[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 39 ~recap/review/opinion~

Do Hyun is taken to the hospital but unfortunately because things turn bad, the doctor informs the other Ma members that they should prepare for the worse. When they enter his room, Do Hyun tries to call out Soo In and Tae San tells Joo Hee to bring his daughter-in-law to the hospital. Mr Tak informs Soo In about her husband’s condition and she rushes to the hospital.

Before leaving, Woo Seok appears and finds out from Soo In and Mr Tak about Do Hyun’s situation. On the way, Soo In begs Do Hyun to hang in there because she is on her way. On the other hand, Woo Seok receives a package. To his surprise, the envelope had papers from Do Hyun and a letter where he was saying what are all the papers for – mostly for Woo Seok to regain his innocence regarding the slush funds case. Also in his letter, Do Hyun apologizes for what Tae San did to Woo Seok’s family. And lastly the man asks Woo Seok to take care of Soo In in his place.

Back to the hospital, when Soo In arrives, Joo Ran takes her by the collar putting again the blame on the sister-in-law. However Soo In rushes to Do Hyun’s room – luckily he wakes up and recognizes his wife. Worried for her husband, Soo In starts crying. Because he could see his wife for the last time, Do Hyun thinks of the last months as a bonus in his life for being able to spend some more time with her. He remembers the moment when the two meet up – by mistake she put a cake on his muffler, thing that he used as an excuse to visit her for a couple of days at the bakery that Soo In used to work in the past. Since they were meeting a lot, both started developing feeling for each other. After remembering those moments, Do Hyun dies.

The whole family enters the room and they start crying now after losing Do Hyun for the second time. Tae San can’t accept his son’s death and after being under pressure, the other Mas take him out of the room. Since she still can’t believe, Soo In begs Do Hyun to wake up.

Aeng Ran is informed by Wang that Do Hyun died and breaks out in tears after falling down at the sudden news.

Couple of days later, Ma Do Hyun’s funeral takes place and surprisingly compared to the first funeral, the Ma family is actually crying. Annoyed by Soo In’s presence, Joo Ran puts all the blame on her and when Do Jin tries to calm the situation she shouts out that it’s Aeng Ran’s fault for losing Do Hyun. Do Jin falls on his kneed apologizing to his older brother, shortly he is followed by Soo In who falls down crying and apologizing to her husband.

Aeng Ran watches his funeral from afar and sends a message to Do Hyun saying that she will pay for her sins and as the other two also apologizes for what she did. (a lot of apologizing happening in this episode)

After the funeral, Woo Seok waits for Soo In’s return. When she sees him, Soo In says that she made both Woo Seok and Do Hyun suffer, then the woman takes out her ring and gives it back to him. Although Soo In says that he should let her go, Woo Seok interrupts her and says that he will wait for her until she is prepared. Unfortunately Soo In is too wounded and thinking that everything is her fault, she decides to break up for good with Woo Seok.

Dan Shim seems to find out about Do Hyun and blames everything on Tae San. The heartbroken mother takes her son’s photo and starts crying. Meanwhile, Bok Nyeo notices Soo In crying and she tells the younger woman to let it all out. Later, Woo Seok looks through the documents he received from Do Hyun.

Next day, the landlord comes to the share house and goes to Mr Tak’s room. So the landlord won’t find out that they slept in the same room, she hides in the wardrobe. Unfortunately, the fierece woman finds Poong Geum hidden and makes a scene about kicking them out. Because they don’t have where to sleep, Yi Moon lets them stay at his house.

Woo Seok is concerned with Soo In who didn’t go by the bakery. Later when she comes, Soo In notices that Woo Seok put the four and water bags in the bakery and although she wants to run after him, she stops.

At the office, Woo Seok threatens Tae San but the older man puts the blame on him for killing his son. When Woo Seok leaves Tae San’s office, he meets up with the employee that made the papers for the slush funds (he knew about this person from Do Hyun).

Much later, Woo Seok goes to the procurer trying to clean up Do Hyun’s name. Woo Seok’s lawyer provides papers that the one responsible for the slush funds is Tae San because Do Hyun was in a coma for the last 2 years.

Do Jin and Mi Oh prepare breakfast for Aeng Ran and even a gift from the money that Mi Oh working as a CM model. As they were leaving, Aeng Ran tells the two to move in with her because she is concerned for her grandson’s well being.

Soo In doesn’t seem to be feeling well and although Bok Nyeo tells her to rest she refuses. However Soo In apologizes to Bok Nyeo for returning the ring she got from him. Seconds later, Poong Geum comes rushing into the kitchen saying that Shinhwa Bakery stole their bread. This time, Soo In doesn’t want to let it slide so everyone goes to Shinhwa Group.

Joo Ran and Joo Hee see the 5 former inmates at the company and starts shouting that they shouldn’t be there. Joo Hee starts acting arrogant but Soo In knows that she is the one responsible for their stolen recipe. Nr 911 can’t take it anymore and throws raw eggs at the two women (WOOHOOO THAT WAS REFRESHING). Before being dragged out, Soo In threatens that things won’t stay like that. Tae San also arrives and even though the 5 women claim that their recipe was stolen, Joo Hee says that everything is a misunderstanding so he tells the guards to take the former inmates out.

Joo Ran is called again regarding the private detective agency however she cuts the call fast. Back at home, Joo Ran sees the news about the agency that she hired a lot in the past.

