[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 39

This is episode 72 of ‘The Superman Returns’

I’m late again with the recap….

Everyone wakes up with the exception of Man Se and since Dae Han and Min Guk didn’t see him Il Gook tells them that the youngest is behind him (sleeping behind him). As a morning lovely-scene, Dae Han asks Il Gook if he likes them all and the father confirms it. Next, Il Gook continues to stay in bed but the triplets are eager to wake up however when the father finally lifts up he asks them to help him fold the blankets. The 3 are pretty helpful in their own way although the blankets weren’t folded but more like a messy folding.

Later they all go to kitchen to eat their breakfast and before getting it, Il Gook gives the boys some practice chopsticks. Compared to 6 months ago, when they barely could hold the chopsticks but now the boys are more comfortable eating with them – and food actually ends up in their mouths.

To make them exercise more with their chopsticks, Il Gook takes pieces of tofu (?) and tells them to take it from him, luckily all succeeds although Man Se, at first just opened him mouth so that the father would directly give him the piece but eventually the boy takes it with the chopsticks.

After breakfast, Il Gook takes the triplets to kindergarten where at first they don’t want to stay apart from him. He tries to hide, slowly leaving while the boys weren’t paying attention – when Man Se goes to search for him (thinking that their father just hideaway) Min Guk tells his brother that Il Gook already left.

The teachers take the children on a trip around the kindergarten and as they all walk, Min Guk takes a twig and tells one of the teachers that he is going to go fishing. The teacher continues with the conversation and asks him if he is going to fish in the mountain and pretty confident, Min Guk answers affirmatively.

Meanwhile, some of the girls from their class go around Man Se however he firmly tells them to go away (“don’t come”) – to be honest this part was so obviously made by the staff, not sure if the part where Man Se tells them to leave him alone is also by the staff but when the girls go around him it was kind of obvious, or at least to me it was, that the staff put them to go around Man Se.

On the other hand, Dae Han enjoys the outing, singling and taking the lead. When Man Se gets too excited and tries to run, he falls down, but the teacher knows how to solve the ‘problem’ so he won’t start crying. It doesn’t pass much time and Min Guk also falls down but for him it was more important that his twig broke and tells the teacher to call the ambulance(for his twig). A short while after that, Min Guk catches a ‘fish’ (a leaf).

Everyone still enjoys the walk but when one of their classmates finds an ugly big bug the children get fascinated with it.In the meantime, Il Gook enjoys his time all alone at home!

At lunch time, Man Se finishes his dried seaweed first and takes one from Min Guk without him noticing, then he asks Min Guk if he can take one piece and gives it to Dae Han after that he takes two(by mistake probably) for himself but , irritated, Min Guk takes one back. Further the lunch finishes quietly without major incidents.

Kindergarten ends and the 3 are happy to see Il Gook, so happy that they start running towards him. However at home, when they were all joking around, Il Gook tells Man Se to not pinch (catch) an adult’s mouth thus in the interview room, Il Gook tells the staff that it’s time to start teaching the boys things that they should do or not.

The first question for the boys is: “When dad or mom comes back from work, what you should say?”. Yet, Dae Han answers ‘Annyeongkaseyo’ (said for those that are leaving, something like ‘go well’) but Il Gook corrects the boy to say  ‘welcome back’ – he shows it one more time to the boys how it should be said and how they have to bow. Dae Han finally says it correctly, Min Guk is next but because he was joking around Il Gook changes the strategy and firmly slaps the boy’s table to pay attention. Stunned, Min Guk makes the same face he did when the teacher from the traditional village scolded him a few episodes back.

Second thing the triplets have to learn is sharing with each other. Since Dae Han wanted to eat the strawberry all alone,Il Gook doesn’t give him any but when Man Se says that he will share with the others, the father decides to give him the strawberry yet when the boy finally receives it, guess what, he ate it all.

The class continues and Il Gook tests Min Guk as well however since he also eats the strawberry without sharing, the father tries to teach him how it feels when others don’t share so he gives strawberries only to Dae Han and Man Se. Thinking that the boy finally understood, Il Gook gives a strawberry to Min Guk and tells him to share the piece with his brothers. Next, Dae Han also shares but when it comes to Man Se to share with Dae Han, the youngest gives some to Il Gook as well before giving to his older brother.

In the final lesson, the triplets receive a strawberry each and Il Gook tells them not eat the strawberry until he returns from the restroom, if they don’t eat it then they will receive 2 each. But Man Se is the only one who succeeds and receives 2 for listening while Min Guk and Dae Han ate their piece thus they don’t receive anymore. When Min Guk asks for 2 as well, Il Gook explains that he and Dae Han ate their strawberry and didn’t listen to him so only Man Se gets to receive 2 strawberries.



  1. Thanks for the recap, Soori! I’ve become a regular reader by now..hehheheh…

    *sigh*….. Did the boys drink a bottle of potion or what… it seems like they grow taller and bigger in a blink of eye. I guess they might get on real bicycles (not their red tricycles) in no time.

    Someone posted in Soompi that the last part, the part when SIG told the boys that he would give another strawberry if they waited until he came back, as one of the psychological experiment or something like that. the point is that those who exercises patience will get reward. When I read that I was just.. wow…. SIG and Mom the brainy parents!!

    I wish we could see Mom more… considering the other moms are just like regular casts too. Did SIG especially ask not to record the boys’ mom or she herself asked not to be recorded??

    1. Thank you for visiting and for the comment 😀

      They are really tall for their age, if I remember correctly when they were at the kindergarten, the staff pin-pointed a kid who was the same age as the triplets but much smaller (I think it was the scene where Dae Han was eating )

      I didn’t think too much of that scene, I tho it was more to just teach them how to share and so on but the last scene with being patient does make sense.

      Considering the mother’s job and that she is just a normal person and not a celebrity she may want to stay away from the cameras. The other moms are used with the camera for example Uhm Tae Woong’s wife was a famous ballerina and Sarang’s mother is a model thus maybe they feel more comfortable around cameras.

      Thanks again for the comment! ^o^

  2. Thanks for your recaps 🙂 I have only started watching this in recent months, and have really admired Song Il Gook’s parenting methods. Never really liked kids (in general) in the past but I absolutely adore the triplets now (and all the other kids on the show!). Really like his methods such as the “reflection chair”, having the same standards of behaviour in and outside the house, focus on each child as an individual when teaching them, no hundreds of toys lying around and of course I love it when he just sits there looking at them eat well..can really see the love and joy in him and his family. It helps that I love his acting too!

    1. The reflection chair is indeed good since it can be used as a method for the kids to understand what they did wrong.

      Thanks for the comment and for reading my posts! ^ ^

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