worthwhile for this show?

      2. I’m going to see what happens up to episode 4 and then decide what I’m going to do, for now I’m not really excited.

        It’s an easy to digest drama but I feel like they yet don’t have that ‘it’ thing to make me grow attached to the story.

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