[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 37 (BONUS Lee Hwi Jae’s twins) PART 2

This is episode 70 of ‘The Superman Returns’

Happy birthday to Dae Han, Min Guk, Man Se, Seo Eon and Seo Joon!

The two families continue their ride at the park near Hwi Jae’s house however, as expected, the two fathers start to get tired. To cheer himself up, Il Gook sings “Dad, hang in there, because we are here” so the triplets will also follow him, however only Min Guk sings while Dae Han and Man Se don’t show any trace of interest.

Arrived at a more open space, the children are let to ride their tricycle. The driving craze Man Se goes around on his tricycle but at some point he gets kind of tired to sing and pedal at the same time. After that, he helps Seo Joon use the tricycle. Still, Man Se was expecting that after Seo Joon finishes his ride, he will be next however the much younger boy doesn’t understand and Man Se angrily tells him to get down fast (from the tricycle). However he goes and takes another tricycle hoping that Seo Joon will push him as well but with no results since the younger boy still didn’t understood what he wanted to say thus Man Se ends up pedaling by himself. Meanwhile Dae Han and Min Guk go up a bridge giving Il Gook a big laughter after seeing the two scared to get down off of it with their tricycles. The outing ends and Il Gook tells everyone that it’s time to go home to eat.

At home, Hwi Jae brings out drinking yogurt for the children and the triplets bow and say their thanks to him. After drinking the yogurt, Min Guk asks ll Gook when they will receive cake; Hwi Jae follows in and asks the boy how many birthdays he had until now but he simply answers “Min Guk” in place of a number. At the second try, Min Guk answers that they had 2 birthdays until now but he is corrected by Il Gook who says they had 3 birthdays not 2.

Hwi Jae comes in with a cake and asks the children to decorate it. When they finish the decoration, Min Guk asks Hwi Jae to cut the cake in small pieces but since it was a rice cake …cake the man starts laughing at Min Guk’s request because he didn’t understand the need to cut it. While the uncle went to the kitchen to take a knife, Il Gook tells the triplets, who started eating first, that they should give some cake to the twins as well. Later, Hwi Jae comes with tea but when Min Guk says ‘thanks’, Il Gook corrects him (to use the formal way of thanking) and says “thank you”.

As they eat the cake, Hwi Jae asks Il Gook about the time when he was faking to be sick to teach the boys what to do in a real situation. Il Gook immediately starts acting as if he is hurting but the triplets have no reaction and just continue to eat their cake. Hwi Jae also wants to try it but the twins are to young to understand and as the triplets, the two have no reaction, however Min Guk reacts and he casually says “uncle died”.

Hwi Jae tries one more time but the twins just give him some rice cake. Il Gook also wants to eat from the boys’ cakes and although Min Guk accepts to give some to his father, the boys also says to Il Gook that he shouldn’t eat too much (of his piece).

Seo Joon asks for water but mistakes Dae Han’s cup as his however Dae Han reacts fast and angrily says:

Dae Han: “That’s mine!!”

On the other hand, Min Guk is upset seeing his father take too much of his cake. Also Hwi Jae asks Min Guk what’s his father’s name and again the boy says the correct answers as for the other two, both Man Se and Dae Han jump in and says that Il Gook’s name is ‘rice cake’.

Seo Joon takes Min Guk’s rice cake but when Il Gook says to share, the younger one gives just a really small piece. After, Min Guk says to give him more and Seo Joon comes to share more of the rice cake.

Later, Hwi Jae wants to give the children their presents, however even though he knew that the triplets like dinosaurs, he appears with some big dinosaurs and Man Se gets scared therefore the surprise ends up as a fright for the boy.

Since it was dinner time, Hwi Jae orders chicken and the triplets keep calling the chicken legs ‘dinosaurs’ legs’. Everyone finishes eating but only Min Guk says that he didn’t finish and just continues eating alone.

Uncle Hwi Jae prepares another present for the children, t-shirts with their pictures and numbers on them (Dae Han is number one and so on until Seo Joon who is number 5). While Hwi Jae dresses the children, Il Gook takes the challenge to dress Seo Joon but the boy isn’t easy to dress since he runs around the house – luckily, Il Gook has skills (after raising 3 children) and succeeds in dressing the boy.

When everyone got dressed, Il Gook starts the photoshoot but it isn’t easy since the children don’t listen and just move around. Eventually, with Hwi Jae’s help, Il Gook manages to take nice pictures of the 5 boys.

Another day, Il Gook takes the triples on a ride with the train to see the sea. Arrived at the station, the lady from the ticket boot says that it’s free for the triplets so they don’t have to buy tickets (since they are just 3 years old).

The triplets enjoy their ride with the train and finally arrived at the beach, Il Gook decides to take the boys on a ferry. However, as the father was feeding the seagulls, the boys start eating the snacks for the birds.

Later, Il Gook shows the boys a boat that was preparing to sail (I think it’s a boat that the Coast Guard uses but I’m not sure about it). Then, Il Gook wants to do another photo shoot at the beach and gives the boys their own cameras so they’ll be focused on that until he manages to take the pictures. At the end, the father wants to take a picture with his sons and although it was hart at first he succeeds.

For dinner, the boys are taken to eat octopus. As they eat, Dae Han praises the octopus’ taste and notices that outside it got darker thus the bats will appear. The boy seems to like animals as he talks a lot about the subject and thinks of the noodles as snakes. Surprisingly, Min Guk is the one to finish eating first.

While talking, Dae Han sees a sign with a crown and Il Gook starts making them bunny ears form Chinese cabbage.

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