[Kdrama] ‘Blue Bird’s house’ ep 8-10 ~ review/impression/opinion~

Compared to my first impression, this time I’m finally moving towards a more open opinion on the show as I’m starting to enjoy the story and its characters. Although the first 7 episodes were messy and the story didn’t really have a center to develop from, after episode 8 things are slowly getting better.

Considering that the writer is at his/her second project as a drama writer and the first of a length that can become tough to handle, the characters are getting some development – minimal since ‘Blue Bird’s house’ is a family drama but it’s still there even though we are barely at episode 10 (I’m following the drama on KBS World not on KBS2). However there’s still nothing major that can push this drama in front of other family dramas.

First is Jiwan who to be honest is receiving a small amount of development when compared to Hyun Do or Young Joo but he is still managing to see some light within his personal story. On the other hand, there seem to be some hints on what could be a possible love-line. For now we know that Young Joo likes him, everyone know just Jiwan doesn’t so she is also a possibility since we don’t know how the story may progress but there is also Seo Mi Ji, his colleague. Regardless, with the current stoned Jiwan who has no sense for these things, I think we will have a long ride until the love-lines will unfold for him. Personally, I wish Jiwan will finally start seeing Young Joo more than his sister’s best friend.

Talking about Young Joo, she is giving such a nice flavor to the story with her constant lies regarding her work-line. The girl is trying hard hopefully she will succeed but seeing how she still sent the doctor’s note to school to take a leave (did as told my her mother) the writer may use this to make her go back as a teacher rather than continuing as a drama script writer. At least for now she managed to get a job at a broadcasting company even so there’s nothing much to do taking into account that she barely goes near drama scripts on top of that Young Joo has no real say in the story of any script.

There is also Young Joo’s lying bubble that will soon burst with her persistent way of hiding from her parents that she in fact didn’t meet any drama producer who wished to work with her. Although it is understandable why she keeps on lying but falling down because of her lies will hurt even more.

Similarly, Hyun Do also gives flavor to the story with his weird, carefree and sometimes genuine personality. Additionally in his love – line there is more moving now that Eun Soo is getting conscious of him around her and looks for him whenever he isn’t around. I like the small bickering between the two after all there is enough time for more serious things in the future now that there are some suspicions of Eun Soo being Tae Soo’s daughter – hopefully she isn’t and the whole thing is just to give makjang effect to the drama.

In due time, Hyun Do showed some change or more like we got to know more about him and his struggles because the guy may be the son of a CEO yet he has to handle people who want him around them only because of his father’s money. Also, I’m putting the blame on the parents for his way of getting out of trouble with the help of money, it’s not like they presented him until now any other method. At least Tae Soo is looking into things to make his own son understand but then again, it will be hard because money was the only way Hyun Do knew for 28 years.

Certainly Hyun Do is a brat who uses money but he is as well a son who waited to be praised as seen in episode 9 when Tae Soo finally praised him for working hard. Furthermore, in episode 10 his desire to continue working that amazed even the others from the office, was because he found out that by working he can get his father’s attention.

As for Eun Soo, to be honest I don’t have much to say about her for now – she is currently just Jiwan’s sister, Young Joo’s friend and Hyun Do’s love interest. But she will become the main focus in the ‘fight’ between Tae Soo and Sun Hee, again I really hope Eun Soo isn’t his daughter because then the love-line between her and Hyun Do will end.

There is also the possibility of a love-line between Hyun Do and Young Joo even though there wasn’t much interaction between them but it the possibility still remains high. With all that, I choose to believe Sang Yub (the actor who plays Hyun Do) who said that his character will have a Romeo and Juliet kind of story.

As for the side characters, I like the lining of Young Joo’s parents, mostly her father’s side. Hyun Do’s mother is in her own rich world without knowing much about her own son and she just serves him money whenever he asks for. Regarding Sun Hee, she is in a long fear of Eun Soo finding out that they aren’t actually real mother and daughter. But with that anxiety of her, Sun Hee wants to hide from both Jiwan and Eun Soo; for the daughter she wants to send her oversea to ‘study’ and for Jiwan, she wants to stop him working at Tae Soo’s company but will all this it’s like she doesn’t have confidence in neither her son or her daughter. Although the two aren’t her real children, they are pretty much attached to her, I mean it’s as if Sun Hee fears that Eun Soo will hate or not choose her but is Eun Soo all that? Not really, she showed that despise her age, she is a smart lady that can think things over without taking the bad side first.

Overall I’m enjoying the drama now that things are moving so I’ll continue to watch ‘Blue Bird’s house’.


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  2. dalanmao89 · · Reply

    I watched until episode 20. Really hoping hear your comments. I really love Blue Bird’s family so far but curious, I find very little comment on the Internet which seems that this series is unpopular. I agree with you on Young Joo’s father, I really like him. A man near retiring age but still need to continue to work because the daughters wants to pursue her dream and the wife has bought a property and they have to pay monthly for the interests. I hope the later episodes are going to be nice. Sometimes, the script writers like to include all kinds of hates and fights which are really annoying. So far, I am seeing people moving forward when dealing with difficulties in life which is really touching.

    1. I haven’t watched that many until now, however I plan to write reviews for around 5 episodes at a time.

      The thing is that “Blue bird’s house” is a 50 episodes drama so international kdrama viewers don’t normally watch drama with such a lengthy story maybe that’s why you can’t find more about it.

      Thank you fro the comment and for reading!

  3. dalanmao89 · · Reply

    Reblogged this on 大懒猫博客 and commented:
    直到 20 集, 青鸟之家都非常好看, 希望编剧不让我们失望.

  4. Can’t you add the reviews upto episode 50?? 🙂

    1. I haven’t watched yet the whole drama so I may delay the reviews. ^ ^

  5. isaac · · Reply

    hi how are the rest of the episodes! really like kyung soo jin but i dont know if this is a drama worth watching!

    1. I personally didn’t like the following episodes. Something was missing. But you should try and give it a chance, maybe you will like it more than I did.

      Thanks for the comment !

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