[Kdrama] ‘Blue Bird’s house’ ep 7 ~ mini recap/review/opinion~

I will do mini recaps of the drama together with my opinion posts.

The woman who is supposedly Eun Soo’s mother comes to the restaurant where Sun Hee’s works at. Meanwhile Eun Soo meets Tae Soo at the company after she went there to give some papers to Jiwan. After talking a little (being casual) Jiwan appears and the conversation ends there. Back to Sun Hee, she finds out that the woman is meeting Tae Soo from time to time. Luckily the woman says that she will leave Korea the next day (good news for Sun Hee, since if the woman leaves then Eun Soo won’t be closer to find out that she isn’t her daughter).

Hyun Do uses his friend to see Eun Soo at the restaurant she works with the excuse that his friend wanted to be set up with a pretty girl. However, Hyun Do’s plan are shattered by his friend that had no plans or time for blind dates. By the way, Eun Soo is still not interested in Hyun Do and is pretty much annoyed by him disturbing her at work.

Tae Soo takes both Hyun Do and Jiwan for dinner to tell them that after the mission at the company he finally realized how important people are to his company. He also tells the two that each of them has an important asset for the company: Hyun Do is unpredictable and Jiwan has sincerity.

Sun Hee starts acting weird after finding out from Eun Soo that she meet up with Tae Soo. Later, Tae Soo’s wife, who also found out about her husband meeting up with Jiwan and Eun Soo, wants to have a talk with Sun Hee and the two set up to see each other the following day.

The next day, the two women meet up and Tae Soo’s wife, Soo Kyung starts insulting Jiwan and his real mother thus Sun Hee starts getting pissed off but still maintains a proper etiquette in front of the other woman. However, Sun Hee knows that Soo Kyung wanted to see her embarrassed thus she threatens Tae Soo’s wife that she shouldn’t dare to mess with her children.

Jiwan and Hyun Do are taking part at their first project at the new job. Jae Chul (Young Joo’s father) still can’t say the truth about his transfer to the main office since his wife thinks that he got promoted.

Later, on his way home, Jiwan meets Young Joo and he cheers on her newly found dream. Another day, she finally gets a job at a broadcasting company and starts fantasying about herself becoming a successful writer that gets 50% ratings on her dramas. To celebrate, Young Joo invites Eun Soo and Jiwan out but Hyun Do tags along. The 4 celebrate Young Joo’s new job but the man who she had a blind date with in the first episodes sees her together with them.

The 4 are slowly getting drunk and Young Joo starts intuiting that Hyun Do likes Eun Soo. Although he denies liking her, he is somehow displeased when Jiwan says that Eun Soo shouldn’t date him. After all, Hyun Do is well aware of his own personality and kind of agrees with Jiwan when the later one asks if he had younger sister, would he let her date a man with his type of personality. The tables turn around and both Hyun Do and Eun Soo agree that Young Joo likes Jiwan even though she also denies it.

A few days after, at work Hyun Do keeps sending Eun Soo messages but since she ignores him, he decides to take some selcas (selfie with Jiwan to get her attention to at least read his messages).

After sleeping all day at work, Hyun Do makes a mistake as he was rushing to go to an audition and tells the printing company to print fliers saying that they will give out 10% in gift certificates however Jiwan is the one who signs on the ‘agreement’.

Although the woman who is supposedly Eun Soo’s real mother wanted to meet up with Sun Hee, she eventually doesn’t appear.

The next day, everything at work becomes a mess with the 10% in gift certificate since it’s too much from the initial 1% and because the distribution was Jiwan’s job, everyone blames him for the mistake.

My thoughts on the episode:

Hyun Do is in a serious need of a wake up call back to reality, it doesn’t matter how good of a friend he is to Jiwan in the end he messes the guy’s life. He doesn’t pay attention to work and still takes everything for granted, it’s not like he is going anywhere further with his band.

Of course the part with 10% gift certificate isn’t mainly Hyun Do’s fault but he is the one who started the whole mess by not checking if it’s indeed 10 or 1%. Even so, I find Hyun Do to give flavor to the drama since everyone keeps a stoic image, he maintains the uplifting mood of the story thus I’m enjoying the character (more than I should). Still, I don’t think he will be kept like this and the writer may soon enough turn the tables around with all the characters or so in a way I hope because we do need a somewhat development.

From the way things are progressing, Jiwan will probably end up working for the other company (of the guy who knows Sun Hee) and he may take revenge on Tae Soo for stealing the company, but that’s only if he puts a stop on his naive(ish) side. I mean, yes, indeed the guy is a rookie/intern but he needs to learn how to speak up for himself. A company is a jungle after all, he needs to say that the other team member told him to sign the papers; if he continues to keep his mouth shut then he won’t progress much. Although I agree that there are times in life when you need to shut up but this isn’t the moment for Jiwan to stay quiet considering that he may lose his job. Even so, that’s no easy task considering Jiwan’s personality.

As for the writing, things are definitely progressing but I’m still finding the story flow to be a little messy had hard to follow because it can tend to become boring at times.


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