On the other hand, the 5 inmates are determined to let everyone know that Shinhwa stole their recipe thus they all protest in front of the company. Tae San scolds Joo Hee for the situation she created with the stolen recipe and tells her that he overestimated all this time.

Good news come for Woo Seok after being informed by his lawyer that he found some evidence against Tae San for the retrial. However at the bakery, customers don’t seem to want to buy anymore from the 5 women’s bakery since at Shinhwa’s bakery the price for the bread is much lower. So they won’t be taken by the police, Soo In decides that it’s better to leave and the 5 stop protesting in front of Shinwa. At the Ma house, Joo Ran’s husband sees her acting weird and wonders what happened.

Everyone arrives home and Do Jin together with Aeng Ran go take Mi Oh home after protesting for the whole day.

Later, Woo Seok visits Soo In at the bakery and returns her the ring but he also takes his ring and places it on hers saying that he will wait for her to return the ring when she will be ready to be together again. After Woo Seok takes his leave, Soo In starts crying alone in the store.

Next day, people from the Seoul PO come to get Tae San. Despite not having good results with their protest the past day, the 5 women return at Shinhwa Company and witness reporters gathering to see Tae San being taken away.

Since the press was already there, Nr 911 uses the chance to make it known that Shinhwa stole their recipe. At the Seoul PO, during investigation, Tae San seems sure that the prosecutor won’t find anything against him. Also, Soo In is summoned as a testifier against Tae San. Apparently, the PO wants to reinvestigate Soo In’s case that may have connections with the current one.


  1. recaplover · · Reply

    Letting Do Hyun helps Woo Seok to solve the problem, then making him dead again is kind of lazy in the writer part. The plot is so predictable it loses the exciting element. I prefer a drama with a revenge plot has some cliffhangers, which I can look forward to the next episode to see what comes next. For this drama, I don’t feel the urge to watch the next episode since I can pretty much predict all about what will happen.

    I really enjoy reading your reply/opinion. You always sound so calm amd provide good reasons for everything. Reading yours make me feel calmer and see more light to the disappointed plot line 🙂 Thank you!

    1. I’m also in a way disappointed because they didn’t actually use the revenge plot and mostly the main characters were helped a lot by the secondary ones. I wanted to see Woo Seok and Soo In actually doing something against the Mas but I suppose we won’t get anything like that especially in the last episode.

      The thing with killing the husband/ex-lover is used a lot in MBC (weekend) dramas, they also used the same thing in “I summon you gold” so I suppose it’s a MBC trademark lol

      Thanks as always for your comments ^ ^

  2. Thanks for posting! I always think I am the last person (not in Korea) watching this show. 🙂

    1. Thank you for the comment ~

  3. For the first time I agreed with Joo-Ran for blaming Soo-In. All the inner turnoil he went through was her fault. I never understood her choice, it defies all logic. Soo-In lost me the moment she chose a boyfriend that she dated for only a couple of months (some people would say 2 years, but they had nothing in 2 years) over a 10 year happy marriage (her words). Woo-Seok was totally obnoxious with Do-Hyun, dude just sacrificed for you and died, you STILL have the nerve to pressure his wife? * SIGH * The writers of this show pissed me off LOL!

    1. I don’t agree with Joo Ran blaming Soo In, she isn’t responsible for his life. Yes, they were married yet his own family didn’t do anything to protect him. I mean, all of a sudden the sisters care about Do Hyun? it was clear that Do Jin cared more about him than Joo Hee and Joo Ran. If someone is to blame then is his own family who didn’t notice his condition. He was clearly getting worse and worse and no one noticed.

      We can’t blame Soo In for loving another man, those are her own feelings, she can’t hide that.

      I understand your point of view, but at the same time I think that Soo In has the right for a new start.

      Do Hyun didn’t sacrifice himself for Woo Seok nor Soo In, he sacrificed himself for his own family, mostly his father. Unfortunately he paid for what Tae San did in the past, but at the same time, i think that he was already aware of his worsening condition thus the decision of taking the blame on himself.

      1. Ok let’s agree to disagree on relationships because marriage to me is not dating, as stated on my blog 😉 As for Do-Hyun, he sent the original documents to Woo-Seok which was bound free him and send Ma Tae-San to jail once the police would have them. :/

      2. Do Hyun said that he did it, when in fact it was his father who made all that. He wasn’t protecting Woo Seok, towards Woo Seok he felt guilt nothing more than that thus he gave the documents.

        Regarding the relationship, just because they were bound by a marriage then should Soo In stay in a sick relationship? No, no woman deserves that kind of treatment she practically lived for him yet he couldn’t protect her from his family.
        For Soo In, he was the first man of her life, it’s not that she can’t think for herself she saw him as a God for loving her. Both showed affection towards each other, first Soo In gave him love that he couldn’t find within the Ma family and he loved her for who she was (also she lacked affection given her past before Do Hyun).

        Let’s not put the blame on the woman just because Do Hyun wasn’t able to protect her when they were in an actual relationship.

      3. We will never agree on this relationship so again let’s agree to disagree. I still stick by what I stated in my review. And also, while I see your perspective about Do-Hyun taking the blame, it was just more dramatic, the fact that he sent the documents to Woo-Seok directly, meant that he was inevitably sending his own father to jail. There was no reason to send the docs if he intended to protect his dad. :/

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