[Kdrama] ‘Angry Mom’ ep 5-8 ~ review/impression/opinion~

Angry Mom continues to be my favorite drama of the current airing ones and if I am to give a reason then is most probably because I needed to watch a quirky story blend with some serious issues. Things are sure moving fast and the writer is definitely making a clear line between dramatic and comedy. One moment everyone is down crying, the next I can’t stop laughing and from my point of view, that’s a good thing after all the progress of the story won’t get draggy – although at some point it may become but for now it’s okay to enjoy Angry Mom as it is.

Regarding the characters, first, Ah Ran is showing to be smart with her move on faking memory loss to hide from Do teacher that she knows more than she can handle. It was a pretty clever to clean up things before getting even messier than it actually was.

Regardless, both her and Yi Kyung were naive to think that high school girls could handle someone like Do. Yet, taking in consideration the events and the moving forward of the story, Ah Ran as a character is charming but at the same time it was likeable to see that the idea of some ‘heroine’ wasn’t printed on her as the girl is actually afraid of Do, thinking of what he could possible do to her or her mother. I mean, Ah Ran was shown as a possible ‘courageous heroine’ in the first episodes with her trying to defend Yi Kyung from bulling and what not, even so that didn’t go further and the writer is maintaining a more realistic outline for her. But it doesn’t end there since Ah Ran wants to know more about what it could probably be a hint from Yi Kyung in the school’s library and thus she does take a risk with Do following her closely on a daily basis.

Obviously, the negative characters – people like Do Jung Woo, Hong Sang Bok, An Dong Chil and newly added the Minister of Education are still in power over the story however I find Do Jung Woo and Dong Chil pretty laughable. One is still crying that he didn’t have much attention from his father and the other continues to blame someone else for a crime he committed yet they both make a kid “clean” their dirty laundry. Besides whenever someone better ranked barks at them, the two drag their tails back into a hole. In addition, the other 3 won’t blink an eye when things may get out of hand and blame everything on Dong Chil.

Despise all that, I find Dong Chil to be much smarter than Do because for instance he has the ability to crawl back or slip away no matter how tough things may get. On the other hand Do normally flaunts his hostile attitude towards everyone and that is mostly leaning towards the idea that his father may help him (be it by threatening or whatever). Do also is under the impression that he can get ahead of Hong Sang Bok without even having a hunch that the two older men may team up against him after all Hong will do whatever the Minister wants him to do.

Something I didn’t like in these 4 episodes is that Kang Ja, although disguised as an high scholar, she remains a full grown up adult, yet she goes around beating teenagers.

Sure, Bang Wool/Kang Ja is in the whole thing to save Ah Ran but she can barely do anything against a big organization that does money laundering with the Minister of Education behind it. Can she fight it? No! Can she find evidence of their doings? Yes but with a price of putting everyone around in danger and especially Ah Ran who is the current target of Do. I’m baffled at the idea that a gown up adult actually believes what a politician shows on TV, it’s sad thinking that a person like that can save the kids from their school. Kang Ja didn’t even search about him and although she could with the help of her mobster friend she didn’t. The woman choose to blinding seek the help of a politician making me believe that she is the same as No Ah, the homeroom teacher, they both innocently believe that the world can be painted in pink shades. I was expecting No Ah to be the only one like that seeing how his father made a bubble world for him whereas Kang Ja who lived a more tough life where she saw the reality of the things around her. Surprisingly, No Ah is the one who seems to be getting a taste of what life is like where Kang Ja still believes in ponies that barf rainbows.

On a brighter side, Hong Sang Tae is quite cute with his infatuation towards Ah Ran as he wanted to sit near her and so on. It’s nice that we still get to see teenagers acting shy or overexcited about someone they like, even Go Bok Dong has his own share of it with the scene when Bang Wool (Kang Ja) took his hand and he retreated fast from the grasp since he never help a girl’s hand before. But to be honest, I wish to see Bok Dong having a share of motherly love since his everyday life lacks that side or someone that can pat his head.

I like that in episode 8 the writer tackled the issue of grading and bribes in school and how these two things are loosely related. This is an important matter, unfortunately a drama can’t change anything and surely everyone is aware of such doings but if one doesn’t change first then nothing will do.



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  2. I’m currently watching this one also and it is really good. At first I was skeptical but once I started I could not stop.

    1. I also was skeptical at first but now is my favorite drama out of the currently airing ones XD

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