[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 40

This is episode 73 of ‘The Superman Returns’

Episode 73 comes with Min Guk who thinks that a snake looks like sausage and scary cat Song Il Gook who never touched a frog.

A new morning comes and Il Gook who wants to brush the boys’ teeth has a hard(ish)time telling them to come out of the room since they were busy playing around. Finally in the living room, Il Gook explains them how to brush their teeth and after hearing the boys saying ‘up and down’, Il Gook starts singing EXID’s “Up and Down”.

Then the father tells Man Se that Sarang likes people who know how to clean their teeth thus making the boy furiously brush his (so Sarang will like him).

Later, Il Gook takes his sons for another trip and in the car he asks the triples where they are going and fast to answer (at the same time) Min Guk says “Shark” and Dae Han says “Crocodile” (to see the shark and the crocodile).

Min Guk: “The shark is the scariest”.

Since the talk was about sharks, the father reminds the boys about the sharks in ‘Ariel, the little mermaid’ and they talk about the story so I won’t go further since we all know it. Following up, Il Gook asks the triplets about who is what character (from Ariel, the little mermaid). Min Guk answers and says that Dae Han is the prince, Man Se the witch and he is Ariel. In any case, while looking outside the window, Min Guk sees some boats and tells Il Gook that the boat defeated the witch.

Arrived at the Zoo, the boys see all kind of animals however during the interview, Il Gook says that he fears of animals however because his 3 sons started liking animals lately, he decided to take the challenge (of going closer to animals). When asked by the staff what he fears of, the actor says that he can’t even touch frogs.

Although they start with all kind of cute animals, Dae Han is still interested in seeing crocodiles and Min Guk to see sharks. To the boys’ surprise, they finally see the shark and seem quite fascinated by it, even ask their father if that shark appears in Ariel. A few minutes later, they also see two crocodiles but according to Man Se, they’re ugly.

They explore more and shortly the 4 arrive at the ‘Birds’ House’ where both Man Se and Dae Han enjoy their time, on the other hand Min Guk has a hard time adjusting to the birds or even to chinchillas. Next are the turtles and bunnies but here also, Min Guk has a hard time getting used with them and just watches from a distance, even though his brothers interact with the animals.

One of the zoo’s helpers show the triples a prery dog and this time, Min Guk looks more comfortable with it rather than with the other animals. During the interview, Il Gook says that he wasn’t expecting much (for the boys to go close to the animals) considering what happened in the past with Sarang’s dogs and at the dinosaurs’ park.

A frightening stop for Il Gook is the snake but for the boys it was a pretty welcoming meeting as none of them were scared of it; even more they are fascinated by the snake. The zoo helper puts the snake over Il Gook’s neck making the father barley move around as he was scared meanwhile the boys show interest in it and even ask to try putting it over their necks. Even during the interview, as he remembers the snake, Il Gook shivers however he says that he couldn’t show the triplets that he was scared.

Back home, Il Gook prepared something like a puppet theater but instead of puppets he uses paper characters, personally drawn by him. While preparing for the performance, the father takes one of the VJ’s tents to use it as a stage. Still, things don’t go the way he wants because the boys are hard to handle and they move around. Fortunately, juice saves the day and the triplets pay attention to the theater. When Il Gook starts to say a few lines from Ariel, Man Se finishes his juice and goes to him to give the empty pack.

The show continues, after Man Se goes back to his chair, however, Il Gook forgets his lines. Regardless of the small mishaps, Il Gook manages to put an enjoyable show for the boys but then the roles exchange and the triplets go into the tent and start saying lines from “The 3 little pigs”. The end!

Random thoughts:

There wasn’t much to write about because they were mostly at the zoo where Min Guk was scared of the animals. Still, I don’t really like the editing in the past few episodes – for the triplets’ part, it just seems messy and all over the place. I actually watch all the children (with the exception of Sarang’s parts) and the others seem okay, yet there were also some editing errors when actor Cha Tae Hyun visited Uhm Tae Woong together with his two daughters, but that was pretty much all however at the triplets’ parts, I keep seeing editing errors – like obvious ones. Hope they’ll do a better job in the next episodes or at least blend the scenes well rather than just cutting it all of a sudden.



  1. Thank you for this.^^ But by the way, are you not watching The Girl Who Sees Smells?I’ve been looking for your recaps but I haven’t found any. 😦

  2. Rhea J. Domingo · · Reply

    Hello there!! Been waiting for the Song triplets recap…😔

    1. Episode 41 will be posted today – unfortunately I’ve been busy this week, sorry for the delay,

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