[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 38

This is episode 71 of ‘The Superman Returns’

The Songs are in town taking the bus. When they get into the bus, Min Guk asks where Man Se is since he couldn’t see him but Il Gook assures the other two that the youngest is also with them in the bus. Then Dae Han asks the father if Man Se is sitting with him in the front and when he gets the answer, all of a sudden Dae Han asks Il Gook if he is okay.

As everyone already knows, the triplets are fond of a certain bus and Min Guk wants to know if they took Tayo. Since Il Gook confirms, he also tells the boys that he will take a bus driving test and they are going at a testing center. The conversation continues and Min Guk is interested to know if the father will drive Tayo but seconds later Man Se can he heard saying that he shouldn’t drive Tayo because the ‘uncle’ (driver) will do it.

By the way, Il Gook plans to have even more children so he needs a bus to drive them around to school and so on. No, I’m kidding! Il Gook wants to get his bus driver license because if in the future he is to go camping with the boys, he wants to take them in a camping car.

Back to their trip with the bus, Man Se mistakes a pigeon for a seagull but no worries because Il Gook corrects him and after that he tells the boys that it’s time to get down since it’s their stop. Although they stepped out of the bus, the 4 have to walk a little more to reach the testing center and along the way, random people greet the triples and Il Gook, however Dae Han wants to show off his father and tells everyone “(He) is my dad”.

At the testing center, Il Gook tries to go over the instructions once more and when it’s finally time for the test, the 3 boys are a little confused on why their father is leaving. The father explains them that he will take his test and come back therefore before leaving, the boys cheer him with a ‘fighting’.

Visible nervous, the moment Il Gook steps into the bus, he bumps his head into a camera. The test starts and he seems to be doing a pretty good job as he is observed close by the 3 boys. In the meantime, Man Se shows his acting skills by reciting some lines from a story.

The triplets continue to look for their father on a small window but since Dae Han couldn’t see, he pushes the other two aside; then Min Guk asks if he is going to push any more (he doesn’t literary asks Dae Han if he is going to push more, Min Guk says something like “are you going to do it a lot?”). Dumbfounded when he hears Dae Han’s answers that he is going do it more, Min Guk says that he will go an watch it form the other side yet the boy couldn’t see much from the other side and just comes back to the small window. Things don’t go further because the 3 start playing with each other.

The test ends and Il Gook is congratulated on his 100 gained points. Happy with the result, he runs to the triplets and gets his reward: a kiss from each son.

During lunch, before getting his plate of food, Man Se recites once more some lines from a story. On the other hand, Min Guk who wasn’t full after eating pasta, asks for pizza. Fortune is on Min Guk’s side and the pizza comes fast for the triples and the father to enjoy. While everyone was into their pizza, Dae Han takes the cup of honey and drinks it.

Another day, Il Gook wants to cook fish cakes for the triplets so he asks their help to peel (?) some anchovy for the soup base. Later, the boys eat their fishcakes quietly until they start singing a song from ‘Ariel (The Little Mermaid)’. During the interview, Il Gook explains that his sons are into musical animation lately and they all have a certain role, for example Man Se is the witch, Dae Han is the price and Min Guk is Ariel.

The triplets finish their fish cakes and their father serves them some strawberries. When he asks who wants the last strawberry, Min Guk wished to say that he wants it but because his mouth was full, Man Sek shouts first that he wants it. Luckily, Il Gook finds one more in the fridge and gives it to Min Guk but the boy finish it fast and asks for more.

Later, the father takes the boys to a ballet dance where Dae Han is slightly awkward around a girl compared to his brothers who are more open. The teacher lets everyone choose their place to sit during the ballet class. To teach the children how to sit properly, she asks them if she is pretty while sitting bent and to her surprise Min Guk still considers her pretty even if she sits like that (although that’s not the answer she was expecting/wanted).

The class continues and the teacher makes pairs of boy-girl but Dae Han is still awkward around his pair. Meanwhile, Il Gook transforms into Song ajumma as he talks with the other mothers on the hallway.

To make the class fun, the teacher puts on a play with a tiger however while everyone acts scared of the tiger, Man Se shows his ‘one-man-show’ skills and comes forward to beat the tiger.


  1. Thanks for the fast recap!!! It’s so sweet when Daehan said “Appahaeyo! Appahaeyo!!” while tapping his chest with pride! hhahaa….

    1. Hewas so sweet at that moment XD

      Thanks for the comment and for reading ^ ^

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